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My golf trip to Ft. Myers Florida + another set of Sony Noise Canceling Headphones!

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This week I am back from my golf trip with my “buds”. I sprung for miles low level seats when Delta had the up to 25% rebate back on miles, so it should work out to less that 60,000 points for 3 coach seats. Being Platinum Medallion our clubs and bags were all free. I picked exit row seats ( 757, row 27 so the seats in front of us did NOT recline as I have had issues with that as of late).

This winter in South Bend, Indiana is the winter that has not been. We have had one day of snow and we got about a foot but that is almost all gone now and last week was in the 40-50 range. But, 70’s and 80’s in Florida where my dad lives is better so why not just go there!

I used priority club points ( don’t even get me started on the devaluation of PC points BTW ) at the Holiday Inn RSW and thanks to calling the hotel direct and letting them book the room on points I was able to guarantee a suite upgrade at time of booking. This is something I have not done much before, but will have to explore more.

I have been blogging all week about other parts of the trip like the “fun-fun” with BUDGET car rental and the new Delta phone app so I will not talk more about them. I can tell you the golf was great. We played many great full courses as well as a challenging executive one with my dad.

Now I have a word of warning about one thing for the way back home. Never ever ever let the Delta reps separate your reservation into different PNR’s. One in my group wanted to see if he could go a few days early and unbeknownst to him they split him out from the group. As a result, he did NOT get any of my Platinum medallion benefits like sky priority for his bags. This is also critical as there is currently no possible way for a reservation to be put back into one single PNR with Delta. As a Silver he did still get 2 free bags as it was booked under the old rules. All in all a fun, great trip!


I also want to  personally thank all of you SO VERY MUCH  that are supporting the blog by using my “BEST POINT CARDS” link at the top of the blog  So, how about this, tell me if you are planning on doing or have done a card round this month –  YES or NO  –  for a chance to win these NEW SONY headphones!

Neither answer will increase your chance to win btw!


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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Planning on getting either the Sapphire Pref or United Explorer.

  2. Heck yes! But I already have the Chase Sapphire card, so maybe the Ink?

  3. Not currently planning a churn until I get my FICO score up and all credit card debt paid off. So currently, no.

  4. “Yes or No”! Yes in the sense that trying to see if I can get SW 50K miles business card

  5. chubbuni13 Reply

    Yes, I think I’m going to sign up for the Ink Bold, the 50k United Chase card (personal) and the two B of A Hawaiian Airlines cards that’ll get me 140k in Hilton points once I switch them over 2:1 from Hawaiian Air. Might throw in a Citi card too for Thank You points.

  6. Not this month, wife & I did 10 cards at the end of Nov. End of Feb since we have some cards rolling around with end of first year timings…

  7. You are having too much fun with these promos – they do make for a lot of responses though! My next spin should be the beginning of next month or so….

  8. No, not this month. I just did one 2 weeks ago, but it was late December.

  9. Being from Eastern Europe credit card churns are not such a common thing. Not too many offers available for us here… just whishes there was a way to apply to the US ones 🙂


  10. Not yet….so no….for now. Thanks for the great blog on all things DL!

  11. wow.. you have a whole line of giveaways! I am still not sure whether to get the CHase Sapphire or the new Mileage Plus explorer

  12. Yes – I plan a churn sometime during this month, but the sapphire card did not make the cut for my churn.

  13. No churn planned yet as I’m still working on another minimum spend.

  14. I don’t have the Chase Sapphire yet. I am rebuilding my credit history in the States (after living abroad for almost 10 years) and was holding on the Saphire for a while, but may give it a shot just in case… 🙂

    Any tips on golfing in Las vegas?

  15. Not a churn but I did just apply for the 50 + 10k continental card. Don’t worry, Delta is still my # 1 so don’t rule me out for the prize. 😉

  16. No churn. I did covert an old college credit card to an awards card with Citi and talked them into the bonus.

  17. Haven’t nor plan to do a churn this month.

    Don’t you need to be on separate PNRs if your want to maximize your chances of getting an upgrade without a non-elite companion bringing you down?

    Also, I’ve separated the PNRs and gotten my traveling companion free bags.

    • @Alan – True if you want to for example get an upgrade when your “other” is not a medallion, you must split PNR. But, then the agents do NOT HAVE TO check your “other” persons bags free. Often they will, but that is NOT your call and as happened to me, the agent may REFUSE to do SkyPriority for the bags.

  18. Not yet – hopefully sometime in the next few months. Glad you enjoyed Fort Myers. I live a bit north and this is the best time to be in the state 🙂

  19. No churn yet, but hoping for a BA 100k or CapOne 100k match to jump on (both are rumored to come back in 2012)

  20. I will be starting my churning adventure in February! Thanks for all the great tips.

  21. I have a churn lined up but I am looking towards March to do it. I am hoping the rumors are true of the Cap One 100k Venture offer returning so I will plan my churn around that.

  22. No churn, just a single app for Sapphire as I need a card without foreign transaction fee.

  23. Just got my chase sapphire, trying to talk the wife into getting one after I’m done with my $3000 spend

  24. Got 2 each for my wife and I. Anybody ever tried to upgrade amex gold sky to plat before the AF is due?

  25. Yup…. looking to get a few cards to boost some miles since I’ve got some big purchases coming up. COnsidering the two AAdvantage cards each for wife and self (personal and business) to max out the 100K each.

  26. I haven’t applied for a card in a few months now so looking to jump on a couple of offers. I’d like to get the SPG card since I will be spending lots of time with them in the future but I’m not sure if the current bonus is worth it.

  27. Yes – mini-churn (only got Chase Freedom and Ink Bold), probably getting Citi TYP

  28. Huff DeLand Reply

    Not planning a churn until mid-year, thinking about going back from AMEX Plat to DL Reserve. I was w Reserve until 2011.

  29. I did my churn this month. Having some issues wtih Chase and Citi on approvals. got the Delta Business card you suggested an linked off your site.

    • @ Michael – txs for the support! I would call Chase. Here is the info:
      Chase Credit Card Reconsideration
      888-245-0625 connects directly to a personal card credit analyst
      800-453-9719 connects directly to a business card credit analyst
      888-609-7805 connects to the application status department

  30. No churn until April 1. Already have the Chase SaphPref card. And, funnily (to me at least), my parents both got “decision pending” when they applied while I got mine approved no problem.

  31. Planning a churn this weekend. Wondering how long it takes Chase to post the 50k bonus after you have completed the spend requirement, I met it about 3 weeks ago but still haven’t seen the points.

  32. No card churn for me right now, looking to buy a house in the next couple years!

  33. No, haven’t done a churn this month and was saving it for Feb. My last app was for Amex Business Gold Rewards on the day they offered 75K MR points and I’m working on that spend. I also plan on refinancing my mortgage, so I’m holding off on credit card apps. But I would SO hate to miss out on the 50K UR. My wife already got hers and met the spend and her bonus posted a few days ago. 🙂

  34. Hi,

    Thanks for the blog and offer! I have yet to do a churn, but I will here shortly.

    Thanks again!

  35. I just started playing golf this summer, had the best round of my life this past wknd.

    I’m going to Vegas this wknd anybody suggest a good golf course to try out for a newbie?

  36. No. I’m taking a little break after a flurry of apps last year. Plus, I’m focusing on hitting the MQM spend on a Plat card.

  37. I do not plan to churn this month. Hoping for something better soon though, so I might add the Sapphire then!

  38. No. I’m targetting late February or early March for my next churn.

  39. i’ve been trying to decide and have not made a decision… i’m leaning towards not doing it, but if i do, i will do a hilton amex (already have the hyatt visa and a delta amex)…

  40. Yes, I just got the new United Explorer Card with 50K miles for first purchase

  41. I’m new to this, but so far in 2012:
    Chase Sapphire Preferred
    SPG AmEx Business
    Chase Ink Bold (pending)
    United Explorer (pending)

  42. Just did a 4 cards churn yesterday. 50k AA Visa, 50k AA Amex, 25k Chase Freedom, 40k US Air.

  43. Have done a churn for United Explorer and Citi Thank You Preferred.

  44. Yes I took out the Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines card and earned 35k miles as well as the PenFed Visa and AmEx cards which got me the 5% cb card and 20k MR points which were a nice addition to the 950K miles and points acquired since May 15, 11; my first year and success thanks to blogs like yours.

  45. DH just got Ink Bold. I’m thinking of Thank You Premier — not sure, though.

  46. No, no plans to churn the sapphire. Don’t qualify for it (T.T)

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