SWAG Saturday: Ever been to a Skyclub?

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Now that I am “part of the club” as a full Skyclub member, I guess I should try to say nice things about my “club” right? Delta is opening very nice Sky Decks (thanks MW for your report) for us to enjoy and for the most part the free WiFi works, the “well” drinks are still free, the showers are clean and free and the agents are nice and you don’t have to put up with the infrequent travelers in line “out there”.

So that brings us to today’s SWAG giveaway. Please, read the T&C rules HERE. Please do not e-mail me as you have to comment on the blog if you want to win (you can also click HERE to see just how to do that if you are unsure).

All you have to do, for a chance to win a 1 – Day Skyclub pass, and a free GoGo in-flight pass as well, is tell me if you have EVER been to a Skyclub before by commenting on the blog below. If you want to say more, that is fine, but I need a YES or NO answer. – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. YES! ^_^ It made a 7hr layover in ATL go a lot smother than had I not gone in.

  2. NO, I’ve never been, but I’d like to see the new SkyClub in T4 at JFK.

  3. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    I have never been to a Skyclub before and would love to go! I am planning on using it this year for the first time!


  4. Just visited three (ATL B, MSP, and IND) in the last two weeks. My new favorite thing is seeing that some of them now have the waffles (like you get on KLM) in them during the morning hours. I hadn’t seen that at all in the last year until this week. I hope they keep them!

  5. No, I have never been to a Skyclub, but will be traveling on Delta in August, so would like to try one!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Yes, love the hummus, carrots and olives. It is not crowded at CVG

  7. No, I’ve never been! I’ve been to an AA lounge once but I’m afraid that is my only lounge experience.

  8. Yes, and I really love them for when I’ve got to change a flight around.

  9. Yup! Nicest so far was at NRT, though must say that nothing has best the China Airlines lounge in TPE.

  10. No, I haven’t, but I am about to buy a 30 day pass it looks like because I will have nice 3-4 hour layovers and wanted a nice play for a respite.

  11. Gordon parker Reply

    Yes. Typically anytime I have a 90 min layover or flight delay.

  12. Yes. My favorite is ATL concourse D — gotta love the basement!

  13. Salt Lake City Club is my place
    I have access with the Amex Reserve card
    So if I win I will donate the pass back for a future Swag
    I want the Go Go pass

  14. LarsErikNYC Reply

    Yes. I managed to get in to the new Sky Club at JFK T4 on opening day. By the way, the VIP lounge there is sponsored by Ciroc vodka. I assume something similar will occur at LAX. The room is located just to the side of the main reception desk. Delta CEO Richard Anderson set up residency in the room that day, and had the other partner CEOs (including Richard Branson from Virgin Atlantic) in there with him.

    I had to laugh about the SkyDeck, with it’s promised impressive view of the Manhattan skyline. There is a wall on that side of the SkyDeck! You can’t see Manhattan AT ALL! And plastic fake plants?!? The view from the SkyDeck is no different really from the view inside. It’s on the same level as the Sky Club itself.

    There is a restaurant-within-the-club managed by the same company that it running the Luxury Bar. I remember the day when Delta had free food — real food — at the JFK lounge.

    Speaking of that… one last comment: When I was doing my first ever actual mileage run to LAX from MKE a while back, I realized that while I could not get into the Sky Club without paying another $25 (Amex day passes are only single-visit passes now), but when I walked by the Alaska Board Room, I saw they accepted Lounge Club passes, and I still had a free one (Fairmont Chase Visa). So I went in there and was very surprised to see substantial food offerings, including a main-course type salad! I was very impressed!

  15. Been in the SkyClub many times, and it used to be a real treat, like going to Bones (Buckhead/ATL) for a filet mignon. Lately it’s more like Mickey D’s for a happy meal. At least the agents are still doing a great job. It’s still better than “out there” with the madding crowds.

  16. Yes, as a multi-year DM, I am in SkyClubs all the time. However, I am VERY disappointed with the latest devaluation in liquor offerings, especially in comparison to international lounges. Even the AF contracted lounge in Zagreb, Croatia has Smirnoff. Come on Delta!!!

  17. Layovers would be even worse without sky clubs. Used them many times.

  18. Yup, though it’s been a while. Would be perfect for a trip I have at the end of next week! 🙂

  19. Yep! Been to a skyclub 🙂 Woohoo Diamond status. We’ll see if i can manage to keep the status for 2014

  20. Yes, I have been to many over the years. Some of favorites were closed a long time ago.

  21. YES, but I would love a pass that I could gift to a relative so they could visit one during their own travels.

  22. Yes, love the formerly free drinks at many skyclubs. Dislike the well drinks now.

  23. thrashsoundly Reply

    Yes, but it was before they changed them to “sky clubs”

  24. Yes. Obviously they are nice and I will always be happy to visit one, but I am usually not in any hurry to get to the airport earlier than necessary.

  25. Yes, I have been to a few (9 in my home airport of Atlanta alone) including some partner lounges in Europe this past weekend. My favorite in the US is probably ATL Councourse F (International Terminal) followed by Minneapolis (the one closer to Concourse C).
    I have to say that the international clubs (KLM in Amsterdam, Air France in Paris, and Millenium Lounge at Istanbul) really put it to shame with food selections.

  26. Yes, it is the ONLY way to deal with a layover in ATL.

    The SkyClub is the main reason I carry a corporate AMEX Platinum.

    It is a MUCH calmer way to fly. I have been fortunate to never have to deal with wild children in a SkyClub. As a parent, I have found it amusing watching the (obviously medallion or diamond level)parents trying to control their children to preserve the “dignity” or solitude of the SkyClub.

    When flying and the gate announcement is updated on my Detla iPhone app, I begin mapping the ideal SkyClub in which to relax inside of during the layover.

  27. Archon1995 Reply

    Yes, many times. As a guest of someone else, and on day passes.

  28. Yes. I have the amex plat card and use the club whenever I fly Delta. The MSP clubs are fine.

  29. Yes, I’ve been to the club on many occasions. Once I had a seven hour layover in JFK before a flight to Budapest, the club made that go by very quickly!

  30. Josh Kessler Reply

    Yes, back when I was a child and my dad had medallion status, he would take us there. Good memories 🙂

  31. I have been to a skyclub a few times. They are nice, but not worth the yearly fee. I like to spend as little time in the airport as possible.

  32. Yes, lots of times. But often these days I feel they are not much better than an airport concourse. Wow did they ruin the product!

  33. NO.
    But I hope to on my trip through Atlanta to Roatan if I win!

  34. Yes when I fly business class and when I was a Diamond member last year.

  35. Randy White Reply

    Yes, use them constantly. On international trips, I prefer to schedule a longer hub connection to avoid having a delay on my 1st domestic flight causing me to miss my international flight and I just hang out in the club. Originally had access with my AMEX platinum card, but now have it as a Diamond.

  36. Yep! ATL. My flight got cancelled too, so I ran back to the closest sky club and had them rebook me rather than waiting in line at the gate. Money well spent (they stil had blue moon at that time though…)

  37. Yes in Detroit recently with wife and kid for 2.5 hours and made them happy

  38. Yes I am a member of sky club
    For a while I. Dropped membership and went in for international flights for free but since I have many domestic flts this year I re joined and
    Absolutely live it
    The cheese hummus pretzels etc in us clubs get boring
    International clubs are in a different category!

  39. No. And sadly, from what recent commentary has been, it doesn’t look like there is really any incentive to pay to try it out.

  40. Steve Finn Reply

    Yes. MSY Skyclub is very nice. MEM was kind of a dump but had self serve adult beverages. Haven’t been there since 2006. Otherwise not a member and haven’t been.

  41. Yes. Back when you could purchase a 3 month pass for about $75 it was my first airline indulgence.

  42. I have never been in one…but I plan on using the one I win in about two weeks!!!!

  43. Never been to one! Maybe my luck will change with this contest.:-)

  44. Yes, for better or worse, a few of the DTW SkyClub employees know me on sight!

  45. No, but I sure could use a day pass for a 4-hour layover at PDX in a couple weeks. I was even considering buying one.

  46. YES. Enjoy relaxing & having a snack and a drink there between flights!

  47. Yes, I’ve been to a Sky Club! Only worth it for me when spending unexpected extra time….due to a voluntary bump. Sweet!

  48. Yes, just once in Detroit during an extra long layover from London. Usually I don’t have enough time in airports to justify the costs.

  49. No, never been yet to a Delta Skyclub… Was suppose to go during a 10hour layover in Narita, but didn’t have the chance to go.

  50. Yes. Detroit. They need better food than wheat products. Just saying from a gluten-free hungry traveler.

  51. Yes, but I miss the club in DIA! When will they bring that back?!

  52. Nope, never been to a Delta SkyClub! Only Alaska Boardroom once when flying with my dad.

  53. @Noviceflyer Reply

    Yep! Even had a year membership since it helped me a lot when I was traveling 20+ times a year.

  54. Bruce Nightingale Reply

    Yes I have been just this friday in LGA in terminal D Stuck there for 5 hrs. Helped pass the time away. But Wireless stinks there .lol

  55. Yes, ATL (3 different), PDX, and Boston. All very different but enjoyed each one.

  56. stacy Jordan Reply

    yes, i have paid for a day pass while traveling back from hnl in sept 2011. also, I went to the Boston logan club as a guest of a friend.

  57. lobstergreg Reply

    Yes, I travel frequently and use the Skyclub at various airports whenever I can. Fairly comfortable place to get work done between flights with free Wi-Fi. I’m not there to eat a meal and the snacks they serve and drinks are ok by me.

  58. Stanley Dluzin Reply

    I had a three year membership with Northwest. When I signed up for AE card it came with two free passes for Delta Sky Club.
    I enjoyed it.

  59. Yes, I have been to some clubs. Some are better than others. The European clubs are much mor relaxing and provide more.

  60. Yes, but with the new drink charges, I will never pay the price of admission again.

  61. Yes it makes a huge difference. Recently spent 4+ hours at the Skyclub in DTW

  62. Yes I’ve been to many sky clubs & partner lounges as a paid SC member for the last 3 years. Mostly I enjoyed the SC’s and was happy to take advantage of the free amenities even if the snacks leave something to be desired.

    However with the recent downgrade in “well” liquor along with continued overcrowding, noise levels, seating & electric outlet availability, I will not be renewing my SC membership this year. I’m outta here. Membership fee will buy a lot of drinks, meals, etc in the airport if I absolutely need something between flights. And ST+ will still allow access on intl travel so that will be fine.

    See ya later SC. Cheerio!!!

  63. YES With both AMEX Platinum and Delta Reserve cards, a copy of boarding pass gets you in any SkyClub (I remember the good old days when they were called “Delta Crown Room”.) In those days and later, the quality of the liquor was much higher. They even had Grand Marnier, no charge…At one point, many years ago, Delta attempted to change the rules and charge for alcohol. Can you imagine? At the time, they were still the only club without the need for a credit card machine.

    Those days are gone forever.

    The use of mirrors in these clubs can be dangerous to your health. In one Atlanta setting, the mirrors are set up so that you think there’s another room in the distance. Not true; you do have to fight for the few seats or you have to perch on those elevated stools along the walls.

    I read the above comments and agree with the writer who said that the agents are still good. I’ll second that; if you get stuck with a cancelled flight and need alternate routing, the folks in the SkyClub are the best.

  64. I was once in a Skyclub at DTW as a guest of someone else. Very nice.

  65. I never miss the sky club unless the layover is under 30 minutes!

  66. YES…many pros and cons. Love the new designs, charging ports and views. The latest con is the new “quality” beverage. Trading Heineken for Budweiser…..really Delta?!

  67. Yes. Yesterday at MSP was my most recent. Traveling with my coworker who got me in.

  68. Yes. In fact I am writing this while in the SkyClub in Terminal B in Atlanta. Seems as though I am in this SkyClub quite often

  69. Marco Morales Reply

    Yes! I find the sky club to be my little retreat when traveling through the airport. It’s one of the perks from my Amex Platinum and I always make sure to take advantage to recharge my batteries during a layover.

  70. Yes. Always great to get help from the SkyClub agents during IROPS

  71. No, just the club lounge of one of the Sky team partner airlines.

  72. No, I have never been to a Skyclub. I wouldn’t mind checking one out though!

  73. Yes, because my husband has a Delta Reserve card We enjoy the perk. Need to find out how it works on international routes and partner airlines.

  74. I was a member of Skyclub for over a decade . . . then I lost my job. But I still fly Delta for pleasure and would love to check it out again.

    Thank you.

  75. Mike Taylor Reply

    In order to pick up some MQM’S, I purchased a 2 year Membership. I believe that that entitles me to complain about the dummy down of the alcohol options with a little more cred than someone wwho is using it gratis!

  76. Yes, I try to go as often as I can. Better than hanging in the public areas.

  77. Tim Beougher Reply

    Yes — I think almost all of them at one point or another.

  78. Geraldine Taino Reply

    Yes I have by way of fellow traveler and friend who already has Diamond Status. The wifi in T2 at JFK leaves much to be desired, but other than that, the snacks and lattes were wonderful!

  79. Noah Mark Blaustein Reply

    I have never been inside a Skyclub. I will probably purchase a 30 day pass when I go to London and LA inside of 30 days, since I will have 6 segments, and it seems to make sense.

  80. Yes. I’ve visited one in DTW while I waited for a flight to Korea

  81. Yes. Met you in the ATL Terminal F Club ~ a month ago when we were both on MKE MRs: you to LAX, me fr SFO.

  82. Nope not yet, but lookin fwd to it one day. I hear the new one at JFK is pretty cool!

  83. Spent many a days (and almost a night) in NRT. Looking forward to it every time i fly in that area.

  84. YES, mostly in home-base SLC, but once in EWR and HNL. Just been a member since Nov ’12.

  85. Yes, I bought an NWA lifetime membership back in 2000 or 2001. When DL bought NWA it was transferred as to a DL lifetime membership. They have been of great help to me with travel problems over the years.

  86. Yes – LAX, SFO, DTW, ATL – Like SFO because I smoke so I can easily duck out a couple times with a long layover due to location of club pre-security.

  87. Yes. I’ve been fortunate to travel with others that have memberships, but have not traveled enough to have my own. It was so nice to have a relaxed atmosphere with drinks and snacks available while waiting for my flight.

  88. Yes, I’ve had lounge access through Delta Amex for several years now. I used it to the extreme on my first ever mileage run in Feb. DTW has great showers, and I slept pretty well in the BOS “quiet area”.

  89. Yes – former annual member, now only buying day passes when I fly. Since I live in the “feeder zone” to ATL, I have plenty of SkyClubs to choose from at ATL, no matter which concourse I land or depart from, and they definitely make the layover much more tolerable… and productive.

  90. Yes, It was great. I purchased a 30 pass for 90$ and used it with my husband about 4 times last year.

  91. I have had the experience. It is so much more civilized than having to wait at the gate!

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