Sunday night’s winners + what I dream of winning!

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OK we have our two winners for tonight’s swag. The CONFIRMED e-mail winner (it took 3 attempts as the first two winners were NOT confirmed btw) is #369 – “John” and the blog comment winner is #30 “SF”.

And now to find out if the blog winner also gets the last GoGo pass. The one thing on Sunday’s sweepstakes list I have always dreamed about doing, and cannot buy for money, or spend points to get is…..

Those of you who guessed TOP GEAR – you are so right (ps the youtube DELTA AMEX link in the clip is NOT mine). You now know a little more about your DeltaPoints blogger. This show, the UK one, is so addictive you cannot believe. I love James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. The episode where they went across Africa is one I could see over and over again. To be on the show? Unreal. To drive Jaguars on the Top Gear test track, with a 747 often in the background shots, and to have a Delta Points shirt on at the same time – I would have to think about ending my blogging life as nothing ever would top that in travel related exuberance!

Since SF did NOT guess Top Gear, I did this, I kept doing until I hit one that did have Top Gear as the choice and you win the 1 time pass. That winner is # 6 George!

Congratulations to all the winners and I will contact you via e-mail soon! – René


  1. @Divyesh – you should get an email back from Google for you to click on to confirm. If you do not, try again (but yours is all set I see btw). – Rene

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