URGENT – 20,000 point Delta Skymiles deal in the works check this out!

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This is a developing deal. We need to work as a group and help each other to score on this. Check out the deal that “DealsWeLike” has put up HERE!

The basic deal is up to 20,000 per order or a $500 one at PetCareRx. They say via chat you can have UNLIMITED multiple orders but I would be VERY VERY careful on this one and MAKE SURE to put in your Skymiles number before you check out. AND do LOT’s of screen prints PLEASE if you do order anything!

There has been some very good info that Delta is limiting sites like these to 50,000 points per year per Skymiles account. Now if you have many in the house you could do a few more or a lot more.

Also, you may just get one 20,000 award from PetCareRx. Either way, this is developing and we need some work to make this a GREAT deal! Please comment on the “DealsWeLike” as that will be the focal point for this one kids!


GO GET ’em if we can! – René


EDIT 7:PM EST. More info:  Many are talking about just buying and giving the food to a local shelter. I love this idea. Maybe not the best cost per mile as you are just buying Skymiles at 2.5 cents each but look at the good you are doing, not just the points. Here is just an idea and that you CAN get free S&H and Skymiles if you want:


EDIT: 8:30PM EST – this post is becoming a bit of a mess but still working the deal. There are many items they sell that could be purchased and sold at Amazon with the “Fulfillment by Amazon“. I am  NOT  going for this flea collar (50 of them) but it gets you the idea. Buy something you can send to Amazon and maybe just lose $50 or $100 to gain 20,000 Skymiles! Work this deal and find the winner product and see if you can break even and SCORE! – René


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  1. Thanks.

    Do you think this is just as good as the 25,000 points per $500 on Skymall last year?

    It also says straight out on Delta.com that vendors can only distribute a maximum of 50,000 per year.

  2. @Mordy – maybe. It is looking that way but too soon to tell! If I do this, with as I post and as you say, 50,000 the CAP, it would seem per year, I will only do 2 orders each for me and Lisa! Still working on it. – Rene

  3. I plan to stock up on flea and tick meds, but I’ll see what else is on the site that is worthwhile.

  4. Nice thing is you can lose $200 on a $500 and still be below 1 cpm. I like that math. I found some options and posted my first buy. Rene, what is the cheapest fees for selling this stuff? I have never done Amazon, and ebay looks like 9% for auction 11% for the first $50 then 6% for buy it now. Just looking for advice to minimize fees.

  5. @Thesocalledfan – I have not gone the Amazon way but it looks like the winner to let them sell and ship. I have been told way cheap and works well. If I jump in I will only do one order each for Lisa & me as I am just a tiny bit scared of going big. I may do two each but will stop there. But that is just me! – Rene

  6. Thank you for posting this, Rene! I have a medium-sized dog who now has food, flea meds, treats, and toys to last him the rest of the year. I also got nearly 12K Delta miles. Sweet! Even better, I put it on my Delta Amex, so even more points coming in from this.

    Thanks again!

  7. Rene,

    Just a note that I did buy the “deal of the day” stuff today and when I checked out, that combined with my other items was just over $500. The box for the Delta miles states I would earn 20,000, so not sure if I’ll get them or not, but feeling pretty good and took screen shots. YMMV and I’ll let you know what “really” happens when they post.

  8. Today, Tuesday July 24th, the option has disappeared. An online chat with Customer Service produced no result. It might have been a one day thing. If anyone has any other info, please advise. The agent online did not know about it.

  9. @Rene – i know the goal is to try and break even but since that seems almost impossible, in your experience, what’s the acceptable amount to pay for 20,000 points?

  10. @Rene so you’re saying if the transaction costs $50, that’s a bargain for you (am i doing the math right?)

  11. @D – I would be 100% fine with a loss of $100 and under. Look at it this way, 100,000 miles for biz ticket to Europe for $500? Talk about bargain! I would also, not go for more than 50,000 points per skymiles account but that is just me from what I know! – Rene

  12. @rene, jeez my math is bad today. it’s going to be hard with the PetRx prices to get to $100. I haven’t found anything that will definitely take me there (that also won’t expire before I can get rid of it!)

  13. @D – that is the problem we are all having. Some are chancing it on the “daily special” and hope to get miles. The only thing I have found that is a maybe is a cat carrier that could work with the numbers. Feel free to share with readers if you find a good one! – Rene

  14. I did 10 orders of about $50 each. I ordered two bags of dog food (That we would buy anyway) for about a $10 premium over Walmart.com plus I had to add $8 of misc treats or toys, etc. to get to the $49 and stay under the 35lb free shipping limit. I got some US Airways points and other credit card points through this as well and used several cards so they wouldn’t be shut down with multiple purchases at the same site. I ended up with about $520 in spend for about $450 worth of stuff I’d buy anyway so nice. I did notice after a couple orders that the skymiles number would disappear but just click on the little “+” deal at the bottom and it would pop back up.

  15. First time I am trying this, bought $500 worth of product and I am currently selling them on ebay for significantly more than I bought them for (previous ebay sales show they sold for more too however amazon is about the same price as PetcareRX). A little nervous but exciting at the same time….

  16. @KT what did you end up deciding to buy? I’m still looking for something that might work…

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