Delta pays out $3,000 for canceled ticket, Boeing electric plane, Man jailed for trying to open jet door & other travel news!

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Time for a quick travel news round-up. Let’s see if the headlines this week that got my attention got yours as well:

Any other must see travel news? If so please take the time to comment below and include a link to the story as well. – René


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  1. @Heather – Yes I do. You are allowed to book SkyMiles tickets for anyone you want. You are NOT allowed to sell SkyMiles award tickets. In the news piece, since the person who was given the SkyMiles award ticket paid with their credit card, i.e. not the SkyMiles holders credit card, Delta flagged the ticket as fraud. Clearly it was not. Thus when the person when to fly they were not allowed to fly (and the notion they should have a copy of the friends ID with them is preposterous and beyond ridiculous). The court sided that Delta had no right to cancel the booked ticket and awarded damages. I love this outcome and it is spot on right!

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