Tamara shares some insights on booking Delta tickets & the PR update from Delta Air Lines

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Hi DP Readers,

It’s nice to hear from Delta Points that you are excited about my additions and you have some questions!

And the number one question from “worldtraveller2” is (drum roll)…

“How do travel agents get paid?” Interesting question! The short answer is by fees and commissions.

I made reference previously to the fact that if you are booking a tour or a cruise with your travel agent that you should not be charged a fee. The reason for that is most tour companies, car rental companies, hotels/resorts and cruise lines pay travel agencies a commission. Now, that commission is nothing to write home about and for “Brick and Mortar” agencies benefits the agency not the agent. A travel agents is a sales person, and like any other sales job, most get paid a salary and need to account for that salary by productivity. However, I really enjoy my job and get a few fun perks not unlike you with your wonderful points!

The airlines, however, do not pay us a dime, so if you are booking an airline ticket only, we do charge a fee. However, if you call an airline direct and book and/or make changes to a reservation they also charge you a fee. At least with your friendly travel agent we are easy to get in touch with and like your favorite bartender or therapist, you can always bend our ear about your personal life.

The nice part is, once you pay the fee for your airline ticket, if you need help or assistance we are there to help. Need to add a wheelchair or alert the airline that your traveling loved one speaks another language? …we do not charge another fee.

Recently, Delta announced that they were:

“providing more choices for Delta customers and travel agents to access the popular Economy Comfort seating when booking travel via Amadeus”

The reason they specify when booking via Amadeus is because not every agency uses Amadeus. Delta is great and I’m hopeful they will be expanding that capability to other systems in the future. In the meantime, since my agency uses a different GDS, if our clients want Economy Comfort seating we simply purchase for them the flights in our system, locate the available seating options and then go to delta.com to add on the upgraded seats (which we are always happy to do)! One stop shopping with a smile! – Tamara


Thanks Tamara – I love learning new things and cannot wait for the next installment in two weeks. But for that we need questions. So, leave a question for Tamara for a chance to WIN some Delta SWAG (ends tomorrow at 5 EST). – René

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  1. How far out should i try to book a vacation with a travel agent to get the best prices on air/car and destination?

  2. We have never been on a cruise ship. Terrified of all the bad press and mishaps. Are there any good ones out there? Can you recommend some excellent/safe/good value cruise ships for my wife and i?

  3. Have you heard if Delta and AMEX or SPG will have a bonus point promotion anytime soon whereby you can transfer points from these programs, to Delta, and receive either a point refund or a point bump?

  4. Great Post!!! I have been thinking about becoming a travel agent for a while? Any suggestions?

  5. Do you think the FAA will approve Delta’s request to move its HND flights from DTW to SEA?

  6. Have you thought about getting into the point booking market, e.g,, making innovative bookings for clients using their points and charging a commission?

  7. Thank you Tamara.

    What is the best example of a situation where having you as a travel agent made the biggest difference? I do not necessarily mean monetary value.

    The reason is I have only used a travel agent once. That was back in 1998 when OTAs were not a big deal yet. Now days, we all believe we are the best TAs out there.

  8. What kind of travel discounts do travel agents get from hotels/airfare/cars etc…when they travel?

  9. The one and only time we used a travel agent was to book our honeymoon 22 years ago. The agent did a superb job in finding us several bed and breakfast’s to stay at. I seem to remember it took several meetings to have it all planned out. My question is how much opportunity do you personnally get to visit hotels, B&B’s ect to be able to give you clients the best information and perks for their stays. Thanks

  10. My husband and i went to Africa 30 years ago and our travel agent rescued our trip when our air travel changed drastically at the worst time…worst place. It was a huge help and we were very happy we had her…fighting on our behalf. What kind of school and training are required to be a travel agent?

  11. Do you work out of your home or do you work out of an office? Part-time or full time? How often are you able to travel?

  12. Right now there is no SkyTeam flights from NYC-BOM non stop and with the Air India turmoil this is a great opportunity to get back in the game, when will you bring back JFK-BOM-JFK nonstop?

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