Chicago to Portland (via SEA) $218 & 4440MQMs at 5CPM Delta Weekend Elite Mileage Run ($188 E BASIC fare)

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ALERT: There has been a schedule change for return. Consider PDX-ATL-ORD for more MQMs (4998)!

Consider the via ATL for more MQMs!


One-Way price

RT price

MQMs earned BASIC or Main Cabin

Other days this run works

Works FROM PDX also

I am sorry I have been all but ignoring posting mileage runs on the blog but now that we only have 6 month to go before they medallion year is over it is time to get going. This one is super simple and fits my personal goal of sub 4CPM runs for weekdays in coach and sub 5CPM on a weekend. It is also all in one day ie no overnight or redeye and THAT is nice now that I am 50+ years old (ugg).

I am running this one btw and I will likely have some kind of dinner thing in Chicago Friday before the run. Oh and if you want to you can book it in E BASIC fare class and earn full MQMs but no upgrades keep that in mind. Also, you can book this as 2 one-ways for $224. Don’t worry about the connection in PDX as out and back on the same bird. Now the  30 minutes in SEA may be interesting but maybe they will send a fleet of cars for us 😉

Another idea, if you like this one, is to fly in and do it two days back to back on weekdays or if you are local run it a few times before year end? Anyway, here is are the details:


Cost: $218 in main cabin V fare or in E BASIC $188

4440 MQMs at 5 CPM v fare

4440 MQMs at 4.2 CPM E BASIC

Book direct on




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One comment

  1. Hmmm, could do 5 days back to back like the Wenathche runs …

    Ugh my back hurts just thinking of it.

    Thanks Rene for the Amex mqms!

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