Oh Boy! My new Delta Skyclub card has arrived (should I be excited?)!

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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Since I have had my Delta AMEX Reserve card for years and years, getting into the Skyclubs has never been an issue (ok there was that one time in Amsterdam that still makes me boil a bit when I think about it).

There are some things I find funny in the welcome letter as a Skyclub member. The fact that again Skyteam is not 100% equal across the board as I will have access to “MOST” AF & KLM lounges (correct me if I am wrong but my understanding of the rule is no AF 1st class lounges – like in the clip below – and no AF or KLM lounge in an airport with a Skyclub available).


The plus side, with my new membership and my Delta Reserve card I can now bring 2+2 guests into the club so me and 4 of my readers who happen to be on a mileage run with me are welcome to come and enjoy some top quality “well drinks” and skunky beer 🙂 – René

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  1. Grants on that Rene! Have you tried regus center yet? I’ve had access for that for years thought plat IHG but have yet to venture into one.

  2. Rene’ – I watched the AF video, & it looks like you got taller, lost weight, and turned grey!

  3. Rene, do you happen to know what type of Regus membership this includes — gold, platinum or platinum plus? Also was wondering if you need to be Diamond to be awarded this Regus membership (Regus is mentioned in the the copy of your letter) or does having the AMEX reserve also qualify you for this benefit?

  4. Except for the snacks, cheap beer and well drinks I would think not. Just left the sky club at a16 in atl. I figured the local sweatwater 420 would be free, but no it was 3 bucks like a blue moon. At least tue hathrooms are clean.

    I get into sky club, admirals club and us airs club with my platinum American express. It also gives me a priority pass cars to get into other lounges except United.

    I will enjoy my baileys on my upgeade to bdl while my silver coworker sits in the back.


  5. Skyclub card probably not required, but made checking in at Alaska’s LAX Board Room easy (I like it a bit better than the Skyclub – free salads and good, inexpensive entrees) especially if I’m flying out of Terminal 6. Wish they were open later.

    Re video: those red gloves creep me out for some reason…

  6. Last time I met family in Atlanta and got 6 folks in the sky club, 2 each on 2 Delta Reserve cards and 2 on the Sky Club complimentary card, but was told that in the future I could only bring in two guests no matter how many cards I had.. That was on B Concourse, Atlanta.

  7. We have our ow AF Premier Club memory…Last year, we were in CDG awaiting our flight home. For whatever reason, I spotted the elevator with the sign Salon Air France (or some such designation). This time, the elevator was going up instead of down, but in the belief that we were in another section; they had moved it, or who knows why, we pushed the up button and walked into a really spiffy space. All the agents were “on the floor” talking with other guests so we waltzed in and sat down. No one questioned us. A white-jacketed young male waiter approached and asked if we would care for something to eat/drink. Of course we said yes and got up to fetch a tray. He said, “no Madame, I shall bring you whatever you would like. We played this game for a while and I realized finally that we were not where we belonged. I guess the best experience came when I asked directions to the restrooms. Again, he accompanied me. Inside, I found leather walls! It’s a different world upstairs. We returned last Sunday from another stay at CDG and this time when I spotted it, I suggested that we try again. Why not? However, we were met at the entrance and I imagine, spotted immediately as mere Business Lounge invitees. There was no way I was going to talk us into the First Class lounge.

    However, downstairs in the basement, a men’s cologne company had an attractive young woman offering free shoe shines. My husband’s shoes were incredibly dirty; as far as I was concerned, unsalvageable. I planned to toss them as soon as we got home. He was sent to a seat, the cute young lady removed his shoes for him, took them away to the shoe shine artist (he was nothing less than a miracle worker) and about 20 minutes later she returned with a brand new pair of shoes. Wait! It was his formerly filthy Mephistos, now shiny and spot-free. Best part as far as my husband was concerned (in addition to the service being complimentary) the young lady put his shoes on for him and laced them up. And, who says traveling is no longer fun?

  8. I was in BDL yesterday, no skyclub there so you’re membership card would have been worthless. However I did take my coworker into the usair corn courtesy of my platinum American express card.

  9. I am in a simialr situation: I have had the Reserve card for a few years, but I just qualified(my first time) for Diamond. (Getting DM status was on my bucket list sadly enough, so I am pretty excited).

    Have you ever had trouble getting more than 2 guests into the SkyClub using the different memberships? What do you say to the desk attendant when checking in?

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