Booking Alitalia award seats on Skyclub is member or guest WiFi faster?

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One of the great joys of is being able, much of the time, to find low level award space on either Air France or KLM flights to Europe and beyond. But for now the only way to find space on Alitalia has been to call Delta. Will that change? A Delta company spokesman told me this:

“Delta is always reviewing various aspects of its business as we constantly strive to improve our customers’ experience.”

So the official answer does not give us much to go on. We all know Delta has been trying to upgrade their “IT” this year and had some major issues with AF space not showing up for about a week, so my guess is we should not hold our breath for online Alitalia award booking any time soon. Let’s just hope some improvements to our are on the way before year end!

My next question came from a reader who has always wanted to know what is faster, logging in as a member or a guest at the Skyclubs. I have never been a member since I always have my Delta AMEX Reserve card to get me in, but have been told by members there is no difference in speed and they just use guest as it is a faster way to get online. Are they missing out on performance? According to the product manager for the Delta SkyClubs we get this:

“There is no difference in speed for customers if they log in with their SkyMiles number or if they select Guest.”

So there is no reason for members to do anything but keep logging in as a guest of the Skyclubs. I do see an opportunity here for Delta to offer a higher level to members who actually “pay” for a membership. Sure it would take some tech upgrades, but it could be a way to differentiate the brand. Add a few more goodies like a couple of coupons for premium drinks and show the “bundle” as value and you have a way to push more sales of the Skyclub memberships. Just my take on it anyway.

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  1. To me, it seems like DL never bothered to purchase more bandwidth for the former Crown Room Clubs after they made wi-fi free. Speed in many of the old DL clubs is really slow when compared to their ex-NW cousins (who always had it free pre-DL). JFK T2 is positively glacial, although that may be also due to the fact that the signal carries outside the club to the gates below (this problem is easily solved by requiring a login password that you give to everyone who enters the lounge).

    Unfortunately, this is a common problem that I’ve seen with hotels, restaurants, etc. when they move from a chargeable wi-fi model to free. Too often the suits who make the decisions forget to consult the IT guy to calculate the impact of more users to the service experience. Or they just don’t care and are more interested in that all important ‘free’ in their marketing material.

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