Frequent Miler gets me thinking and Opportunity Cost

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One of my favorite Boarding Area bloggers to read each day is Frequent Miler. He and I have talked now and then and I love how his mind works. Good or bad, he is brave, and tries things. Tries to make things work. If not, it costs a little but it’s worth the hunt. Fun. But sometimes his steps get my mind going as I now start to think of everything I do in ways like this:

“If I do this for step one, and then that for step two, I will earn 5000x points for step three!”

OK so maybe I am exaggerating just a tiny bit, but you get my point. It is the same with the cursed day I was taught Opportunity Cost in school. Every day of my life since then has been different. No matter what I do, I could be doing something else. It even haunts me when on vacation as I could be earning points doing something. And when earning points, I could enjoying them on vacation! AGGGGGGGGG.

If you had never know about opportunity cost before, I am sorry for ruining your life. But, in the spirit of Frequent Miler, here are some idea’s that hit me when buying some gift cards this week at Office Depot for 5x points on my INK BOLD card. First, I will use these gift cards to buy Walmart Gift cards, instead of my Delta AMEX, for shopping at SAMS CLUB to get max value in points.

Also, this week I talked about the fact that you can redeem, for now, 100 Coke Rewards points for $20 off a SW Air flight. A good deal if you have 100 Coke Rewards points. If you drink Coke products anyway, you can buy a 24 pack at Staples for $11.99 (obviously not the best price in the world). Staples is a office supply store. So, if you use your INK BOLD, you can earn 10x points on the purchase via the Ultimate Rewards shopping site and even get free S&H.

If you buy 5 of the 24 packs you will earn 100 Coke Rewards points worth your $20 for SW Air. The result. You spent $59.95-$20(SW AIR)-$7.50(UR points value)=$32.45 for 120 cans of Coke! If you have a Staples coupon it could cost you even less and maybe match the sale price most places have Coke for each week.

So I hope I’ve got you thinking now too and have a fun weekend earning and burning points everyone! – Rene


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  1. It’s cheaper to buy the 30 packs of coke that have more rewards points per package at Costco and you can use an Amex reward card there. Just FYI.

  2. You have the count the opportunity cost of treating possible diabetes, tooth decay and other health problems that come with drinking coke 🙂

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