Review of the updated LAX Skyclub

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This week I took a quick mileage run out to LAX. Rather than my normal redeye back, I stayed overnight at the Four Points by Sheraton and will cover that stay later on.

For just a one day run, I stayed on east coast time so both went to bed early and got up early west coast time to make my 5:45am flight. I was so early that I got to the Skyclub before opening time (a first for me).

Last run through they had started a major remodel of the club. That is now done. The entry feels a bit bigger

The full service bar is now done and has replaced the self serve area.The food area seems smaller than it was before, crammed over to one side of the bar but the standard options are there.

The area across from the bar is a bit more open and seems much more organized.

Same goes for the main area. The old seats were just totally shot and some of the most uncomfortable chairs in any club.

I know many readers are not fans of the full service changes, but to me as long as I can get the standards for free I am fine with the upgrades if it makes Delta some cash. I would like, as is offered at most KLM Crown lounges, more food options than what is presented in the Skyclubs.

The LAX club also does have 2 showers, but you had better get on the list fast if you want to use them and have a long layover. I did not get any photos of the PVT VIP room this round (I did not ask as I did not have much time) but will try to update the post later on. – René

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  1. I really didn’t see that much difference except they moved the chairs around and the new bar nothing else then they told me I could go to the Alaska
    Board room since my gate was 68 much nicer club only smaller then the a Sky Club!

  2. I think it’s time for a better camera. The picture qualities are pretty bad. But thx for the info!

  3. I happen to have just used the LAX lounge twice in the last couple weeks, one of the ATL lounges at the start of the trip (the central Terminal A SkyClub), and the HNL SkyClub. I definitely agree about the food, especially at the LAX one. The selection was, I think, the same for breakfast at both lounges, but LAX had a tiny, tiny table and very few of each item put out, which meant they run out of things and you have to wait for replacements. For such a large lounge, the amount of food that is out is pretty sad.

    In general, it’d be nice if they could actually have more than one flavor of yogurt, more than one type of bagel, etc. For the mid-afternoon snacks I do appreciate that they use decent-quality stuff like Tillamook cheddar and Nutella, but a bigger variety would be good. Or even just some crackers to go with the cheese!

  4. I’m one of those who doesn’t like that the full service bar replaced the self serve area. I know they “need” a full service bar in order to sell their luxury bar stuff.
    That’s okay with me. But I don’t like the fact that I need to bother the bartender to get my complimentary stuff.
    And you are right, the food area shrunk. So it was a little bit more crowded there last time we were there during the morning hours. Though it was not too bad, we still enjoyed our stay in the Sky Club.
    But when it comes to the bar … well, I very much prefer the way everything is presented at the Sky Lounge in Frankfurt (terminal 2 across gate D8; accessible with Priority Pass). It’s always a very nice start into our vacation trip to the States.

  5. Autolycus reminded me of something I haven’t understood so far.
    Why do they wait until after breakfast before they bring out the Nutella?
    What are you supposed to do with it? I mean there are no bagels no more (or any other bread). The purpose of Nutella is to smear it on bread.
    It’s somewhat amusing 😉

  6. @Ralfinho, my wife and I have always spread it on either an apple that we slice up or the biscoff cookies. I agree though that some type of bread for toast would be a good afternoon snack option.

  7. I do like the LAX Alaska club better than the SkyClub. More food variety and they’ve got a pancake-on-demand machine in the mornings. As a bonus, if I’m traveling with my family, Alaska has a small children’s play room within the club which is something that I’d love to see more airlines do (or airports, for that matter. ATL used to have play areas but took them out due to “liability concerns”. Really? MSP figured out how to do it.) On the plus side for DL, the SkyClub is bigger and has the showers…however, even with its size, it can be difficult to find a decent seat during peak hours.

  8. @autolycus Thanks! I thought of Biscoff cookies, too. But used carrot sticks instead 😉

    @Mike, I guess there are worse lounges 😉
    But to be honest, there aren’t too many lounges I get to experience and I guess I just like the Sky Lounge because it is there, I get some breakfast, can fill up my drinks on my own … and it’s always the first lounge when starting a trip to the States.

    I mentioned earlier, that I don’t like that the self serve area has been removed from the LAX Sky Club, but I have to agree that I like the looks of the remodel.

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