SWAG Saturday! EVERYTHING is BIGGER in Texas right?

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They say Texas has the BEST BBQ in the world (we will just have to see about that). I am looking forward to lunch with some fellow Delta Points & Will Run for Miles readers on Tuesday and you can check the post to where we are going HERE.

I will naturally be paying with my Chase Freedom card as the 5x points they are paying as a bonus now is much better than the standard 2x points my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card I normally use at restaurants is. For many “chain” restaurants I can still use my INK BOLD and INK PLUS to visit the gift card section and get 5x points that way also!

But on to today’s SWAG. As always, the rules are HERE. Since everything “IS” bigger in Texas, this week’s prize has to be really really big right. So, as you see in the photo above, in addition to a shot at Silver Medallion grand prize in July, this week you can get a set of iGo noise canceling headphones and a Marriott passport cover and tag, a Delta tag, a Delta Points tag, a GoGo SCREAMING monkey and a one day GoGo in-flight pass. Fun!

To enter, all you have to do is comment on if you agree that Texas has the best BBQ or some other state is better. Or, even, if you think say the lobster in Maine is better than Texas BBQ anyway! As long as you in some way talk about food – you qualify! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Texas BBQ which is mostly beef brisket is never as good as the true BBQ of the South which is Pork….Ribs or Pulled Pork! Yum!

  2. Elizabeth S. Reply

    I think that the BBQ in Memphis (old NWA hub) is the best!

  3. I am from South Carolina and we have awesome BBQ so sorry, I have to say that we have the best BBQ. Try it if you come thru here.

  4. Texas is ok if you want BBQ, but KC or Memphis has a better all around selection on great BBQ.

  5. Deby Talley Reply

    While I am a Texan at heart and I love Texas que I am much more partial to east Carolina pulled pork que.

  6. Hi Rene
    I think San Francisco has the best sour dough bread
    And Maine Does have the sweetest freshest lobster 🙂
    And Paris has the BEst chocolat chaud
    Budapest has the best paprikash dishes
    NYC has best kosher hot pastrami sandwiches with Russian dressing on rye bread
    And I aspire to fin the best BBQ
    I’ve heard it’s mighty good in South America too
    Waitin upon your evaluation of Tx BBQ
    Oh I’m salivating about now haha
    The very bestest steak MEAL I ever had
    Ironically was at a Wolfgang puck restaurant
    In Vegas at palazzo / Venetian
    I make the BEST chicken soup Teehee
    In MANY humble opinions 🙂
    I must stop this now!
    What a great idea to share

  7. BBQ in philly is totally subpar to texas! Cheesesteaks FTW though!

  8. I was in Texas only once and had some GREAT BBQ! Never had better so it must be the best?

  9. DVMonthego Reply

    Tennessee BBQ by far the best, as in Memphis. Maybe not bigger, just the best. If you’ve ever gone through MEM and not had some good pulled pork from Interstate BBQ, you’ve missed the best.

  10. Charlotte A Reply

    All BBQ is good, there is not any bad BBQ, but there is BBQ that is better than other BBQ. Salt Lick outside of Austin is pretty good place!

  11. The BBQ I had in Texas was good, but gave me major heartburn, so will not be doing again sadly.

  12. The County Line chain (that also runs The State Line outlet in El Paso that I used to frequent) has by far the best and consistently high quality BBQ. With only a dozen outlets or so, they are small enough to keep tabs on things, but are big enough to figure out how to keep the quality consistent. You may find some other BBQ purveyors that have fantastic BBQ one time and not so hot the next (View From the Wing had that experience, as I recall), but I’ve never been disappointed with The County Line.

  13. Kansas City has the best bbq, hands down. Texas is at least better than Memphis and anywhere else.

  14. Whatever state I’m in has the best BBQ. As long as I’m doing the cooking and the eating!

  15. Per the comment above-pulled pork with cole slaw-mmmmm. I have a smoker and when we’ve had people over to the house and serve pulled pork sandwiches I’m told it gives places in the South a run for their money! That being said, I’ve enjoyed Bono’s in Florida and Smokin’ Pig in Georgia quite a bit though.

  16. Bob Flanagan Reply

    I think the best BBQ is what comes out of my three smokers. No I am not a pro just a backyard amateur!

  17. In honor of Norway’s Constitution Day yesterday, I gotta say that the best lefse (in the U.S.) is from Minnesota! 🙂

  18. Being a tennessean, I vote for Memphis BBQ. But some good Texas brisket is good every onceinawhile.

  19. Memphis BBQ the best I have tasted. Still waiting to try Texas and Kansas City BBQ

  20. Being a Texan that has lived on the east coast for the past 10 years and now lives in California, gotta say that TX does have the best BBQ. Hands down. Best style and flavor.

  21. I will admit great BBQ is a matter of taste but it would be hard to beat the BBQ in Kansas City.

  22. Doesn’t matter where you get the BBQ, as long as there is BBQ!

  23. Memphis BBQ beats them all by miles. As a matter of fact, today is the last day of the Memphis in May World BBQ festival. Thats where it happening. Come get some while it lasts !

  24. Memphis, hands down. Someone above said Interstate BBQ at the airport–not a bad choice–but if you get to come here yourself, BBQ Shop, Central, and Corkys are all great options.

  25. I like that monkey in the prize pack! He look silly. 🙂

    I’m pretty surprised that there are so many votes for Kansas City barbecue, but I guess the American palette strongly prefers the sweetness. Texas barbecue especially Central Texas where Austin is located is hands-down far far better. I lived in central Texas for a while myself, and the barbecue there puts an emphasis on a very good quality cut of meat that is then carefully and slowly cooked to perfection. It’s absolutely delicious and doesn’t require any flashy accoutrement to help the flavor. Even to this day in central Texas there are towns that are bilingual German and English; a lot of the emphasis on quality comes I think from German immigrant fastidiousness. (As an aside, you may also notice that the Texas staple called chicken fried steak sort of is a version of wiener schnitzel.) I think Kansas City barbecue is also fine most of the time, but the plain truth of the matter is that in Kansas City they use lower quality meat and they try to obscure the lack of quality in the meat by covering it up with a whole lot of sweet sauce.

    Enjoy your visit there!

  26. Railhead BBQ Fort Worth. Awesome ( though some KC BBQ can give them a run for their money). But BEST BBQ. Fatboy’s in Prattville AL!!!

  27. I’m going to have to say Cajun Country LA has the best BBQ ever!

  28. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Best BBQ is definitely in Texas! By the way……. I’m a native Houstonian!

  29. Texas BBQ is good, but I prefer pulled pork barbecue from Georgia!!

  30. I live in South Flordia. Many BBQ joints have closed up, but there is a place nearby that is owned byt he guy from the band Iron Maiden- Nico Mcbrain. Pretty decent.

  31. I’ve lived in Texas for the last 8 years but I was born and raised in Georgia and Texas BBQ just can’t stand up to what you get in the Deep South. I’ll take pulled pork anyday over brisket.

  32. Texasyankee Reply

    The best BBQ is that which someone else pays for! Specifically that from SecoSecret in D’hanis, TX.

  33. Seafood in San Fran and Maine is my favorite with New Orleans for all things Shrimp and Gumbo… BBQ in Texas is fine, but I prefer the surrounding states to the north in almost every way.

  34. My husband’s BBQ is the best! But, otherwise I would have to say Texas.

  35. Have had some pretty good BBQ in Austin and San Antonio, but not much in Houstan and I’ve been there quite a few times on business. I haven’t been to many other BBQ capitals, so I guess Texas; I really want to try some North Carolina BBQ.

  36. Hey Rene- seems like I’ve been flying the same flights as you recently (you were on an LAX-MSP redeye on May 3rd, right). Thought I saw you when we were deplaning. Anyway, Kansas City BBQ is my favorite- specifically Oklahoma Joe’s on state line road. Happy traveling!

  37. The BBQ I have had in South Carolina is better than what I have had in Texas but I have not had any of the famous Texas names yet…

  38. I like BBQ from the Carolinas – pork, that is! But, you certainly cannot beat a great Maine lobster, either!

  39. I never been to Texas, but heard they got great food. Man! I want some BBQ at the moment.

  40. Texas does it right. C&J’s in College Station may be the best…

  41. Memphis barbecue is the best! You should try it, if you haven’t – yum!

  42. North Carolina. And I recently met someone who tried to make a distinction between Eastern Carolina and Western Carolina BBQ, but there is only one NC BBQ, and everyone knows what that is.

  43. Meh, my one experience with Texas BBQ was just ok. I like my Georgia BBQ and Korean BBQ.

  44. Personally, I think my BBQ sauce is the best. I very seldom eat in restaurants. So I’ll take my home made BBQ whatever.

  45. Well, I had a long layover in AUS a couple of weeks ago. There is no Delta lounge there either, not that they are worth much these days. Anyhow, the BBQ place in the terminal always had the longest lines of all the establishments. I ate there too. Definitely not the best I’ve ever had but it was decent and it is an airport after all.

    The best BBQ places to me don’t seem confined to any particular state. I’ve had great BBQ in unlikely places like Ohio and rural NY.

  46. Texas BBQ is great if you like beef brisket (I do!) I still like the BBQ pork in Memphis, though!!

  47. Linda Chaboudy Reply

    “Oh my, Southern-Sunny Florida Shrimp over Grits…Red and yellow bell peppers…spinach…Southern Sunshine!”

  48. Loyal to Montgomery Inn bbq sauce but Texas definitely gets r don on the grill! Memphis disappointed me but nothing like mixing bbq with soul food how we do in Jawja. DL needs to serve bbq…nuff said.

  49. There is no beef dish on this planet better than Franklin Barbecue’s brisket here in Austin. Texas Monthky just called it #1 in the state – Bon Appetit magazine called it the best in the US. So all you Memphis/KC/NC lovers go argue with them. We here in Austin are too busy deciding between Franklin, John Mueller, La, Stiles Switch, or Lamberts.

  50. North Carolina for pork BBQ. I don’t like that mustard in the South Carolina BBQ.

    When I think BBQ I think pork, not beef.

  51. Texas BBQ is phenomenal, but I’ve never met a BBQ I didn’t like, anywhere I’ve travelled around the world! So many tastes, so little time! Must keep going, until I try them all! Such is my burden

  52. Texas has the best brisket bbq.
    For me memphis style is king for all other bbq.

  53. Texas BBQ is great but I’m partial to pork BBQ from the Carolinas!

  54. Sorry people. “Moonlight BBQ” has the best BBQ in the world. Located in Owensboro, KY! Texas BBQ is great, but Moonlight’s is better!

  55. Texas is good but Arthur B. in Kansas City is something everyone should try.

  56. Plenty of great BBQ right here in the ATL. Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, Williamson’s, Dreamland, etc.,etc. As to “best”, of course that’s subjective. I smoke a mean butt myself…

  57. Sarah Humphreys Reply

    If I’m honest, I’ll tell you that I’ve never been to Texas so I’ve never had BBQ there. But, Jim ‘n Nicks in Birmingham, al is pretty darn good.

  58. Barnesville hosts the BBQ and Blues festival each spring. Just enjoyed both!

  59. Though I like TX BBQ well enough. Have to say I prefer Georgia BBQ. pulled pork BBQ. Yum!

  60. So far I think Texas has the best BBQ. But I need to try more of the others to be a better judge.

  61. I’d say the Memphis BBQ is better than in Texas, but I haven’t sampled ALL Texas BBQ … yet. Hmm, a new travel plan is forming in my mind right now.

  62. TX should be proud of its BBQ, but the BBQ technique came from the Caribbean first, so I’ve gotta vote for Jamaican jerk

  63. AJM is right-Minnesota has the best Lefse 🙂 and SE Pennsylvania has the best and original whoopie pies.

  64. I love Montgomery inn in Cincinnati area. However, I have never been to Texas

  65. Sorry to all you Texans on here, but NC is where you can find the best BBQ. Oh, and GO DEACS!!

  66. Never eaten BBQ in Texas. Don’t know how it can be better than North Georgia!

  67. If I ever get a chance to eat BBQ in Texas, I will let you know.

  68. I’ve eaten BBQ in lots states, but none can compare to my friend’s. As he has moved quite a lot, I’d have to say whichever state he lives in has the best BBQ.

  69. Bruce nightingale Reply

    Rochester ny sticky lips our Texas techs from our company loves my bbq

  70. Texas BBQ is good, but you can find good BBQ in any state if you look hard enough.

  71. Texas BBQ isn’t best – Texas Hill Country BBQ is best!

    And from my experience with my neighborhood email list, if you want to get into a big argument, try to settle who has the best BBQ or Mexican food in Austin.

  72. Have to say that say the lobster in Maine is better than Texas BBQ.

  73. Texas ha great BBQ, but I think the best I’ve had was in Memphis. Also some great BBQ in Georgia.

  74. dot cahill Reply

    i did this yesterday but cannot find my comment so texas BBQ maybe great but maine lobster is berter for ur waistline… u can even grill it but keep it away from the BBQ sauce

  75. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    Back in February, I had BBQ Brisket from Whole Hog in Little Rock and it took my breath away!

  76. I’ve never had BBQ actually in Texas, but the few “Texas Pit BBQ” joint’s I’ve been to have been the best.

  77. I can’t say that one state has better BBQ than another. All depends on the individual restaurant.

  78. Oklahoma Joes in KC beats anything from Texas! Read up on it the place is a gas station, rated Number 1 in Kansas City!!!

  79. Though living in Texas now, I grew up on the west coast and had no hometown bias. I tried BBQ everywhere and didn’t like it. Until I got to Texas. The fact that other states say their BBQ is the “hands down” best proves it. You don’t put your hands down when there’s Texas Q around. You keep ’em moving from your plate t your mouth. Hopefully, you’ll have a chance to try Franklin’s, but even Saltlick at DFW is pretty darn good!

  80. Every time I go to Texas, all the food is good. Did you know that Dallas has more restaurants per capita than any other city?

  81. I’ve had really good BBQ in lots of places. I think North Carolina may have been my favorite.

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