Today Delta “re-Introduced” the Fly Delta app for iPad & iPhone. Any good?

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Today Delta has revamped the Apple side of the Fly Delta app. I am not an “I-product” person so I cannot give you a blow by blow about how good or bad these changes are. As an Android user (as I am sure many of you are) we have to wait for some undetermined time for our BIG update. For now, Delta 1st broke the news on FlyerTalk and then on the web site. Take a look at the official video clips of the new features (some do look very kool):

As usual, Flyertalkers found out about this before most of the public as some found the update and started to play with it last night and you can see their feedback so far in that thread. Since I don’t have an iPad I would love your feedback on what you think about all the changes.

Now there is a 1.7.4 Android minor update that does have some nice features. I do have a Samsung NOTE2 & I will break down some of these tweaks. The first MAJOR one is you can now pick EC (Economy Comfort) seats. This is a great fix.

Also it would seem you can, on KLM flights, also pick EC (but NO exit row) seats direct from the phone app now.

I love the app when I travel. I love the updates it pushes to my phone about changes and gates etc. BTW, you need to make sure you have this set in the app (and as you can see I did not have my email or contact phone updated, but have now done so)

Your turn. What do you think. Are you a happy “I” user? Are you an Android user upset that we are back seat to I-Products? Let me know! – René

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  1. Still frustrating you can’t book international trips using the app

  2. Looks good overall with some nice new features. Only problem I have found so far is that the upgrade/standby list doesn’t display correctly. On my flight tomorrow shows 4 business seats available on the upgrade list and 27 economy. In the iPhone app it only show the 27 economy seats as available, but not any in business (the main purpose of the list).

  3. I use my android app while flying all the time. My favorite thing is it shows the status of the flight. Nice on connections especially when your home airport is SCE

  4. Hmmmm….. app looks good, but keeps crashing when I try to choose seats on a KLM leg…. tried 4 times, crashed every time. I don’t ever recall the old app crashing even once. The rest of the functions seems to work pretty smoothly.

  5. Haloastro

    Picking EC isn’t a new feature; I’ve always been able to select those seats from my Android phone.

  6. The iPhone app does not automatically populate some of your profile info, like SkyBonus, first name preference, or passport info. (Since you can’t book international, I guess the passport thing is a moot issue…)

  7. The Delta ipad and iphone apps do not allow you to select economy comfort seats if you are not already booked into one of those seats. As a Diamond I should be able to select the seat. Not on the apple apps.

  8. Rene, Delta stopped supporting their app for iPad. Now we must go to delta.dumb for everything when using an iPad. I usually use the older app version on my android phone anyway, but don’t understand this latest downgrade from Delta.

  9. rene

    @Bill – Blogged it in November. Let them know your feelings on

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