Delta 747 Manila run, Chicago Seminars pre-Events, RenésPoints dinner & other planning!

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Are you joining us for one last Delta 747 ride?

It seems there are a number of folks who will be joining me on our last Delta 747 ride before they all are, sadly, parked in the Arizona desert. So let’s do some planning on where to eat, where to stay and so on.

This looks like fun pre-run!

I am assuming most everyone on the 747 run will be arriving on October the 15th. How about some German Hofbrauhaus to start the fun (located here)? This place looks great and is close to ORD. If you are local and want to join us that would be great as well.

Next up, after meeting up in the Sky Club ORD to start this fun and flying to Manila, we need a place to stay on October 17th for about 11-ish hours before we fly home! Delta flies from Terminal 3 in MNL and right across from it is an IHG property, the Remingtion that looks good for either points or cash for an overnight. Another idea I am really considering is just staying in the airport at the Wings Transit Lounge (for the price, I guess I could just sleep during a 6-8 hour massage)? Before we fly home we have 2 PP lounges to consider as well as the Sky Club MNL.

Let’s do this again?

Now on to Thursday the 19th pre-Chicago Seminars. I have not decided what we are going to do for fun and want your input. I have always wanted to do the Chicago Helicopter tour but it is not cheap (there are also weight restrictions). Depending on the weather the Segway tour is fun and if you have never done it (or it has been a long time) the Architectural canal tour is really nice. Let me know in the comments below what sounds like the best choice to you.

For dinner on the 19th I am thinking deep dish Chicago pizza at say 7PM maybe? I would like to reserve a larger table(s) so if you can confirm you can join us please comment below and I will include you in on an email chain with updates.

Lastly, I tend to not attend the social hour Saturday night at the Chicago Seminars. What I do tend to do instead is go for a steak and that means Harry Caray’s. For this one, due to the size of the restaurant, I am limiting my group to 8.

Phew! This is going to be a fun week. I can not wait to experience all of it including the Chicago Seminars over the weekend (tickets are still for sale btw). Again, if you are going to fly with me on the 747 please comment below so I can including you on that email list or if you can attend any of the dinners or the Thursday pre-event fun let me know that as well! – René


UPDATE: If you are on the 747 run, there has been a schedule change. The connection in DTW is now tight. Have Delta move you to 7AM out of ORD to DTW (first leg)!

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  1. I’m on board for both the Thursday night pizza and Saturday night steak dinners in Chicago. I can’t make the trip to MNL unfortunately.

  2. Rene:

    I’d like to be included in the dinner Saturday night at Harry Caray’s.


  3. Thursday night & Saturday dinners for me as well if there is still room!!

    Thursday day activity is a maybe (still finalizing day schedule). Interested in the helicopter tour for sure!

  4. @Michelle – OK. Only 2 more spots for Saturday dinner folks. Let me know later about Thursday day plans.

  5. I’ll be there Sunday night and booked for MNL too. Fingers crossed for Global upgrade!

  6. I’d love to join you for both dinners if spots are still open! And maybe Thursday afternoon tours, depending on bumpertunites 🙂

  7. @Rene – no seminar for me – home to the pesky day job after MNL. I’m up for German Hofbrauhaus on 10/15/17 as long as it is early evening as I’m landing at 7PM. If you guys go earlier, no worries, and I’ll fend for myself ::

  8. Can you tell me if any of the seminars are filled already? It will influence my decision as to whether I sign up or not!

  9. I’m in town for the 19th dinner as well as Saturday. I can’t make the trip to MNL as I already booked my flights to Chicago early once I knew I would be a presenter.

  10. Small correction, there is no Skyclub MNL. There used to be one in Terminal 1, but it was closed when Delta stopped flying out out Terminal 1. In Terminal 3, there are two lounges that accept PP, Pacific Club Lounge, and Sky View Lounge. You will notice that Delta uses the Pacific club. As this is a partner lounge, only Delta One travelers or Skyclub members get access, Delta credit card or Gold/Plat status will not help you. Of the two, I prefer Sky View, but they are both nice. The four terminals that make up MNL are quite far from each other so you would not be able to use lounges from Terminal 1.

  11. As a frequent traveler to MNL I have to mention a few things about the airport. As Domestic and International are split, most of the really good food options are on the floor above check in, not airside. Allow lots of exztra time at the airport. You will need to wait in line and go through xray BEFORE you can reach the check in counters. Security often will want to see your ticket/boarding pass and passport before you will be allowed to even enter the airport. You will then need to go to the counter and will often be asked what you did on your trip and what purchases you made. Once ticketed, you can pass through immigration to be allowed to leave the Philippines. You then need to pass through one more xray and possible frisk. You can then go to the lounges (up one floor after security. Keep in mind there will be one more xray (for a total of three) so you cannot bring any liquids over 3 oz through. They will usually make you take out all gadgets from your bag for this final scan. Once in this final gate area there is no restroom, food or water. So, I recommend taking your time before entering there.

  12. If you do decide to leave the airport, Uber is your best option. The Taxi drivers are famous for ripping tourists off (even the locals sometimes) I am not sure how long a layover is planned, but SM Mall of Asia is close to the airport and is not a bad visit. They offer boat tours of Manila Bay that are relatively cheap. Another fun option is Wencha Spa, (tell the driver the one by CCP if they ask) Wencha is open 24/7/365 so a good place to kill some time. They have a Hot Tub, Cold Tub, showers, steam sauna and try sauna. All you can eat buffet, wifi and massage. Keep in mind that Men and Women are kept separate in the wet area and no swim suits are allowed. You are given a robe for the buffet. I believe the time limit is 8 hours so you could get two meals out of it if you tried.

  13. Bought my tickets already! Instantly upgraded to C+!
    I vote for exploring the club options in the Terminal in Manila, should be fun with a group…

  14. I’m up for pizza on the 19th and I guess I’m waitlisted for Harry Carey’s on Saturday night 😉

  15. So, now there is a dinner Sunday as well?

    I’m hotel-hopping again in the Chicago area, but possibly up for another dinner that night…especially for the ‘die-hards’ who don’t ever seem to know when the (fun) seminar is over!

    *Count me in with THAT group. 😉

  16. @Laptoptravel – Sunday PRE-747 PRE-ChicagoSeminars. I don’t think you are in town that soon ie the 15th?

  17. Hi Rene I can make the pizza dinner on Thursday and can’t wait for STEAK!
    Re the MR, not going to work but I did get a RT GU with Dot and Toshiba between us and NRT
    Can’t wait!

  18. PS and dinner Sunday too! Wow lots of nummy food fun !!!
    Pizza steak and Sunday

  19. @SelenePhoenix – The Sunday dinner is on the 15th. Will you be in town a week before the Chicago Seminars?

  20. Oops not the Sunday. Before the seminars, but yes, will be present
    The Sunday on the CLOSE of seminars
    Can’t wait

  21. I second @John ‘s comments on Wensha spa in MNL. I thought the max time was 9 hrs but might have changed in the last 2 yrs. Also you can ask for “paper underwear” if you’re uncomfortable without a bathing suit bottom.

  22. Rene and @carolk I will try to get the big bob suburban from car rent place so we can have a larger vehicle which carol can drive!

  23. Rene-
    Will you be ditching us in coach and using a diamond up cert? I may be diamond by then, how is the upgrade situation looking? any idea? Thanks.

  24. @EL – I will 100% be in C+ on the way back (unless they oversell coach and OPUP us). On the way over I have requested GU but who knows. I am in same boat as you!

  25. @rene I will be doing the Sunday pre-MNL dinner after all, as I’ll be getting in earlier than I thought.

  26. the walking food tour was fun in chicago..went to 7 places to try different foods of local type,,, the architectural was very nice too!! i guess it is too late to do the MNL run

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