SPG Sheraton CLE, 4 Points PIT & Chicago Elk Grove Delta Points review

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I love Sheraton hotels. I love the club level experience and look forward to my stay in Denver for my ski trip in January next year. I see great value in SPG points and for quality vs. cost vs. experience to me there are few hotels that can match Sheraton.

Today, in the middle of my mileage run, I thought I would review my stays during my last mileage runs and my stay during the Chicago Seminars in October.

First Sheraton Elk grove Chicago. The hotel has been remodeled and all the rooms are suites. Very nice. I love a separate living area and bedroom area. Smart move. The entry is open and nice and the bar, restaurant and other areas feel open and nice. They have removed the club room and I find this trend by Sheraton a big mistake and a great loss for the brand. Sheraton is a cut above the rest and should stay that way! I liked my room, it was clean, the temp was nice, the bathroom was fine and clean. Overall a very nice stay and I would stay there again any time! Here are some photos of the locations.

Now on to the Sheraton Cleveland airport. This hotel is just about attached to the airport. I very much enjoyed my stay at this location as well. The room was on the club level, yes they have a very very nice club room at this location. My room was clean, the HVAC worked great, the bathroom was clean and nice size. The staff was kind and helpful. I would stay at this location again in a heart beat. Again, a very nice hotel and great value for your SPG points. Here are my photos of this hotel.

Now lastly the Sheraton 4 Points PIT. I stayed here before my last mileage run. I had booked to return to this hotel this run also. I CANCELED my reservation and will NOT be back. I have no idea what is going on with the SPG 4 Points I have stayed at for this year, but all seem to be going downhill fast. At check-in the rep was short with me. Offered me nothing as an SPG GOLD member then when I asked said you can have 100 SPG points or a drink in the bar. I ask for a drink. The room was dirty. The furniture was dirty. The bathroom had toothpaste on the front of the sink. Please do not stay at the 4 points PIT! I had photos, but when my old S2 phone died I lost them. I think you get my point anyway though!

I am again learning a ton about our “beloved airline” on this last run of the year and will be sure to share these points with you very soon! – René


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  1. Rene’, what do you expect, it’s Pittsburgh! My in-laws live in Pittsburgh & my wife is from Pittsburgh. The first time I picked her up in the 70’s at the airport (PIT – DTW) she was barefoot. I said, “where are your shoes”? Her reply was, “shoes, what are them thair thangs”!

    P.S. Please don’t tell my wife I wrote this!

  2. I agree with you for PIT! Stayed there two nights to finish a status match. Awful hotel. Terrible location. I didnt have any soap or shampoo when I got to my room after check in and it took 3 calls to get some. Never again.

  3. Wow — my wife and I stayed at that same PIT Four Point almost two years ago and it sounds like it’s just as bad as it was then. I was shocked how bad it was and very, very disappointed. The other Four Points I’ve stayed at, by YYZ, is much better so not all of them are horrible.

  4. Personally, I think Pittsburgh has a lot of rotten hotels by the airport. I’ve stayed at quite a few of them over the year. I’m to the point now that if I’m in Pittsburgh. I stay at the Westin by the convention center. Pay a fortune for parking if you have a car with you but the hotel is nice.

  5. I’m from PIT and the first comment isn’t a very accurate representation…PIT isn’t backwoodsy or rednecky. There’s a lot of racists here, but they’re pretty modern as far as shoes and brushing their teeth and all.

    As far as the hotels, I can’t speak to that, but one of the hotels out by the airport hired my in the past, so I can believe what everyone here is saying.

  6. Does the free spg gold membership from amex platinum get you access to the concierge level?

    I currently am platinum with marriott, but always could use a good backup brand when preferred brand is not in company policy.


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