Final “Live” Delta Mileage Run post #3 – on our last legs and Franklin’s BBQ

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lax sfo delta shuttle

Other than missing 50% of our upgrades, both as Diamond Medallions, this trip has been a blast. We got a ton of points at a decent price and even our coach seats were not “all” that bad (yeah biz is better). We had a very nice Centurion Club visit, but while we were there Delta warned us, via the Fly Delta App, that our LA shuttle from SFO to LAX was delayed (it goes about every hour btw). So time to see about changing to the flight that left sooner.

climbing out of sfo delta shuttle delta points blog

The only issue was we had already cleared into 1st class on the one we were on and our confirmed upgrade would NOT carry over to the other flight after the switch. Plus, there was at the time only one seat open in 1st class (I would give it to TexasYankee if I got it as he was my guest on this run). I called the Diamond line and got the change done and we both cleared at the gate. Sweet.

luvo snack delta shuttle lax sfo delta points blog

I “tested” the quick snack option in 1st on the shuttle. Meh. More of the green stuff from Luvo like the wrap dip from the night before. Sunflower seeds and some veggies. All very good for me I am sure and a craft beer to wash it down.

Lastly our flight into AUS was also delayed by over an hour and they ran out of my meal choice by the time they got to row 3. Humf. Ah well. By 2AM local we were home and I crashed.

franklins bbq austin texas aus delta points blog

Next day early up and off to Franklin’s. The line was VERY long and it was looking like 2PM before we would get food. Not good since I had a 1:45PM flight. I could, however, buy frozen brisket that was perfect to take home to SBN.

kreuz bbq austin texas delta points blog

Off to Kreuz that we went to the night I arrived and has even BETTER ribs, IMO, than Franklin’s. There was NO one in line here and we got food quick (please look away all my Vegan readers – the rest of you – OH MY this was AMAZINGLY good)!

bbq kreuz austin texas delta points blog

Nothing like BBQ for brunch pre-flight home as I was not scheduled to have a meal. Surprisingly it have a meal did but I was not in the mood for a cold chicken and southwest salad (but it is not bad under normal circumstances). Keep in mind you only get cold food choices on most regional jets with 1st class.

delta points backpack stuffed full of bbq aus

I am just shocked how many pounds of BBQ I managed to cram into my poor backpack for the trip home (gonna have to plane side check it on the last CRJ200 ride). I had to pull out the Tumi kits I had saved along the way to giveaway but TexasYankee said he would get them to me later on as well as some other, ah hem, goodies from the trip.

A few quick questions answered from the days before. You can NOT request the Delta gate side Porsche ride and it is not only time of connection dependent. Now having two Diamonds, one of them who just recently crossed MM’er, I am sure did not hurt either. Just look for your name as you walk off the plane (I always do). As to upgrades, yeah kinda poor to only get 50% upgrades. I am especially disappointed since there were SO many seats open at the 6,5,3&1 day marks but we all know FCM or First Class Monetization is in full swing so we can EXPECT to get a bunch less upgrades from this point forward.

As I write this I am sitting in the “C” MSP Skyclub and just one hop from home. All in with positioning I will pick up almost 12,000 MQMs and well over 25,000 Skymiles. Not a bad way to end the year with a fun run with a buddy and more fun than should legally be allowed. – René

PS – Very soon TexasYankee will share “his” thoughts about the run if he thought it was as fun as I did (and for putting up with me as a house guest for a few days too)!

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  1. Just to clarify I did not enjoy that green humus the night before while eating in the dark. And now that the world knows I ate humus I want all of my friends to know that I overdosed on BBQ 2 times today.

    To make it worse that snack also included BIRDSEED … I know we were in California but really, birdseed and carrots?

  2. Sounds like an awesome run to me! For the record hummus and sunflower seeds are not bad food TexasYankee. Might not be BBQ but it’s still better than AA meals! Also we need more BBQ pics Rene. I know you have them…

  3. Yes, I think 50% upgrade clearance for DM’s might be the new normal. I was recently #1 on the upgrade list with 4 or 5 seats open, and I did not get the upgrade. When I boarded I asked one person who was in a seat I clearly remember as open, and he said he paid for the upgrade. Welcome to the new normal. Far fewer upgrades.

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