What ONE thing do you want for the 2013 Skymiles program (new or change)

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I like being a part of Flyer Talk. I know many Delta Points readers also are active on Flyer Talk. So, it is not always all about the Delta Points blog. I have started a thread at Flyer Talk with the above title as Delta does care, not just about what we say here at Delta Points, but also what the vast numbers (400,000+) FT’ers think too!

If you have some time, pop over and give some input  HERE – René


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  1. I want to know where the program is headed. The uncertainty is making me reluctant to bank my miles with Delta

  2. @OG – yep that is #6 on the FT list. They use the shortened verbiage – RBMA or FBATR. that is Revenue based mileage accrual or (humm what is the other one?) – Rene

  3. @Scott – yep #30 on the FT list
    @Gene – believe it or not, what we say here on the blog is read by very high up’s at Delta. Also FT is looked at many times each day. We do matter. Not 100%, but we can make a real impact as they care what we say and think!

  4. #1: One-way awards
    #2: A reasonable amount of awards available at the low level
    #3: an award booking tool that works and includes more partners

  5. The one thing I am hoping for in 2013 is that I can burn the remaining Delta miles and be done with them befor the *hit hits the fan.

    Will focus on more reliable loyalty carrier and aliance programs in 2013.

    RIP – Sky-peso soon to be devalued beyond imagination.

  6. For them to learn a lesson from SW and not change the program to drive off business with a revenue based system.

  7. 1. Increased low-level award seats. The current lack of availability is an insult.

    2. A functional website for booking award flights on DL or partner airlines

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