Delta Points travel tips for making regional jet travel better (well sorta anyway)

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We all know Delta / Delta partner CRJ100/200 & Embraer145 jets are evil (ok that may be a bit harsh but not by much). I know some readers say they like them but as one who “must” fly them out of South Bend all the time – take my word please they are evil little things (you hear me Jeff Robertson – please get SBN some CRJ700/900’s)!

OK mini-rant over and now to what can help you in today’s post. If you have to be stuck on a regional jet there are some things to know. The first is overhead storage. I “like” row 1 on a CRJ as it does give you “some” extra leg room in B&C to stretch into the galley area. But, many times, the overhead for row 1 is full of first aid oxygen and for FA use so your bags could end up in row 2 or much worse. If you are going to sit in row 1, be sure you board #1. If not, pick row 2 to be safe.

The next little torture jet is the Embraer145. The ONLY plus of these little gems over the above ones is if you are alone you can have your own private row. This is so much better than fighting for space in a CRJ. But, please be alert for seats 1A & 2A. 1A does have some extra leg room (nice) but there is NO overhead space until row 3 and all of it is on the other side of the jet. Again, you need to be one of the first on board to get your stuff “up there”!

Another nice tip for those of you like me that need to lose 10 pounds (ok 20 pounds) is the little button under your armrest. As you can see in the above shot, on most, some both sides, you can raise your armrest if you want to (thus the announcement each time to lower them before landing on this aisle side). Many times this can be a nice way to gain some space and comfort!

Anyway, Delta has promised to continue to reduce these “gems” from the inventory and for me it can not happen fast enough. Any other tips to make regional jet travel better? Please share them with us too – René

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  1. Thanks for the tip about the armrest! I like to get window seats to sleep along the wall of the plane, but that dang armrest makes it quite uncomfortable.

  2. Evil is an understatement! My son-in-law fixes them for a Delta Connection. What I do is check at the gate to see if there are two seats open next to each other. If so I will move to the open row (even in the back) and if you have status the gate agents make sure the seat will be the last seat assigned if the flight fills up at the last moment. I am not sure why Medallions try for row 8. I find it more constricting and cold.
    I was hoping Delta would buy more E-175s and not the CRJ 900. The E-175 is an outstanding plane for the customer.

  3. The crj100/200 are horrible. The only time I’ve ever heard anybody say any thing nice about them is “they are better than the old Prop jobs”. I think they were Saab’s do they even make them any more?

  4. I had the misfortune of flying on a CRJ a couple weeks ago (DTW-BGM). On the way in I followed SeatMaestro’s advice and selected the exit row for “extra legroom” (I’m 6′-4″). But they were wrong – no extra legroom there, and the window seat was further cramped by intrusion of the exit door. (Already very limited due to the curve of the fuselage.) On the way back I grabbed 1-C (Better, but not by much.) A little extra room for my left leg, but pinned to the bulkhead otherwise. Also dodged the FA and her cart the whole time. (She was a great FA though – best part of the trip.)

  5. The best thing I can say is that they’re not Dash 8’s.
    CRJ 200’s are all we get here except one daily single A319 operated by Delta mainline(real, not commuter feeder).

  6. Devil jets. I with Delta would get Q400s…. at least we could feel better about fuel consumption on the small ones!

  7. I find the ERJ145s much more tortuous than the CRJ200s–I can barely fit my laptop bag in their overhead bin. Altho it’s only a question of which circle of Hades you’re in. Thankfully DL flies CRJ700/900s (and soon A319s!) out of BMI to ATL (not DTW tho)–I hope SBN will get an upgrade soon! I fly to BMI every month and I don’t know what I’d do if I had to routinely do the trip on CRJ200s. I feel your pain Rene.

  8. SAABs had good room on the single seat side.

    As to Rene’s question, some of that high quality Gordan’s Vodka from the new and improved Sky Club drink menu helps.

  9. I know I’m in the minority, but even as a 6’3″ young man, I don’t want these RJs to disappear completely, since service to many smaller markets has been generally disappearing with them… That being said, I’d be completely fine with Delta introducing some of those 717s on the same routes ;-).

  10. @dot cahill, you are correct. The CRJ’s are not economically practical with today’s fuel costs so they will slowly disappear as they are replaced by the FL 717’s that WN didn’t want. The first of the 717’s should (hopefully) arrive before the end of this year.

  11. Actually, the exit row single seat (A) is pretty awesome on the 145. I would much rather be on one of those over a 100/200. Also, the reason medallions go for row 8 is because row 7 doesn’t recline.

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