Skyclub House Rules… no dragons in the Skyclubs! Funny Friday prize giveaway

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Ahhh… relaxing in the Sky Club between flights. It can be such a peaceful place. This is thanks, in part, to the vigorous enforcement of various “House Rules” by the ever watchful Sky Club agents who monitor the entrances with hawk-like attentiveness ready to pounce on the slightest infraction.

Included among these mostly routine and reasonable guidelines I was amused to discover a list of pets not allowed into a Sky Club. A fairly extensive list of all the cuddly critters that must be left at home, as you can see…




Pot-bellied pigs



Mice & Rats

Sugar gliders



So the next time you walk into a Sky Club prepared to take in all the wonderful comforts and conveniences you’ve come to expect, you can thank our wonderful airline for making sure it stays that way. Then you can remind yourself that you couldn’t possibly have encountered a “dragon” in there, as they would be prohibited under the “Reptiles” category!


And since it has been a while, let’s have some fun. In the comments section below on the blog, let me know what “critter” above you would least (or most) like to see walk in to a Skyclub for a chance to win a Delta Points swag “bag” including a T-Shirt, a Delta Points Luggage Tag and a Delta “Tail” Key chain! I will also today select a winner for the same prize from the e-Mail subscriber list 🙂   I will have the blog drawing at 8:PM EST today – René


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  1. i think they SHOULD allow bunnies! heck, they should even PROVIDE them 🙂
    what else could be more relaxing than a cute cuddly furball to play with between flights?

  2. Since we have a tarantula in our house, I’ll go with most like to see spiders!

  3. Spiders….. Can’t stand them. Was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider when I was a little on. Never forgot that!

  4. The bunny would be a fun visitor for sure. I don’t want to see the spider at all!

  5. No snakes (on a plane, or in a lounge) please!

    There seems to be no prohibition against polar bears…how did they miss that one?

  6. I love all those animals…it would be like a petting zoo. Something to do between flights.

  7. I’d go for a monkey dressed as a cowboy riding the pot-bellied pig. Now that would be a great story to retell…

  8. Hmm…I think the cute frog should be allowed.

    A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, “I’m sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger.”

  9. I think the pig would be the one I would least like to see. Just too big to not get inbthe way.

  10. Would love to see penguins in the Sky Club! I have seen them on board flights so there is ample opportunity to see them in the Sky Clubs. 🙂

  11. Definetly would like to see a rat walk into the sky club. The reason being sometimes I feel like we are all lab rats waiting to see what “experiment” our lovely Delta will put us through next 🙂

  12. any poisonous snake (recent encounter)………others don’t bother me though

  13. Most like to see one of those red eyed tree frogs. Those things are pretty sweet.

  14. So Kitties are OK? My cat always tries packing herself in my luggage.

  15. @Michael – yup but they must stay in the cage in the club. No prowling the skyclub allowed! 🙂 (Unless they are a service animal then they can walk around all they want).

  16. I would probably most like to see the sugar gliders, because they are at least in the spirit of flying.

  17. I would least like to see
    Mice and rats walk into the sky club
    They are so jelly like wiggling their ways over
    Under and through 
    Included in this category – squirrels

  18. No spiders, I would destroy the lounge at sight of one. Rabbits would be cool to see hopping around though.

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