One Million! This day in Delta history

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They say the first million is the toughest, right? It took our beloved Delta 16 years to carry it’s first one million passengers, the one millionth being Mary Frances Carroll on this date in 1945.


So how long does it take Delta to carry one million passengers nowadays? It sure seems like at least one million were in Atlanta yesterday when I was flying. Think of this, even using 2010 statistics, Delta exceeds it’s one millionth passenger carried before noon on January 3 each year!

I wonder if Ms. Carroll got anything more than a corsage, wings, and a cake? With Skymiles still 36 years until inception, it’s not likely that Million-Miler Status was in the offing! Since annual silver medallion status, complimentary after a flyer reaches this milestone, ain’t all that it used to be maybe she was better off with the cake and flowers!

And how about some fun today. Have you been on a Delta jet yet this year? Leave a comment and tell us how many flights you have taken this year. Even ZERO counts. I will give away TWO of these new  HP Ultra Mobile Backpacks  with DeltaPoints luggage tags on them. One will go to those who comment, one will go to a e-Mail subscriber. – Rene


EDIT: I will pick the winner at 10PM EST – I will be sure to update all comments before then!


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  1. 5 flights on Delta so far this year. And one flight on American. Don’t tell Delta I cheated on her like that!

  2. Couldn’t tell you how many flights I’ve taken this year, but just got off one about 20m ago 🙂

  3. delta has been my airline of choice for over 10 years. This year, I have flown 10 times on Delta. Delta rocks!

  4. At least 10 sectors so far – most of them being longhauls. Of those, 2 were with Delta (I’m more of a Star Alliance flyer ;)).

    p.s. Hope I can double-dip since I’m also a subscriber.

  5. I had 10 DL fligts this year (2 international) with more than a dozen booked. You know you fly a lot when TSA and the gate crew all know your name and ask about your family!

  6. 4 flights so far…but many more coming, including India and Europe. Gotta get my GM again (at least!).

  7. One flight so far this year, flown on January 1st, with four more coming in the next month.

  8. Nine to date, three booked for the next thirty days, and expect to log another six to ten, that i know of, before year end…

  9. I made DL MM last year and got the lovely Hartmann briefcase. My partner is at .97 MM, and he is counting the days until he gets his Tiffany bracelet!

    Sadly, it may take eternity to reach 2 MM if our beloved DL doesn’t shape up…

  10. 82K Skymiles for 2012 (40K rolled over) and headed for another Diamond year! Business travel up for me in ’11 and ’12.

  11. I flew my last 2 Delta flights just before I lost Gold Medallion status in February.

  12. So far this year 28 flights with Delta, and around 30 with other carriers.

  13. So far this year, no flights on Delta. Was just on their website yesterday to plan a vacation. Still looks good to get seats for 25,000 miles each.

  14. 22 Delta segments so far, compared to 105 last yr. Taking Transatlantic on Fri!!

  15. Well, none on Delta for me. None in the past 1 1/2 years – ever since I was kicked off a Delta plane while boarding by the flight attendant and boy is that a story. Would like to try them again though.

    PS I wasn’t drunk or drinking, I wasn’t threatening. I called her out on the fact that she (the only flight attendant on this flight) arrived at the gate 8 minutes before we were scheduled to leave. She didn’t like being called out. Long story short, the pilot heard the conversation and the ejection of me and left the cockpit to get me while I was at the gate having left the plane.

  16. 50 segments for me with another two this afternoon! I qualified for DM based on segments last year, so I’m hoping things pick up for the rest of the year! My wife has really enjoyed her gifted GM status. 🙂

  17. 2 on Air France, 4 on American, and 2 on Maya Island Air. Will be doing 4 more on Lufthansa next month and 4 on US Airways in September.

  18. 28 since the end of March, 2 more coming up this week, and, UNFORTUNATELY, 3 with United (should have been 4, but that’s a long story) a couple weeks ago. And may I just say: never again on United! What a nightmare. I’ll stay with our beloved Delta from now on. Lesson learned.

  19. Two flights on Delta.

    30 flights on American.

    11 flights on Unitednental and/or US Airways.

    And one memorable segment on Amtrak.

  20. I have taken zero flights this year, but I have to admit I feel like I took everyone you did, since you so wonderfully describe them all on your blog!

  21. Zero Delta flights so far this year. But, I have at least three more trips this year which I’m sure at least one of them will be a Delta flight.

  22. 8 trips so double that plus connections for flights and who knows how many more.

  23. 4 so far for one trip! Gotta love those ATL connections. I’ll add 2 to that next month.

  24. No flights so far but I continue to gather sky miles like the recent SunTrust check card promotion

  25. 10 domestic flights on DL to gateway cities so I could connect with AF and CI. 🙂

  26. Being in Atlanta, Delta is my primary airline choice (wait do we even have one in ATL), I have reached Gold this year with already 54K plus travel miles that took me to Delhi, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Istanbul and trips coming this month to San Pedro Sula in Honduras and Tokyo and Osaka (both mileage runs) and Machu Pichu for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to be platinum soon so I can enjoy the rest of the trips in peace with travel benefits till Feb 2014. I love my Delta travels, they treat me well. So keep traveling, keep smiling, keep living!

  27. Three flights on Delta, plus one each on Southwest, American and US Air. Two more Delta flights booked over the next 6 weeks, including my first trans-pac flight ever — to Shanghai.

  28. Unfortunately only 1 flight this year so far. I am earning a lot of miles in other ways though. Just very few MQM’s so far. :(. May be time for a bucket run.

  29. 1st flight of the year is this afternoon. DL/AF Biz class (thanks to some cc churning) to Italy with my wife for a couple weeks of touring!

  30. I’m actually in Canada so I actually have to go to a US airport first to fly Delta, which means it’s been a while.

    I have to find other ways to build on my Skymiles, which is also harder to do outside the US.

  31. 4 Emirates
    1 Indigo
    1 US Airways
    6 United
    No Delta so far but that will change over summer and fall.

  32. Been a slow year for me with Delta. I miss her a lot. One R/T flight from Milwaukee-Denver in January. I’m getting itchy for another.

  33. been on 15 flights so far this year and my travel season is just beginning….

  34. I have been on 6 Delta flights (did not count other carriers with Delta share code)

  35. Ive flown Delta twice this year but have another 2-3 trips!

    I enjoy how Delta uses large aircraft in and out of Jax, Bos and Lax, the places I travel to most! I also enjoy the snack service (those cookies are like crack), how consistent service is and how most of the employees are glad to be there.

  36. Too late but posted anyway 🙂
    Hi Rene
    So re your give away:(
    I flew :
    JFK – IST
    In January
    In MARCH,
    I repeated the same itinerary…..
    In April/
    And the return,
    I have  tickets for upcoming
    JFK – LHR in June
    JFK- LAS in Sept
    jFK- ATL in Nov
    So, I have to book 10k more to keep GM
    Eek! It’s hard work
    That flight will probably be an IST re do when
    Tkts drop in autumn
    I am sad not being lucky getting a bump:(
    Have a great day!

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