Some reminders before March 1st you should think about!

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Think about this, we are 10 month away from 2014 and the start of MQD’s (I know it is Monday and I just made it much worse sorry)! So what are some things to think about before Friday? As my fellow BA blogger Pointmetotheplane touched on Sunday, you need to make sure if you are a PM+ you have picked your 2012 choice benefits.

Just to make your head hurt, so you get this, let me explain it. Back in the “day” you could get a perk the year you earned your status and for the NEXT YEAR when you flew your status. So, you got a double. That is no longer the case. Now the rules are this (and please hang with me).

During in 2011, if you earned PM or DM status, you earned your status for the REST of 2011 plus you also earned your medallion benefit for 2012. Clear so far? You have until the last day of FEB2013 to redeem your 2012 choice benefit that is BEFORE the 01MARCH2013. Think about what you take. If you gift someone status, they will have it, for uh, a few days! So please DO NOT pick that one at this point. Pick one of the others like Skymiles etc.

Now, if you earned your status last year, in 2012, for the 2013 Skymiles year, you have until NEXT FEB2014 to spend it. Clear?

Next, if you are about to LOSE your status and drop to NOTHING, please be sure to check all your seats. Exit row, EC, you name it, even if PAST 01MARCH, they “should” hold if there is no equipment change in say March or April etc. You will NOT get any upgrades or priority boarding but your seat should be OK. Worst case, if it does change, plead the case to DeltaAssist and hope. Better to try to lock in NOW.

Other bits. Some may have American Airlines points that are about to expire 01MARCH. Procrastination will cost you, so worst case, buy 1000 points as they post fast and you will keep them from expiring! $30 is a HUGE cost for 1000 points but better than the cost and the fight to get them back AT THIS POINT!

There may be other programs that expire soon and this would be a good time to check. From shopping portals to other ways there are so many ways to make sure this does not affect you. As Delta flyers, we all love the fact that our points NEVER expire (keep in mind Skybonus points DO expire so check them too) – René


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  1. Do AA miles always expire on the first of a month? My dad had activity 9/6/2011. I’m hoping an iDine meal posts by then, but maybe we have until April first?

  2. I’ve kept AA miles from expiring by simply ordering a cheap magazine subscription. You can order one for as low as 400 or 500 points, and that re-starts your expiration clock. And on United, I haven’t done it yet, but it looks like you can buy a digital download song for 115 or 150 points, to keep from expiring.

  3. Rene: I can’t believe no one has thanked you publicly for this reminder! My partner & I would have let the 2012 Choice Benefits deadline pass without this reminder from you. THANK YOU! Is there any reason not to choose my 2013 benefit now too? Have the benefits ever changed or gotten “better” if you waited? If I choose the $200 Delta voucher, how many vouchers can I use at one time when buying a single ticket on

  4. @Rick – hey thank YOU so much – that is what I do! No reason to wait at all. The CB vouchers are one of the few, as of now, that you can use more than one at a time. 🙂 – Rene

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