I agree with Chris Elliott – most should cut up their frequent flyer cards!

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Do I have your full attention now? I deeply respect CE and you should too. Why? Let me ask you; have you ever e-mailed Delta again and again and got nowhere “FAST”? If not Delta, some other company and been so frustrated, because you know you are right, that you could almost feel your head start to explode. Chris, when he does go to bat for you, can turn lead into gold with most companies because they fear what he may write about them.

Now, on to THIS article he wrote that “we” should all cut up and dispose of our frequent flyer cards. As I said from the opening, I agree with him. Before you stop reading Delta Points for the rest of your days please allow me to explain and ask you a few questions.

First, have you ever told uncle Billy about how you collect points to fly 1st class to wherever. Have you told your mom and dad about how you get free suite upgrades at hotels and it makes a difference. Have you told your best friend how you apply for 10 credit card this year and he/she looked at you like you are the most irresponsible person on the planet? Does any of this sound familiar?

Any of the people who I just talked about should read CE’s article and follow it to the letter. Why? They just don’t get it (1st class travel). They are the type who pay too much for the middle coach class seat. I doubt they even know what a hotel suite looks like or what a club level lounge can offer you. They always pay 14-29.99% interest on credit cards because they did not have the time to pay off the $299 for the food processor they got at Wal-Mart that is still in the box. They are the ones we see holding us up on the moving sidewalk by standing on the left side. Do you think they will ever travel the way we do? They need to cut up their FF cards as it is costing them.

There is a reason 84% of the seats (looking at a Delta 777) on a long range jet are coach. Now for some money is no object and they will pay retail for first class seats; good for them and for Delta. So let’s say 2/3 of those premium seats are gone. Thus maybe 14 of the 273 seats are open to points seats. You, who are reading this, get the fact that you can get these 1st class seats. You can be at the top of the “pyramid”, but don’t have to pay for it. You are one of the few who attends events like the Chicago Seminars because you learn a lifetime of tips to get one of those 14 seats. All I can say is well done and please say “HI” to me as I will be sitting next to you with Lisa!

What else should you take from this? I totally get the frustration of not being able to make those we care about to understand. I am not defeatist, but sometime we just need to give up; there are many situations where people have to hit rock bottom (like sitting middle seat for 8 hrs+ in coach) before they will come to understand why we do what we do. I say let them; let them listen to CE and follow his advice. The, maybe one day, maybe, they will open their ears and also be in the top 5% with you and me! – René

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  1. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. I do my thing well enough to obtain a good ROI for me and my immediate family. We’re happy. No one else needs to get it.

  2. Rene, I am somewhat new to this point collecting craze and your blog because I started a new job that requires much more travel than my previous job. This article is so on point, and also I don’t feel nearly as obsessive after reading this post today, because yes family and friends do look at me like I am nuts when I talk about tis stuff. Thanks for the advice and tips!

  3. My husband travels on a weekly basis with his job and has Platinum status with both AA and Marriott. He’ll probably hit Executive level this year. I have recently started churning cards to add to our existing miles and points. Yes, family and friends looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned the cc churns so I don’t talk about it anymore. My husband, son, and I just last night returned from a trip to London and a stay at the Marriott County Hall…for free. We are planning a trip to Hawaii this summer. Cut up my points cards??? No way! 🙂

  4. I have also recently started a job where I travel a lot more than I did in the military. But most of my travel is driving with Avis Rent-A-Car and Hilton Hotels. I am also sadly based out of a different airlines hub in CLT but love how the Delta network is really great and they are nice. Reminds me somewhat of the old Continental before the merger with United. Thank you for the advice and the tips. Oh and in regards to the article, a majority of people do not need a FF credit card. I don’t have one, but I just have my GOLD status on Hilton and used to be a Silver AA member before I stopped travelling in 2010

  5. Sure if you are travelling every week for work and earn more miles than you can use..then go for it and fly first class…

    But if the points you have are limited – maybe only a few hundred thousand a year for your family – it seems it would make sense to use less on each trip so you can go on more trips.

    Spending more of your leisure time to earn extra points simply to make your flight time and hotel more luxurious (first class and suites) seems a dubious value to me.

  6. If you JUST benefit from accumulation of free miles and turn those into flights from time to time, and stop expecting upgrades given AT THE CARRIER’S DISCRETION, you will enjoy the value in FF programs. It is still THEIR program and I am happy to participate and get something free every now and then. I am United Platinum and still don’t expect anything. I am just pleasantly surprised when I receive something. 🙂

  7. @Steve – I would never question a readers personal choice on how to spend their own points. Having said that, if you are limited on points you need to churn more as I get more points than I can spend each year and try to always fly 1st or biz (one you try it a bit you will see it is of great value for the points) – Rene

  8. Well stated. The average person might not get the good benefits out of the airlines cards. Aside from the initial bonus they may take a few years to build enough points to get a standard coach ticket. Unless they fly enough to use the free baggage they may pay far more in annual fees than the perks they get. That is the average person. Over here we are a small minority that learns the tricks to score the right tickets. That is way it is. His article though was written more to attract eyeballs than anything else. People watch the TV commercials and think with little notice or whenever they want they can fly to Australia, or Hawaii with zero capacity controls. This average person would be happy in a coach seat and has no toughts about premium class flying BTW. They dont realize capacity controls. Or the simple fact they might save points for 10 years and then not have enough based on chat changes etc.

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