An OFFICIAL update from DELTA about AF Business award seats

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“SkyMiles award seat availability in business class on Air France or KLM-operated flights is currently unavailable. Delta is working to resolve the situation.” – from Delta Air Lines

So we at last have an answer that they know “we have a problem Houston”! I blogged about this the other day after a request from a reader. I had known about this for a while but was hoping it was just a glitch that would be fixed quickly. Obviously it is not. There was also a FT reader who got an e-mail direct from the VP Jeff Robertson of Delta:

“Thanks for your note. I’m well aware of the situation and so is the entire leadership team here at Delta. We have put some postings out on our website with respect to the issue and we continue to apologize for the inconvenience. I assure you that we are doing everything in our power to fix it. The issue however is more complicated however than anyone would expect.”

Now for me, what I think Delta should do is offer low level seats on Delta metal until the bug is fixed. This would be the RIGHT thing to do as no matter how hard the problem is to fix, we should not suffer anymore as a result of Delta IT issues.

I will keep you up to date with any more official and back stage unofficial news I can – Rene




  1. Offering low level availability on DL metal would be a very reasonable offer that would gain some goodwill for them. Continuing to allow poor IT to negatively impact the purchase of revenue tickets and the redemption of award tickets is a pretty significant sign of poor intentions on the part of DL, and it needs to be fixed.

  2. Are the business class AF and KLM seats available from Delta over the phone? The article implies that the wensite is broken, and a phone call solves the problem. .. is that the case?

  3. Does anyone think this inept Sky Miles team desperately needs new leadership…this is completely unacceptable

  4. @Mike S – I would search the AF / KLM sites and if you can see the seats ask DL to match on their metal. Don’t think they will but you can ask and even ask for a supervisor and plead your cast. May work. If not, call back and try again!

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