Breaking NEWS DELTA – starting tomorrow you can only use 1 voucher per ticket not 3!

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current 1k max for delta bump vouchers but rules change all the time renespoints blog

This is a big deal folks so keep this in mind before you take any compensation of ANY kind from Delta. Before you could use 3 ETV ( electronic travel vouchers ) per ticket per person.

Staring tomorrow the new “enhancement” will be only 1 per ticket. This has been confirmed by me from the Platinum Medallion line and others HERE and HERE !

I hope we all understand what this means? If two people say take a “bump” you can only use one ETV unless you split the reservation. And we know how good DELTA “IT” is so who knows if you will end up on the same flights etc!

You will see the change when it comes here:

 If you do not like this e-mail Delta and let the know HERE

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  1. So to make sure I’m clear… if you have 3 – $100 vouchers and you have a flight you want to take for $300, historically you could have used all 3 and paid for the entire flight. Now, you will be able to use 1 and have to pay the cash for the remaining $200. You will need to have 3 flights in order to use all of your vouchers.

    I can see this being a problem if you have a lot of vouchers that need to be used before expiring, but is there something I’m missing?

  2. I sent them a note. Along with the difficulty getting low level award tickets it seems like it’s becoming harder and harder to see the value proposition in Delta versus the competition.

  3. Bumps on Delta are now useless. I will not take any bumps on Delta unless I am reaching my destination within an hour.

  4. I just booked some cheap fares to extend / “convert” 2 ETKs I have.

    Very glad I caught this tonight as I was planning to do this in a couple of weeks if I didn’t find a use for them. They are much more valuable to me with the pre-12/15 terms.

    The t’s and c’s have definitely been updated to call out the different terms for these before and after 12/15

  5. Wow… I accumulated $1200 in Delta vouchers by volunteering to get bumped repeatedly over the course of 36 hours. But they were in small amounts. For example, when I was offered a $400 voucher to be bumped, I was given two $100 vouchers and a $200 voucher. No idea why, but it didn’t matter to me at the time since you could use them together. Thankfully I used my last 3 to book a flight from London to the states next week!

  6. I must not be reading this right…based on the link to Delta’s page, it says that you can combine them at the bottom:

    Can I combine the Certificates and eCredits I already have?

    Some Certificates and eCredits can be combined, giving you a chance to redeem multiple Certificates for the same trip or for multiple passengers if your Certificate’s terms and conditions allow it. If you have more than one Certificate to redeem:
    Click the Redeem Multiple Certificates button.
    Identify your Certificates by entering their Certificate numbers, along with any other required information. You can also enter your SkyMiles information to view all of the Certificates associated with your account.
    Select the Certificates you’d like to redeem.
    Search for eligible flights and book your trip.

    What am I missing? Thanks!

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