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With Sandy making just about every travel plan on the planet upset for days, I thought I would cover some http://pinterest.com/deltapoints/ worthy photos from Delta Air Lines. This first one is a new-ish addition to breakfast at the Skyclubs. Along with the min-muffins, you now get a sweet scone. It is just, oh’my. I could eat, well, all of them. These, milk and Tea and I am set for breakfast forever. Heck, it is worth getting a Delta Reserve card just to get lounge access for these little puppies (anyone else LOVE these too?)!

Despite the way Delta, without telling me, reissued my ticket once I was flying, and moved me from #1 to #23 on the upgrade list for my 777 red-eye home, I did get to enjoy the first row of Economy Comfort. It is great on both left and right side and even not too bad in the middle. The aisle seats let you put your feet into 1st class and give you almost unlimited room. I could fly these for a very long time. See what you think:

Now the “Full-Flat” seats were much better and I look forward to trying them some time soon on points!

Speaking of 1st class. I have to tell you, it is a bit tricky getting to the power ports on a 757. There is std power and USB power. I think this may be a part of Delta Jets that is not cleaned all that often. Or what do you say?

Then there is nothing like seeing DTW from the air after any amount of time in a CRJ. I can not wait for more and more of them to disappear going forward!

Also, I got to see Mike in CLE airport who I had the privilege of meeting at both the Ann Arbor DO and the Chicago DO, and he shared with me what Delta did with his plane side checked luggage. Anyone else think twice now about this simple procedure? (anytime a crow bar and carry-on are in the same sentence you are in for a bad day!)


Lastly I never ever get tired of the view from 32k feet. If you have some favorite “window views”, leave the link in the comment section below for all of us to enjoy too! – Rene


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  1. I flew Business Class on a Delta747 to Tokyo two weeks ago. It was equiped with the new fold flat seating. It was a great ride. The “pod” like feeling could be a little claustrophobic for some. But it’s well worth the privacy.

  2. I flew Business Class on a Delta 767 from Lima,Peru last week. The fold out seats were somewhat like being in a reclining chair only flater. It was my first time flying international Business Class and I really think that is the way to go. Get there rested and relaxed.

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