In case you missed it: Internet Brands Acquires The Frugal Travel Guy

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As any regular readers of knows I think the world of Rick Ingersoll a.k.a. “The Frugal Travel Guy”. I have learned so much from him in the last many years and it is hard to believe he just started his blog in 2007.

Well now he, the blog, is owned and part of Internet Brands. What will this mean? For the short run? Nothing will change and as Rick himself says his blog will get better as he is no “computer geek” and his site IMO could use some work.

Long term, once Rick and his team is gone, who knows. I have seen changes in FlyerTalk after IB took over and that is one of the reasons I like MilePoint better. Now to be fully open and honest Boarding Area, who helps host, a.k.a. Randy Petersen, also runs MilePoint for full disclosure.

The frequent flyer community is growing. There is no doubt about it. When you can do things like a $100 first class trip to Florida in high season in winter ( see tomorrow’s blog btw ), and rack up millions of points for little cost, we all know why.

For now I am happy for FTG and his success. Time will tell if the blog gets better or not! – René

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  1. Rene, have a question for you. I have to buy about $4k in suits (prob from nordstroms) for a new job. I’m a delta/Starwood guy and I’m thinking about opening a new card (for miles, obviously) and hittIng the min spend threshold in one fell swoop. What card do you recommend? Currently have Amex plat, delta reserve and chase one world. Thanks!

  2. on the pro side, i can only hope that the new owners relax the ridiculous comment screening that the blog is famous for. it seems that any comment that is somewhat negative (even constructive) mysteriously disappears.

    on the con side, i can shudder to think how the travel industries most commercial blog is going to be even more commercial… it will be interesting how many banner ads and referrals can be crammed into a post now

  3. @mike- try to buy the suites online if you can. Going through the aadvantage mall to nordstroms website will give you 10 points per dollar giving you 40,000 points for you $4k purchase!

  4. On my way to the mountain so couldn’t check all the portals, just now I’ve done very well with aa from nordstroms, especially when all miles counted towards million mile status 🙂

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