Please VOTE – Did you get in on the United 4 mile HKG deal?

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I have put up a poll just to the right as an unscientific way to see just how many have got in on this deal. I would love to know so please vote and let’s see what the numbers show 🙂 – René

PS – Be sure to check out Ben’s post about if we will get to fly or not on this deal!

PPS – While we wait and see what happens, time to check out the Hong Kong Tourist site HERE!


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  1. Three for me, one for a friend. All terminating in HKG as I wasn’t wise to multi-city booking through HKG.

  2. You should add another choice…, “i saw it and chose not to take advantage of it, so my account would not be scrutinized in the future”?… Good luck to those who capitalized, hope it works out.

  3. I am in on it. But, I am not able to vote in the poll. I see the results though.

  4. There is no way UAL is going to honor this,I passed , it is not a close mispricing, 4 miles? you got to be dreaming if you think this will go through

  5. Yes!! Got it from SFO – HKG (not all in F but it’s ticketed). 3 Seats, 12 miles during the christmas vacation!
    Lets see if it sticks.

  6. I didn’t because this is stealing to me. We all know it was a mistake but we did it anyways. Fine, if you tried. But I really hate those people that demand it if they retract the mistake. We all know it was a mistake, if they honor it, think of it as a great jesture but if they don’t, don’t demand it. Is this how we teach our next generation morals?

  7. Is’nt there a big penalty (fee) if you book and cancel?
    United might face a customer credit (fee) if they do the same thing. I hope they don”t try Hong Kong their way out of this.

  8. Yes…used my girlfriends account that only had a few hundred miles in it and booked LAX-HKG in FIrst. I am betting it is cancelled by 2PM tomorrow….but fun anyway.

  9. @All – txs for voting and comments. I do not think this will stick either. I bet they offer 25,000 points each. The value of a free coach ticket. Would be more than good offer to make us “go away”. Anything less and I bet people get nasty. I will not expect anything and be happy with whatever but gosh I want to go! – Rene

  10. If they gave me 25k miles, then it would be enough to top off my account and book the award as it stands. Win win.

  11. I agree with Mike… It’s wrong, if they want to honor it then it’s pure PR (I couldn’t imagine United being generous, despite anything a CEO might have said)… but there is certainly no entitlement when it comes to something this ludicrous. This isn’t a mistake fare for 1200 instead of 12,000. In that case I would be on the side of the consumer. However it plays out it will. Nobody loses anything if they cancel… Well unless they were foolish enough to prepay the hotel etc and have no intention of going otherwise. In that case they’d be fools. I don’t believe DOT guidelines would apply to this but then I’m not a lawyer. My guess there will be an opportunity to rectify if enough points weren’t deducted or to pay full fare/cancel. They might throw a bone or two as a “goodwill” gesture toward future business. By Tuesday I expect there will be a large number of cancellation notices. The people who’ve already departed… I doubt they will leave them stranded on the return, that would be a PR nightmare but they might put them on standby like other non-revs? Just some random speculation.

  12. Nope, I could of but just did not want to be bothered.

    If its honored good for all yous, united will def. be watching those accounts that took advantage of this offer, especially if they try to buy you off the ticket with miles and you say no.

  13. Thanks, Mike. Your feelings on the subject are noted. Now, take your sanctimonius ramblings somewhere else and preach to someone who cares.

  14. @Mike @Cory – I have a hard policy at the blog to not publish comments that contain abusive language or attacks on the blog or me or other readers. We are all welcome to our own opinions but need to be NICE to be on DeltaPoints. There are other blogs where you can say anything you want at all but not here. I though about dumping Mikes comment but let it stand. Same with Cory’s. But I will not let this go any further. These two will represent the two camps pro and con and let’s move on. Thanks for understanding – Rene

  15. Nope! Seems that I missed it by about 45 minutes. Must wake up earlier on Sundays……

  16. Sorry Rene. I lost my cool a bit with morals police, won’t happen again. I actually am of the opinion that United probably shouldn’t honor these. I booked one anyway, as I have no moral objection to doing so. But, I think it’d be silly for United to let me fly on it. I’m not a lawyer, but beyond legal grey area I don’t see how it’d be legitimate to let this stand.

  17. EWR-HKG for Nov 2012, and EWR-HKG-AKL-CHC (New Zealand) for Feb 2014. Coach, no need to abuse and score first class.

  18. I saw a blog early about the error but because I have 90k+ miles in my UA account and several blogs mentioned if that was the case the account would be charged the correct number of miles—I did not attempt to make a booking. Saw no way to do it since my address and cell number would give me away even if I left the MP number off the reservation.

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