Welcome to the CRJ twilight zone – what just happened to me?

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My trip to Grand Cayman was great. There are not enough adjectives to describe just how great it was and all winter I will be thinking of going back. Gosh I love this place even with their “funny” way of just deciding that the USD is always worth just 80 cents in “CI” (KYD)

My outbound trip on Pinnacle Air was what I have come to expect from that Delta regional partner (click here to learn who you are really flying with) and mechanical delays kept going as my flight from Grand Cayman was delayed due to an issue with the MD88 in ATL. So, I had to do the Atlanta “dash” from E to C. Then, the “plane train” would not work – AGGGGG!

Then I truly entered the twilight zone once I made it to the last flight of the day from ATL-SBN (Delta had rebooked me on an AM flight and my guess is, had I gone to a self service kiosk, a free hotel night voucher and dinner and breakfast coupons would have come out). Our regional was run by ExpressJet that is owned by SkyWest. Jerry was our FA and was training Jessica. Jerry was, well, great and different. I really did not know what to say. He was entertaining (a bit over-the-top) with the safety demo, but I did listen and that is saying a lot! He then took his list and personally thanked EACH medallion on the flight. On a CJR, really – Jerry, who are you? Wow! Then, for those GM+ he said 1st round was free. What, free Woodford? (I said no as I had enough “CayBrew” for the day already). Then, just before landing, he went through the cabin with a tray of candies & mints etc. that looked like it was personally purchased.

Regionals with no first class are not fun to sit in. But Pinnacle Air could learn a thing or two from this 1st class FA from the “zone”. Well, maybe they should fix their jets first and THEN learn a thing or two from Jerry!- Rene


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  1. LAX-LAS CRJ900 Skywest 4 Woodfords and 2 snacks in F while Y got nothing!

    Also, the FA listened to another passenger in F who had a sad story of personal tragedy, I felt like it was a psychotherapy session. I couldn’t have listened that long, but I guess it was a nice gesture.

  2. Met Jerry on a flight from MEM to TUL. Did he ask the question of who could give the safety speech word for word? He also swing the belt around as well? Variety is the spice of life. At least it was different and fun for a change.

  3. first time i flew a crj when i moved to a town with a small airport i thought it was cool and fun and took VIP styple photos. Since then, i hate flying them. They are so small and cramped and you feel every bump and makes me nervous (i am not a nervous flyer) especially with all the stories of how regionals flight crew is much less experienced and less restrictions.

    BUT, when i do need to fly them, i enjoy plane side boarding so i can look at the other planes around

  4. Nope, and I don’t expect I will see outstanding service on CRJ ever. But that is what surprises are for I guess.

  5. I’ve only been on commuter planes about 3 times. I’ll do anything to avoid having to get on one of them. Part of the reason I fly out of DTW instead of Toledo. I’m not getting on a puddle jumper unless it takes off and lands on water.

  6. Pinnacle flights from DTW-ALB are usually above average (and oftentimes good for a VDB too!).

  7. hi Rene, flying out early Sunday morning to Kona. Often I am impressed with the way many of Delta’s people are. And I also think that folks treat you the way you treat them. So I almost always enjoy my interaction with them. On a small plane in Panama, my urge was to stick my arms out the window and flap. didnt like it. the motor was wheezing and sounded sad…and thanks for this blog. I love it

  8. I was on a CRJ recently and the FA (female, so not the same FA that you had, Rene) visited everyone in First, thanking them personally for their loyalty to Delta. I remember thinking that would have a MUCH greater meaning for the people squished in the back. We’re relatively comfortable up front and we already drank the Kool Aid. It’s the ones in the back who must be converted.

    Overall though, almost all the most outstanding FAs I can remember have been on regionals. Witty, smart, a little “off-beat”… I’ve really seen some clever stuff on those CRJs. Perhaps the, umm, more “cozy” environment makes it more relaxed. Or, more likely, their off-beat behavior is less scrutinized by the managers.

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