Do you know what today is in aviation history?

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With all of the horrible aftermath of super-storm Sandy, the endless barrage of political bickering, and winter approaching, how about a bit of of fun aviation history today?

A mere 505 years ago on this day a very accomplished man by the name of Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint a portrait of a man’s wife. Not an out of the ordinary artist’s commission, but the result became the very out of the ordinary portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, you probably recognize it…

Leonardo was also well known for his fascination with flight, so we have to feel a bit of a kindred spirit with the guy, right? Besides, isn’t that famous smile a pretty good fit for when we score that elusive upgrade we didn’t think we were going to get?

Well that is kinda kool but what does that have to do with flying? Something else interesting happened on this day as well! The first flight of an all metal plane piloted by Ponche and Prinard near Issy, France in 1912!

And you thought the most exciting thing about today was getting to set your clock back an hour later tonight and getting to sleep a little longer tomorrow morning (don’t forget to do that btw)! – René

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  1. Dear Rene
    I lost everything
    Off topic
    Condo decimated
    Contents gone
    Car corroded with salt water I am homeless and Car-less
    Google 11694
    Shore front parkway 🙁

  2. @Nina – Oh’my – let me (us) know what we can do to help. We are thinking of you! Please tell me you were insured! – Rene (& Hugs from all Delta Points readers I am sure!)

  3. Four 4 months have I stille have a stripped to the metal studs uninhabitable condo 🙂
    Have to rent- and still pay my mortgage and all insurance and condo common charges 🙁
    I must replace EVERY material item iny life to live 🙁 from electronics to clothing to furniture to appliances window coverings bathroom fixtures
    Everything- just imagine 🙁
    FEMA has not helped sufficiently
    Insurance refused to help 🙁 due to being rule flood damage 🙁
    All my years of paying umbrella and condo owners for nought!
    No flood ins 🙁
    So it’s Nina nomad ……
    Any frivolous happy assistance is appreciated
    Delta points generously have me a few nights in an indigo
    BIg HUG to T
    Renee and Lisa!!!!!!!
    Million miler blog gifted me. A few andaz nights
    What joy!!!!!!!
    To be out if the combat zone
    I am forever grateful to my dear kind community kindness in adversity friends
    I hope I may reciprocate in kind when things settle down way h for posted pictured

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