Top Travel Tips part 2 – Readers “Top Ten” Travel Tips – Thanks so much Everyone!

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Last Friday I put up my top ten list of travel tips and asked for some of your ideas. I love you guys and thanks for a bunch of very good ones. I have even added a “TOP TIPS” tab to the blog and will add to this list each time we run one of these. So if you do not see your favorite travel tip there or here, please add a comment and I will post it for part 3 next month some Friday!

So here are your top 10:

1. Tripit (I have never tried it and use awardwallet) allows you to keep track of your itineraries automatically, available thru Gmail with iphone & android apps also available.

HT to –  @iflycoach & Andre & Daniel

2. Making copies of identification, credit cards, and checking expiration dates had some additional refinement ideas. Email copies via gmail to yourself or a relative for later secure retrieval from any interface in case phone/laptop/tablet gets lost or stolen. My wife and I also organize our wallets so that we each take different credit cards in case one of us has a wallet or purse stolen, we’re not totally stuck waiting for replacement cards.

HT to – Nancy & Andre & JosephMay & Jim H

3. Check ( see this post to save $$$ btw ) for dining options at your destination Also mentioned were Groupon/Living Social. You can also check for Gogo in-flight coupon codes prior to departure.

HT to – Jim H & Larry

4. GPS app for smartphone – why not if you don’t have a GPS to take along.

HT to – Andre

5. Ensure all electronic devices are fully charged before departure and pack charging cords in carry-on along with a power strip to use to “share” outlets at airport if need be. This seems like a no-brainier but I have to admit I have forgotten to charge my camera battery before a trip!  Power strips also come in handy in hotel rooms when outlets are all behind the bed or dresser!

HT to – Kevin & Jim H

6. Call your credit card company prior to travel to inform them of your travel plans in order to avoid having your account frozen under suspicion of fraudulent foreign activity. I do this with just my main card but maybe should for others too.

HT to – Ozzie

7. Print out alternate travel route options in case of bumps, delays or problems with scheduled flights as well as 2 copies of your boarding passes so you can leave one with the gate agent for upgrade or bumportunity!

HT to – Darren & Jim H

8. Look up twitter accounts for hotels / airlines / and other services you will or might be using.

HT to – Jim H

9. Pack an extra lightweight collapsible bag in case of an overweight bag or shopping overflow! Ladies, a large purse counts the same as a small one, so make the most of it! Your small purse can go inside along with other things.

HT to – Jim H

10. Text yourself or take a photo of the sign where you parked your car! Great idea I will do from now on.

HT to – Jim H

Give yourself a pat on the back. Just tops. Love it – René


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  1. “10. Text yourself or take a photo of the sign where you parked your car! Great idea I will do from now on.”

    I would like to expand on this idea. A GPS enabled phone can help even more:

    If you use the Fly Delta – Mobile Android app, there is a place to store a picture of your parking sign reminder, save a note to yourself, or save a GPS location. Open the App, click “Traveling with Us,” then click “Parking Reminder.” From here you can choose “Take a Picture,” which will launch the camera for you to snap a quick photo, and it will store it there for you. It also gives you the option to “Save this Location,” via GPS. I am not sure how well the GPS option works because I have never tried it, but I thought I would let you know the option exists.


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