A reference post for the e-mail Q&A I get each day – some simple HOW TO at the blog :-)

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One of the hardest things about running a blog is making things simple. There are many in this community that get upset about making things “too” simple but those types, IMO, need to get off their high horse and realize that at one time they were also new. There is nothing wrong about being new.

To that end, I wand to have a post that I can send readers when they ask common questions. One of them is how do I follow you on twitter or facebook or send you an email?

delta points blog on twitter

You can just click on the twitter or facebook icon at the top of the blog (example image above) and you can get my email in the about me tab.

Next, is how can I make sure I am supporting the blog. First, my huge thanks, then just click on the  Travel & Points Cards   tab and use any of the text links listed there and I will get credit. Also, I get a bunch of questions about business credit cards and how to get to that link. For Delta AMEX, as you can see above, the GOLD has it’s own link, the other two cards, the Platinum and Reserve, you find a button inside the personal link that says “Are you a small business owner? Click Here to find out about…” So, just click on the “Click Here” button and you will be sent to that page. I am working with AMEX to get dedicated links to make this simpler.

This last one I get each and every day. When I have a giveaway, I need readers to comment on the blog to make it fair to all. If you are an email subscriber, you do not see the “comments” in the email. So, all you need to do is go to www.DeltaPoints.com and then go to the bottom of any post and click on the word “comments” to expand the comments. Then, scroll down to the bottom and enter in your comment. Please be very careful when you type in your email as some times a winner did not get the prize they won in a giveaway because the email came back bad.

So there you are, I hope this clears up some of the most common daily e-mail questions I get and I will be able to send this link to readers when they have questions in the future! Lastly, be sure to sign up for our 1x a day email to get the blog delivered directly to your inbox each day – René
Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

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  1. Amex Delta Reserve Card will help with upgrades. Myself and a colleague booked tickets from Atlanta to Dallas. I was 4 people ahead of him on the upgrade board. Also agents in the sky club are more liberal with allowing guests

  2. Just this morning at SkyClub in JAX, two new offerings: Cinnamon scones and mini waffles. Both are pretty good change of fare! Look forward to seeing you in DC next week!

  3. Love a good mileage run! Sit back and watch the world go by, people watch and read a good book without interruption…oh yea, forgot the points bonus! 🙂

  4. Love a good run. Have 2 scheduled back to back, ATL to IAH and ATL to LAX when I have to be staying at the airport anyway. Can use my points for an airport hotel “crash pad”
    Sure feels strange, but good to take the hotel shuttle back to my room when My return flight lands late at night and find my room and my things I left there that morning awaiting me.

  5. I live for a good mileage run … I’ve been on four separate runs so far this year include Istanbul, two Miami to LAX trips, two Phoenix to Austin trips and two St. Louis to LAX (via JFK) trips. I still have three Milwaukee to SFO trips scheduled for a run in August. Can’t wait! 🙂

  6. Have done just one. MSP to MCO a few years ago and this put me over the top to Gold for the year.

  7. Been 2 years since I had to do a mileage run but I’ll need two this year to keep DL Diamond. I have one in 2 weeks…BNA-ATL-JFK-LAX-SYD and back. When I land in SYD I’ll get right back on the same plane I just arrived on 3 hours earlier. Love SYD but I’ve been there several times. Just need the 22,000+ MQM’s and had a $1600 ticket credit that was about to expire. So I’ll live on DL for 60 hours.

  8. Always wanted to do one, but like to actually see something if I am going somewhere!!

  9. Take the prorated refund.
    Get a Delta Reserve card and again get access.
    Enjoy the benefits of additional upgrades with the Delta Reserve card.
    Anyone who reads Rene’s blog should have a Reserve Card.

  10. Rene, I can make you both feel better an thankful that you were not on a recent flight. Here is my ACTUAL “Complaint” to Delta, forwarded this morning.
    “I flew DL 5179 from HNP to ATL on Feb 3rd.( Operated by EXPRESSJET AIRLINES) After being “upgraded”,I was seated in an aisle seat, Bulk Head Economy Comfort.y Comfort. I cannot remember a more miserable flying experience. I am 5’10 and weigh about 205. I am not a large person and have short legs. The addition of that seat in what appears to be in the Aisle is the worst airline design decision I have ever seen. It was impossible not to have some part of my body in the aisle being bumped by every passing attendant or passenger using the Restroom. If I twisted far enough to get one of my legs and most of the other one out of the aisle, my right shoulder protruded into the aisle, for “Punishing by CART”. That upgrade actually PUNISHED ME for being a Diamond Medallion flyer.

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