Delta Moble Phone app & my new Samsung Galaxy 2s phone +more

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It was time. I have had my old Palm phone for too long. Since I wanted to be able to run the blog from my phone if need be I went with one of the biggest screens I could find and chose the Samsung Galaxy 2s ( kinda a little “TAB” btw ).

I very much like the phone. It is light and fast and the screen is outstanding. Another reason I got this is I can use it as a wifi hotspot if I want to. I am not ready to pay $30 a month for this privilege for now so I just got this handy app for $16 that let’s me go online with my usb phone charger cord.

Also, I wanted to be able to use the new  Delta Mobile app  that works with Androd, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phones. So far so good it would seem. I have been reading the flyertalk discussion about it here and it seems to be progressing nicely.

I will soon be on my way to golf in Florida and see my dad so I will be sure to update you how it goes testing out all the features of the app including the boarding pass feature ( and the GPS golf app I just found ).

Now on to a few other kool little things at the Delta web site you many not have seen. The first is a nice one time notification link. With this, you just put in the flight and when and how you want to be one time notified. I use this for when I have a friend or family member on the way to make sure I am alerted to any changes along the way. A very handy thing to use.

Lastly for today check out how far along Delta is coming along with updates to the “birds” as well as the Skyclubs. They are making good progress but I wish the 767-300 and 747 lay-flat change would happen faster than it is. Happy Delta flying everyone – René

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  1. I switched from iphone to Samsung GalaxyS2 back in Oct and haven’t looked back. Samsung GS2 blows iphone out of the water. Fantastic product. Heading over to check out the app.

  2. I got the Samsung Galaxy s2 and my wife got the iPhone 4s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my galaxy and my wife loves it too. She is mad because the S2 is a nicer than her iPhone. Jump off the Apple bandwagon people!!

  3. You should check out the app called 360Panorama for the phone. I used it recently to take a great virtual view of a delta skyclub in SFO.

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