Can you spend a Delta Air Lines meal voucher AFTER you fly?

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Today is going to be a short but sweet post. I have been mileage running and enjoying what you see above. Nothing like using my SkyBonus points for free Woodford and then paying for some PINK lemonade to support the cause – with my Delta AMEX Reserve card naturally (gosh at $2.00 each, less 20% [edit no std 20% AMEX discount on these drinks btw] AMEX discount on-board,  I think it will take a lot to meet my $10,000 spend this way)!

But back to the point of today’s post. When I was picking up my mom in DTW this year, we had some extra time to kill. I asked my trusty GPS to take Lisa & me to a sports bar. It did. But there was a problem. They were on vacation. RATZ! But, I learned something I had not thought about. Take a look at the photo below:


These vouchers often are good for up to 2 days (depending on when you get them). So, let’s say you take a bump on night flight, then fly home the next day, save your voucher and go out to lunch or dinner on Delta the next day! Any other good ways you use them?

Since we are talking tips I will share one of my favorite ones that is now “out” as many of the bloggers from the Chicago DO are sharing what I talked about it. Please do not abuse this one, but if you happen to have a very hard award redemption, and are getting no where with the mainline reps, why not call and ask for the “Round the World desk”. These reps can book more than just round the world tickets and they KNOW the partners and can often times get the job done when others cannot! Enjoy – Rene

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  1. I’ve actually used a combination of the lunch + dinner vouchers to purchase a stainless steel coffee mug from the Starbucks at MSP. Well worth it!

  2. Wow, I am jealous. The only voucher I ever got from Delta was worth $6 when we had an emergency landing in Boise, Idaho. Lots and lots of black smoke came out of one engine. The pilot calmly announced as I remembered, “Well, as many of you can see, we are having an engine problem. I guess we are not going to Seattle. Instead, we are going to Boise, Idaho.” With that 6 bucks, I got a hamburger and a diet. 2 hours later, we were told to stay in Boise over night. Actually, without that broken engine, I would have never visited Boise in my life. Ever. So, thanks, Delta.

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