New TUMI Delta Business Class kit review & giveaway

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I at last have a chance to post a review about the new TUMI business class kit. First this “stuff” inside, then the bag, as we all will re-purpose the bag for use for many many trips to hold mice and cords and other useful things when we fly right!

Included inside is:

  • TUMI black eye shades
  • MALIN+GOETZ 5ml Lip moisturizer
  • MALIN+GOETZ 5ml Hand & Body moisturizer
  • Delta Plastic (Metal-look) Pen
  • Ear plugs
  • Facial Tissue & Hand Wipe
  • Shoe Polish & Shoe Horn
  • Toothbrush, Crest Complete Toothpaste 24g & Dental Floss
  • Unbreakable Comb
  • Grippe Socks

The eye shades are a little softer than the old ones and have much less of the nasty cheap plastic from China smell that the old ones had. I am not a huge fan of eye shades but if you like to use them, you will like these “more” than the old. Nice upgrade.

The lip moisturizer is awful to me who likes a good old chap stick. The new stuff is clear and very oily with a petroleum taste. I think some may like this but most will hate it and miss the old chap stick-like tube. I am in the latter group, but let’s say nice upgrade for some.

The hand lotion works ok. The perks are that there is very little smell after applying although the smell is not so great when you first put it on, and the feel is NOT too oily. The down side is there is very little there to use. Over all I would say nice!

The Delta pen. Not bad. The quality of the pen itself is much better than the old plastic blue ones. The writing part itself works smoothly but tends to gunk up with ink fast like most very cheap pens. I would have to say nice upgrade, but could still be a bit better inside.

The ear plugs are nice and soft. No cheap hard kind and are shaped. These work and are just nice. Don’t change a thing with these Delta. Great!

The tissues are of average quality and with a cold would not be nice on your nose in the 100’s. For a tiny pack for a woman’s purse, nice. The hand wipe is fine and not overly “wet”. I discovered that it makes an excellent screen cleaner for tablets, phones and especially the screen on your IFE. Follow with a dry tissue from the pack and your screen is crystal clear and dry with no streaks. Awesome!

I like, both in the old kit, and in the new one, the shoe polish kit addition. It is clear gloss and “enough” for a set of shoes. The new one seems a bit more robust than the old as the old one seems to have the pad detach often from the plastic. Not good. These seem better. The shoe horn is sturdy and works nice. Over all I would say very good on these.

The toothbrush and accompaniments are fine. Nothing special and the bristles are a bit hard for those who like a soft tooth brush but this kit gets your teeth clean before landing. It is fine and works. There is enough paste that you could keep the kit for a short trip and use it if need be so that is a perk.

The comb feels like a std unbreakable comb. It works and is fine. Nothing really to say other than it does the job and nice to have to fix your “bed head” after an overnight flight.

Lastly the socks. My O’my Delta has been through the gambit of these things. Some years they are so thin you can put your hand through them. These are fine. I like the bigger “grippy” bumps on the bottom. Some I think will like the old style better that covered a larger surface but had less height on them. I say nice upgrade.

So there you are and you now have a Delta Points viewpoint on the kit. All the stuff inside really is nice to have and use either in flight or after the flight. Now to the bag itself as most of us will keep that far longer than the guts inside.

You can see when you compare this to older Delta and NWA kits, the size falls somewhere between the BIG old blue “flap” bags and last year’s stock ones. I do miss the handle that the old NWA ones had as it makes it simple to grab out of your bag.

I also like the zipper upgrade over the smooth style old one. It is a silly, simple little thing, but makes it simpler to grip and zip. Just nice. Also, even though just slightly bigger, it makes a difference as I can comfortably put stuff I had totally crammed inside the older style one so nice upgrade there. I also like black. I tend to abuse these things and black or blue hides dirt so much better than the tan or gray. And anything is better than the horrid round red ones of old!

Over all a nice kit and upgrade. Do you want one to try? How about this, comment below on the blog where you are planning to travel this summer and where you would use this kit and I will use to give a brand new, unopened one away Friday around 3-4PM EST! – René


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EDIT: Want 1 more chance at a KIT? PM&M has one HERE!



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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. On my 3 wk summer euro trip to Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, & Spain!

  2. I’m not sure travel will be possible this summer (other than car trips), but in the fall I want to go to Italy, one of my favorite places ever.

  3. The travel kit is always a much appreciated perk of flying business class. In July I will be flying to Bangkok business class on a low-level award ticket. Part of the trip is on Korean Air. I always like to compare the kits from different airlines. Korean air even has a modest kit for economy class, including a pair of slippers.

  4. Aniruddh S Reply

    I have an upcoming business trip to Paris. This will be of great help !!!

  5. Will be in Peru this summer and I’m pretty sure I’d be able to put the amenity kit to good use while I’m out there!

  6. I’m going to Australia for two weeks in SQ C/F, hitting OzFest Perth first then Melbourne for 10 days.

  7. RestlessLocationSyndrome Reply

    Flying to PDX via WN with a connection so I could use all the comforts possible.

  8. Headed to Boston from Dar es Salaam. Would be nice to have amenity kit if no seats in business class are available using SWU.

  9. I’ll be in tropical Kuala Lumpur

    Interesting to see the Delta Tumi kit vs the Malaysia Airlines Tumi kit in business. Somehow the Delta version looks nicer…

  10. Florida planed for this summer. Than Italy, France, Spain in October.

  11. I’ll be going to Bali this summer but will be using the kit at home.

  12. Definitely going to HNL this summer, but I would most like to use this kit as a way to stay [somewhat] fresh and clean during these long nights in the basement of the Biomedical Library

  13. Will be going to Garda, Milan, Creta and London. Enough places to use a wonderful kit

  14. You make it sound so appealing! Not! Still, a prize is a prize. Alaska — using Delta miles! 🙂

  15. India and Phuket. will use it for travels there since it will be muggy and hot.

  16. Hong Kong family reunion trip, likely to be riding Y (traveling as a group) – kit will definitely come in handy!

  17. Going to South Africa and Zambia and would love to use it on that trip

  18. The only vacation travel I have scheduled is to MN to drive a tank!
    Thanks Rene’.

  19. we are going to Playa Del Carmen for our wedding *raising my hand and flapping wildly*
    imnotarunner at gmail dot com

    We are going in July!

  20. Robert Francis Reply

    Going to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Taiwan soon; this would be awesome!

  21. Going to Philippines, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York + connecting airports!

  22. phill gold Reply

    Looks great. I’m headed off to a few back to backs in NYC. Thanks!

  23. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    I’m going to South Korea and then Israel where it’s hot. Should help there

  24. Making my usual trip to Nicaragua for two weeks in July. Little accessory kits like this are nice to have when out and about.

  25. Going to Frankfurt this summer for a birthday bash; I would use it there.

  26. Heading to Tuscany and Rome, DL biz class one way and AF Econ Comf other way – interesting to compare and contrast

  27. David Burns Reply

    I have some shows coming up in Busan, then off to Germany in June.

  28. I’ll use this excellent, new Delta kit anywhere Delta flies for a 2013 mileage run(s)!!!

  29. Coconut Joe Reply

    This will come in handy on my trip to Sydney with a stopover in Tahiti.

  30. I’m planning on traveling back and forth to NY several times and this would definitely come in handy for just some slight relaxation. Any little bit helps!

  31. Headed to Rome with mama for a Med cruise. I used pesos to put her up front but I’m in the back so I could really use it!!!! And I LOVE Tumi!!! We have a very unique Tumi store in my home state of Georgia in the great city of Vidalia (they do more than grow onions there). It’s at the factory where they make the repairs on used Tumi luggage. If you ever driving from ATL to Savannah it’s about a 20 minute detour off the interstate but well worth it!

  32. Would love to try out the new Tumi kit on my June trip to the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney — long flight! 🙂

  33. I love Tumi, they make great bags! I’m going around the world, and it would be a great addition to my Tumi luggage. 🙂

  34. Carol Blue Reply

    Germany in June. This kit would be so handy! Thanks so much…

  35. This summer I’m planning on traveling (by car) to Bonnaroo and those are a perfect fit for my travel bag (we have to pack light since we’re traveling by car and already have a full crowd).

  36. I’m going to Atlanta to meet my first grandchild when she arrives. Hopefully, I’ll find a low mileage ticket as the last minute paid ticket would be expensive!

  37. I could use this on my trip to Vienna and Paris. A lot of flights and long travel days.

  38. San Francisco in June. Thinking Ireland and the UK in August or September!

  39. Hi plan on going to LA and Hawaii. I think the kit would be great for my mileage runs 🙂

  40. Booked flights in my future include Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

  41. Sarah humphreys Reply

    I want to go to traverse city, Michigan but not sure I can find the time.

  42. Beijing to Moscow via the Trans-Mongolian railroad and then a quick trip through Scandinavia and the Baltics

  43. I’m travelling to jackson hole this summer for a wedding and could really use a new kit! Thank you!

  44. Heading to Alaska, Seattle, Boston and NYC – would be nice to have on all

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  46. I’m headed to Rome in August, Florida in June, St. Louis in July and hopefully I’ll sneak in a trip to Seattle in July as well. GM or bust!

  47. traveling to turkey… can always use a kit if we decide to fly coach… the horror.

  48. Going to Florida, could use the kit to hold wallets/phones at the beach!

  49. So far just Hawaii for a Mileage Jog and Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker.

  50. Harry koontz Reply

    The wife and I are headed to San Juan for a few days in July before we get on the cruise ship and take a 7 day cruise.

  51. A long trip to the Philippines and a shorter one to London where this would come in mighty handy!

  52. I booked a Delta Award Miles ticket to London — a group of ten of us are going to the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

  53. Traveling to Venice, the kit would be useful on the way there (flying Economy unfortunately).

  54. Well, this is my first time blogging, so here goes. I read your email daily and love it!!! Thank you for that, you haven’t heard from me before but all you comments and posts are greatly appreciated!
    What would I use it for? Well, I have never seen one so that in itself is cool.

    I have the perfect time to use it. My sister and brother in law have a textbook marriage. What most people dream about. Have been married 50 years this year. We are traveling as a family to Whistler to celebrate their anniversary. They are well traveled and I know how excited they would be to see this. I would pass it along to them as a gift. It would be perfect, they are people that are very hard to buy for.
    Thank you for your consideration!

  55. This summer, ill be going to Penang and i need to cut down on the size of my current toiletries bag.
    This bag would look stylish and be very compact.
    Perfect! 🙂

  56. Would love to have on my trip to Italy in may and Greece in August.

  57. Traveling to Bosnia to see family and for a high school reunion.

  58. I’m going to Moscow for the first time at the end of summer. I’d use them on the long flight!

  59. This summer I am taking Amtrak across the country and I would love to use this bag to make things a bit more comfortable on the 48 hour ride.

  60. Lots of business travel between ATL and the West Coast is on the agenda for this year; these would be nice!

  61. Going to Bangkok, Singapore, and Beijing this summer. Would love to try the kit out there!

  62. I’m traveling to Maui and Honolulu this June with my wife for our 10th Anniversary using the Icelandair Air/Alaska deal in First Class. We could use this on our red-eye return.

  63. Travelling down to Vegas this summer! Any time is a good time for an amenity kit since one has never travelled in Biz before!

  64. I will use it on a European trip that will be determined by lowest point outlay! Will need kit to look fresh upon arrival!

  65. Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Medellin! Would be great to freshen up for the 14h flight I have to TLV.

  66. Daughter’s first flying experience this summer, so I’d definitely give it to her as a pot sweetener.

  67. Going to Italy in May for a week of bike riding in the Lake Garda area, but first hiking at Cinque Terra for a couple of days and then Florence for 2 days.

  68. Planning a trip to Japan! The exchange rate yen/usd is too good to pass!

  69. Will be heading to Philippines and using it on Cathay Pacific flight.

  70. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I’m on my way to Tokyo this summer, although I would love to give the Tumi kit to my mother to use for her trip to Las Vegas.

  71. This will be of great help for my uncoming trip to the Bahamas!

  72. It’s really interesting to read where others will be going. As for me, I’m possibly headed to Sweden this summer, and have plans for California. I’ve wanted one of these Tumi kits since they were first announced!

  73. Wherever Delta takes me on my first trip in the miles game!far away from Indiana

  74. Bradley B. Reply

    So far, just trips to Austin and Columbus. Need to figure out my summer plans, still.

  75. Just flew with DL from AMS-BOM and then BKK-NRT-JFK. I love the new kits but HATE the chapstick! I found that to the only useful thing post the trip and they need to change it asap!

  76. I would love to go to Italy, but I’ll probably find a cheap fare to Hawaii. I’m going to Singapore in the fall.

  77. Travelling to Costa Rica on AA points, and I would love a kit to ease the pain of 2 connections each way.

  78. I will use it on my trip to South Korea, hopefully it will give me a sense of peace and calm since I’m heading into a possible war zone lol.

  79. I am going to Cancun this summer and this would be great to use!

  80. I have a long trip to Germany and I need all the help I can get, Thanks for the giveaway

  81. I hope to make it to LA this summer, and the kit could make the transcon in coach more bearable.

  82. I will be traveling to South Korea and the Philippines and would definitely be able to put this amenity kit to good use.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway to your blog readers.

  83. I’m a student living abroad. I’ll be travelling home to Seattle this summer…this sure would make a long trip that much more enjoyable 🙂

  84. dot cahill Reply

    WOW lots of comments…going to chicago/newport rhode island..then berlin….

  85. Christina Oddy Reply

    We are flying to Miami this summer. this kit would neat to check out!

  86. NYC, Boston, and Providence. Going to LA for work but I don’t view that as a fun trip!

  87. I will be traveling to Milan later this year and this kit would be great!

  88. Finishing up a trip to Thailand now! Summer…not too much fun travel due to a job transfer/move 🙁

  89. First week of May…DTW to AMS to FRA to MXP to AMS (via ICE train) to DTW

  90. I will be in Athens this summer and would love to use the kit to freshen up prior to landing; it would be great to win it, because all of my flights on Delta and partners are in coach!

  91. I am going back home to Japan in July for 2 weeks. I would definitely take it with me!

  92. Flying to Vegas, Portugal + Spain, & Provincetown this summer so far.

  93. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I’d love to use it in Ukraine and Republic of Georgia in June. Heck…… I’d love one now because I’m on my way from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan!

  94. I’d like to see what the stuff is like, but the empty bag is of more interest than the junk inside it! I don’t travel much in the summer but so far have a trip to CMH on the schedule. Can use all the grooming help we can get on that one 🙂

  95. Would love to have this for my Santa Fe/Albuquerque trip in June.

  96. Would love to have one for my baseball road trip in June – DC, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago (x2), Milwaukee, St. Louis.

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  98. Bags like this are really useful, I have several that are starting to fall apart. Got trips to the UK, LA, Kansas City, and Phoenix coming up. My current ones may not last…

  99. Would be great to use on my Europe cruise in May or my dairy farming trip to Iowa in September.

  100. Elaine Kluve Reply

    Travelling to Greece and would use it for the beach to put Lip balm and sun tan lotions keys and money in it!!!

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