Out of frustration comes wonderful Delta advantages for non-medallions!

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Delta Points readers were relieved this week to see that Delta at long last squished the “IT” bug that was preventing Air France business class award seats from showing up on Delta.com. Some are still suggesting it was all intentional and blocking is going on for space. I don’t buy that as believable for one second as it would require a level of “IT” excellence that Delta.com as of yet just does not have when it comes to award booking.

Now one great thing did arise out of this. ASIA! My fellow BA blogger, and BTW someone with an “all things travel” IQ of 250+, Gary pointed out that there are several numbers to call for Delta booking in Asia with English speaking agents. You have to call during open times, basically starting at 8:PM EST, to get them or you get routed back to the USA calling centers. Why is this a good thing? The Platinum Medallion line hold time for me is just about 1 second. The longest I can remember holding ever is a few minutes when there are massive cancellations going on due to storms etc. For non-medallions you know wait times can be LONG. So this could be a nice workaround! Here are the two calling center numbers you can use:


Hong Kong at –  011 852 2810 4288

Singapore at – 011 65 6336 3371


PLEASE keep in mind you are calling INTERNATIONALLY and you will have to PAY for this call. I suggest a SKYPE account or something similar to pay as little as possible (both Hong Kong  & Singapore cost 2.3 cents / per minute for pay as you go). For me, short hold times and to get what I want done is worth paying a little for! Lastly if they try to charge you for fuel surcharges, ask them to put the itinerary on hold and later call back to the USA center to issue your ticket.

I will be adding this to the “Essentials” tab list as I think this tip is just great for occasional or non medallion Delta flyers to use. Heck, if you team up these numbers with your Delta AMEX card that gets you up to 9 free bags, priority zone 2 boarding and on and on, all these things together I think we can come up with 5th medallion category and call it Gold Plate Medallion ! – René




  1. HGK didn’t answer tonight. SIN came through to fix ticket glitch in 20 minutes while Delta medallion line was on a 2 hour callback…

    Thank you for this information!

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