Today is giving away 5 x $50.00 e-Gift Certificates!

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Yesterday was fun. So today let’s step it up a notch!

Today I ordered   5x$50.00  e-Gift certificates that I will now giveaway.

I want you to tell me if you have ordered your own yet? Yes or No? Niether answer will increase your chance of winning btw! Tomorrow I will again do the thing at 9:AM EST and give all 5 of them away.

Also look to see if you won yesterday please! – René

And if you have not got yours yet,

there is time for you to get in on the deal here and many MANY thanks for using my eBates link!


We have our Winners! They are:

#28 Susan, #1 Josh, #41 Jay, #11 Derek and #35 Kevin

Please send me an e-Mail from the SAME ONE you used to post your comment and I will get the e-Gifts off to you ASAP.

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  1. Yup. Ultimate Rewards is currently offering 20 pts per dollar spent there. You’d have to do that in-place of ebates but it is one less thing to sign up for. I bought a ton. I wish there were more restaurants in my area that participated but I’ve worked out that with 90% off and 20 pts/dollar from Chase it’s actually much cheaper than buying food at a grocery store. Crazy.

  2. No I still haven’t gotten mine yet. Will do tonight when the wife and I can decide what to get.

  3. ebates is blocked at work. Seems ludicrous, but I work for the man, so whatever they say goes. I’ll try again when I’m home. Thanks.

  4. I use quite often, but for a single traveler it’s not always worth it. Most restaurants (all?) have a spending minimum attached, usually $35 or higher…which makes it tough to spend that much for a single meal. For 2 or with the family…great…using it even locally. Many times to try out new places.

  5. Not yet, but I’m planning to. I did the free give to others – gift it forward for a couple of friends.

  6. No, haven’t ever ordered e-gift certificates from, but would be happy to win yours!

  7. I haven’t gotten in on this deal, cuz I still have plenty left over from previous fire sales.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Still can’t checkout despite repeated attempts, called, they will check me out over the phone but I won’t grt ebates money!

  9. I keep clicking the link and thinking about it, then giving up. The problem is there are very few restaurants listed in our area that we like, so I can’t decide if buying a large quantity is practical for us.

    If I win one of yours, I know where I’ll use it though!

  10. 1, follow my links to ebates, 2 sign up, 3 go to, 4 on the first page right hand bottom side pick gift certs, 5 pick what ever $$$$ you want and done. Then you pick later where you want to eat! Rene

  11. I haven’t done this and probably won’t. I’m disappointed in the restaurants available in Boston and find the site severely inferior to

  12. Not yet. Not a fan of the minimum purchases, but I’m bound to find a good deal somewhere.

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