A rant about my beloved Delta Air Lines new “UP” commercial.

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I took some heat from readers and fellow bloggers like Gary who felt I should have called Delta out about the Award Wallet situation. I stand by my post, but with all the changes over the past year, this latest commercial makes me want to rant a bit. Take a look and see what you think:

So here is what I think. I think we can come up with our favorite “UP” slogans. Here are mine:

1) Delta gives you “UP” to 72 hrs to cancel and award flight. Then your miles are “UP”!

2) If you take a bump on Delta, it is “UP” to you to fly. Don’t even think of spending it on your wife or kids as how you spend your money is not “UP” to you!

3) Take a look at our award chart, the prices are going “UP”! And tomorrow we will “UP-it” again?

4) Hey, look at our fares, they are “UP” more than most other airlines.

5) Want to use Award Wallet, no way, sure AMEX tracks your Delta points the same way and checks our servers all the time for your balance, but that is “UP” to us!

OK rant off. But this could be fun. Let’s do this. This Sunday I will pick the best 5 ideas you have, it can be good or bad, pro Delta or con, with the “UP” in it. You must comment on the blog so if you are reading this in e-Mail, please go to the blog and comment. Then, I will put “UP” a poll where you all have a week to vote on the one you like best.

The readers’ choice will get a $25 AMEX gift card from Delta Points. Also, please keep in mind the blog is PG-13 so anything that is not nice will not count (or be posted). Let’s have some fun with this! – René


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  1. Delta – Where you can depend on us to always mess “UP” until you get fed “UP” and finally give “UP”.

  2. As NWA our program was “UP” there among the best. Now was a combined larger Global airline we gave “UP”. We take you UP, but loyalty is not an UPper management focal area

  3. Delta can learn a thing or two from smoother running airlines like Hawaiian and Virgin, but I guess they always love to do everything UPside down.

  4. C’mon Delta…i’m loyal to you! How about a little “kiss up/make up”…so we don’t have to “break up”?????????

  5. No matter how UPset we might get at Delta’s latest antics, we still love our free UPgrades, don’t we? 🙂

  6. Oh Delta, you made “up” your mind to quit awardwallet to force us to use the new iPhone 5 app, and your award prices are “up”, keeping me from being “up” in the air… You aren’t concerned with my needs, so we are breaking “up”.

  7. Despite Gold Medallion Status and the Delta AMEX card, I STILL find myself #23 of 41 on the UPgrade list for my flight from LAX to Detroit! That’s messed UP.

  8. As competition heats “UP”, our planes are completely filled “UP”, as our diamond customers are having a heck of a time getting bumped “UP”, while our ticket prices keep going “UP”, we watch our stock values rise “UP”, and we make more revenue while we purchase a new refinery so that our planes can fill “UP” without having to worry about gas prices going “UP”, even though our fuel surcharges for customers keep going “UP”, and the salaries of the CEO’s keep going “UP” as the flight attendants keep getting fed “UP”.

  9. I have “UP”ed my opinion of Delta since they stopped charging the ridiculous fuel charge on Virgin Australia.

  10. @Betsy from Delta – txs – just keep’in Delta “UP” on what we users of “our” airline think and want! 😉 Thanks for reading the blog! – Rene

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