ALERT: Phishing Email from KLM plus Twitter fakes and more!

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Back in June I blogged about the fact that many had been getting FAKE Delta e-Mails that sorta looked like they were coming from Delta. For most of us who know Delta, we see it is fake and ignore it. I don’t fly AA much but when these type of e-Mails come in I know they are fake, plus they look bad to my trained eye anyway. But today KLM has put up a warning as the Phishers are getting better at trying to trick us up:

So KLM flyers be alert and don’t fall for these traps. If you ever are unsure, and even if you are sure for that matter, dump the e-Mail and just type in or and go directly to the airline’s website and check your itineraries please!

And as I said, these crooks are trying everything. I got a DM via twitter the other day from a follower. Since twitter uses short code for links you do not know what the link is before you click. Well this follower had been HACKED and did not send the DM to me intentionally. (DON’T CLICK OR TYPE THIS —->) Ever hear about (<—– DON’T CLICK OR TYPE THIS) They put up a fake site and looks like Twitter and the URL sorta looks like twitter and it has a log-in that looks like twitter. So, if I had put in my name and password they would have been able to then DM all my followers to do that same to them. I did not fall for it but gosh this one looked scary good.

Please take from this the need to be alert and careful. To think before we click. And to have a safe weekend eveyone – René

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  1. The secret is to hover over the link or click and hold the link to see the true domain. Most will not even mention what airline it is supposedly from.

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