What is your BEST Delta slogan? How creative are you for a chance to WIN SWAG!

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Currently we have “Keep Climbing” (as opposed to ground stop until further notice? 🙂 )! What do you think? Does it inspire you to fly Delta Air Lines?

We love to fly and it shows“. OK, so this could easily be the mantra of all frequent flyers right? But they say it was one of Delta’s most successful ever!

Delta’s got a list of past slogans and I think, although a bit before my time, my favorite has got to be “DELTA the airline with the BIG JETS“. I still get giddy each time I look at or ride on a Delta 747 and will till the day I die. Northwest had a nice one too with “Some people just know how to fly“.

So how about a little creative writing contest for DeltaPoints readers?! Here is the contest. To win you must come up with a new slogan that is better than “Keep Climbing“!  For this to be really fun you can be either PRO-DELTA or NONPRO-DELTA like “Fly Delta cuz U R a Hub captive” (no you can not use mine).

At 5:PM EST (EDIT:extended to allow west coasters more time will close ideas 10PM EST) today, I will put up a POLL at the top right of the blog with the TOP one’s I liked and you will have until 5:PM  10:PM Thursday to VOTE for the one you like best! The WINNER get’s a DeltaPoints T-Shirt and Luggage tag & some of the remaining GoGo swag I have, the other runners up all get a DeltaPoints Luggage tag.

You must keep them  “PG”  and no cheating by using another airline’s past or current slogans as I have researched a fairly extensive list. Let’s have FUN – René


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  1. I didn’t mean to suggest that the above was an original, I was certainly around during the SSM days…

    Besides I retired after coining Skypesos 🙂

  2. Delta… we make it easy to accrue large SKYMILES balances! (because we make it so hard to use them!)

  3. The loyal Delta traveller in me offers: Delta. Connecting You.
    While the frustrated Skymiles Member in me would offer: Delta. We’ll get ya there.

  4. I am more of an AA flyer, but “SMOOTH OPERATOR” may sound ironic to heavy Delta flyers, but I think would be a funny one for the airline…

  5. always was a fan of:

    (D)on’t (E)xpect (L)uggage (T)o (A)rrive

    although I didn’t come up with it.

  6. Delta-Turning travel into travail.

    Delta-Nothing special in the air.

    Delta-Fly us religiously. Pray for redemption.

  7. Delta – Exceeding expectations one traveler at a time.
    Delta – Service far above and beyond just a smile!
    Delta – Raising the bar, year after year, mile after mile.

  8. Delta – Award seat availability rumored to exist

    Delta – Our Skymiles inflation rates make third-world economies look stable

    Delta – We set the standard in destroying customer loyalty

  9. DELTA… The New Black
    DELTA is Your airline
    DELTA.. Bigger is Always better

  10. Delta – the airline that pretends to be international as they give away all flying to other countries and other airlines, hmmmm no wonder no one likes us…

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