The Skyclub “Inside” the Skyclub in LAX that only a few get to enjoy!

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Thanks to reader “KS” who sent me the above clipping from the “LA Times”, it would seem the LAX Skyclub will not only be upgraded to have top shelf drinks for those who want to pay up for those, but the “Stars” will have their own Skyclub inside the Skyclub – their own VIP room!

I plan to reach out to my Delta CORP contacts as I will, on just a few occasions over this year, be in the LAX Skyclub so I hope to get some pictures to share of the new place for celebrities  (or maybe I can just get my own VIP pass while I am at it 😉 ) – René

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  1. Reading that article it feels like they already have the room in place and are remodeling it.

  2. Yes, it has been there for a little while already. I can’t remember when they put it in, but it is there now. Mile card is probably right, they are giving it the upgrade as well

  3. Yeah, I think it’s referencing the back room, behind the check-in, the alleged “business centre” which I’ve only ever seen people sleeping in there. That Skyclub needs to be 2x larger, not just having an extra VIP area.

  4. D Bird, you’re right. Lounge needs to be 2x or 3x larger!!!

    I doubt this will make the experience any better in LA for most of us. my last stop at LAX was a cluster. Skyclub was filthy and standing room only. Nowhere to sit. The McDonalds was cleaner and less crowded. Too many DM travelers going through LAX.

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