Known Traveler Number on the NEW know where it is?

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Without getting into the question of if the “new & improved” web site is better or worse (I think most feel the latter), I wanted to help you find the location where your Global Entry / TSA PRE or Known Traveler Number should be as Delta makes it very had to find.

First off, if you do not have Global Entry, it is just $100 for 5 years. That is a flat our bargain for the time it saves you, and keep in mind if you get the AMEX Platinum Membership Rewards card you will get that cost rebated back to you when you pay for it with the card! When Lisa & I came back from Grand Cayman we were in Seat 1A&B and made it from the airplane door through customs and were re-screened in under 20 min (that included claiming & rechecking our bags in customs that were Priority tagged).card

Above is where to look on the back of your Global Entry card. That is the number you will want to carefully and correctly input in You find this by starting with “My Delta” from the home page.

Then you go to “View My Profile” tab

Then go to “Basic Info” tab and open that

Then, under secure flight passenger date click on the “edit” button on the right

Then, at long last, you can click on the drop down arrow for the “Add Redress or Know Traveler Number” so that the box will open up for you to enter. [EDIT: also be sure and check you NAME, MIDDLE NAME & LAST NAME fields are right]

Wow. That is a lot of steps and why does Delta make this so hard to find compared to the OLD way you did it on before? The other big perk of having this is the “3 beeps” at the TSA check point when you get to go to the short line and avoid the nude-O-scope and keep your shoes on and laptop in the bag! 🙂 – Rene
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


    • @ArizonaGuy – HA! (smile) I know, the site is so cluttered with “eye candy” that it IS hard to work around. 🙂

  1. sarah bynum Reply

    I agree about global entry, its meant me frequently getting an earlier connection. But TSA Pre-check has been worthless, the system always tells me I’m ‘randomly’excluded. Never a reason, just not eligible that day. Thankfully I fly from MCO where we still have Clear although that of course is more $$.

    • @Sarah – go into these settings talked about on MAKE SURE you First name is the ONLY name in the box (Delta often defaults and puts both in so NOT the same as your PRE CHECK info). The KEY is to have ALL THE INFO on as it is on the TSA PRE check info and then you will see more 3 beeps.

  2. Excellent! Got it done. I was wondering where to enter my Global Entry number. I also followed the advice from comment above and corrected my first and middle name to be accurate (the site had defaulted first/middle name into the “first” field). Thanks!!!

  3. I’ve had a lot of trouble with retaining my ‘Known Traveler Number’ — often it’ll show up correctly during a reservation, but then disappear the next time around — I go into my profile and it’s gone there too. I go and add it again, and the next reservation picks it up. And the story repeats…

    Anyone else seen this problem and/or have solutions?
    For now, I try and remember to add it explicitly during the reservation (although unfortunately the link needs to be clicked to expand the field, otherwise it would be easy to spot the missing KTN).

  4. Deltaflyer Reply

    Do you have a post on global entry and/or known traver number that I can refer to? Is this only for internatioal flying or does it work for domestic?

  5. Deltaflyer Reply

    Thanks for the link just read it. It seems it’s only for international. I fly a lot of domestic from JFK and LGA and even in the SkyPriority line the screening process, laptop removal and liquides take time. Does GOES speed this up? Are there any other ways to speed the process?

    • @Deltaflyer – NO – you get TSA PRE also as part of GOES. Also, it works with all airlines who are part of TSA PRE! – Rene

  6. Allison S. Reply

    Great post. Very clean and simple presentation. I am really enjoying reading your blog.

  7. So if a purchase global entry for my daughter on my platinum card, it will be credited?

    • @Heather – on NOT your Delta Platinum, but your AMEX Membership Rewards Platinum, it should be. It is meant for YOU not your daughter so YMMV.

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  9. I was automatically provided TSA Precheck status by Delta and it’s come in handy many times. I book many flights via but operated by Alaska Airlines. I’d like to add my Known Traveler Number when I check in for the Alaska flights I booked through but I cannot find my Known Traveler Number. Can you help me find where it’s located since Delta provided me this privilege? I’d like to be offered PreCheck on these flights as well since I’m booking through Any help is appreciated.

  10. THIS. Thank you so much for this. Such a great help. Well done.

  11. Anyone know how to apply for trusted traveler program on the US Air dividend miles website? I have my global entry number on my profile but have never received a trusted traveler pass through when checking in

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  13. Anyone else experienced their Known Traveler Number being dropped from their Delta profile? It happened last week with my wife flying LGA-ATL. I noticed that she didn’t have “PreCheck” on her boarding pass and when we went into her profile the number was gone. We fly very frequently so was very surprised. I dont know if a one time glitch with DL’s system, but make sure you check several days out.

    • @zlc – it is important that ALL the info on your Skymiles account and your KTN match. If they do not, this could happen!

  14. Hello Delta!

    Will my Known Traveler Number work on a Delta flight that I’m applying partner Alaska Airlines mileage number?


  15. So if Delta set me up for this, my Skymiles number should be in the KTN field?

  16. Delta has changed their website since this was posted. Most of it is correct. When you try to edit your profile you will see your name twice. Click edit on the second one. Then you will have to click on edit. There you will see a place for “known traveler” number. Enter your global entry number there. Be sure to click on save otherwise it won’t save. I have entered it with the other airlines, and Delta is the only site that is terrible when it comes to being user friendly.

  17. Stella McFarland Reply

    THANK YOU for publishing this site! Honestly, it’s pretty pathetic that someone would even have to do a search on this topic. Delta is the ONLY airline that I’ve had issues with regards to finding where to add my KTN info. Why so difficult??? Silly.

  18. Thanks for putting this up! I wasted about 15 min before resorting to a Google search which came up with this GEM. I agree, it shouldn’t be so hidden on Delta’s website but glad you took the time to share!

  19. Thanks for this info. Delta’s website is definitely not user friendly.

  20. Hey this worked perfectly. I spent a half hour looking around the Delta site and even used their search function several times. Thanks for the tutorial because I would have never found it.

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  22. dennis j broe Reply

    i paid my pre check for 5 yrs still dont have a number and flying normal checkin been 3 weeks whats going on

  23. dennis j broe Reply

    still dont have preck number flying normal tsa beenthree weeks

  24. Abbie Lane Reply

    My KTN disappeared from my skymiles profile also. Why is this happening? It WAS there before, and I had TSA Pre for all my travel prior to April 2016. Now suddenly its missing from my boarding pass. I finally checked my skymiles profile and saw that the KTN was missing. Why would this happen? I did call Delta’s customer service but they were no help whatsoever and didn’t know, they blamed a system glitch ?

    • @Abbie Lane – This is a new one to me. Txs for mentioning it. Now we know Delta does much right but IT is clearly NOT one of them. Maybe it is good we check once a year to see if it is messed up. Thanks and I would contact Delta on this one.

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