Delta Air Lines 767-300 Business Class & Economy Comfort International seats review

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Lisa & I have been in Sweden for a few weeks now and are just about ready to head home so I though I would review our first flight on the updated 767-300 seats (you can check Seat Guru for the full layout HERE).

The “Full Flat” seats as Delta calls them are very nice. Compared to the 777 these have a TON of space and felt much less claustrophobic than the herring bone style it uses.

The arrangement of 1-2-1 works great. If you are a couple traveling together the middle seats offer a ton of room, individual aisle access and space.

But speaking of claustrophobic, avoid row 1 in the middle. You have the bulk head wall, that does not intrude on your space, but does make the space feel much more cramped. All the seats have the same space in the middle so opt for something in the middle.

If you are traveling solo, the sides are very nice and offer great personal space.

Again here, just like with the row 1 in the middle, I would have you consider middle area for the best “open” feel.

While the seats are nice size, as well as the foot area and space around you, the one thing that is really lacking is personal storage. There are only a few little “flat” areas for you to put things so plan for that. I have also put up a YouTube slide show of the above photos as you can see.

Now on to the Economy Comfort section on the 767-300. Depending on the seat you pick you can get an amazing amount of leg room.

The side AB&FG seats in the first row of EC, row 17, are very nice as you can see.

There is one std power port between the seats, but I do suggest you always travel with one of my handy dandy monster power splitter you can buy for under 10 bucks that has extra power and USB power so you can get some extra ports when you need them (I would buy a bunch and give them to friends as gifts even).

Clearly if you are just two try for these side rows. The exit rows also have a huge amount of leg room.

But the seats are harder in the exit rows. It all depends on what is most important to you, leg room or a softer bottom 🙂 (there is also the noise issue with the bathrooms next to the exit so it is quieter farther forward).

Another nice thing is the EC front cabin does have a business mini cabin “feel” to it.

I think Delta has done a very nice job with this interior cabin design and if you are not a Platinum or Diamond medallion, so able to pick these seats free, the upgrade cost if you can get the right seats is well worth the price. As a warning keep in mind row 20, while exit, has limited recline but just as much leg room as row 21. I would avoid row 20 for sleep but would be just fine for a daytime flight. Lastly Delta does fly this design transcon now and then so you can enjoy it not just internationally, but there is no wifi as of this posting so if that is more important to you look to the old standard 767-300’s they fly all over the USA!

Just as with the Business class seats I have put up a YouTube video slide show of the seats from the post. Delta has made the decision to stick with older jets and just update interiors. They have a state of the art maintenance program and facilities in Atlanta and partnerships elsewhere. I have full confidence in this strategy and love what they are doing with this design.

Have you had a chance to try these seats out? Do you like them? Do you think the others are better? Let us all know please – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I’ve flown in the 767-300ER flat seats a few times. I prefer the seats on the sides where the seats are positioned next to the window and the table section is on the aisle. It feels more private and also ensures that your sleeping legs don’t get accidentally bumped by the cart in the morning (on the way to Europe, I prefer the extra sleep time instead of having a hum-ho breakfast). I would avoid the first row and the last row if possible.

  2. Rene,

    I have flown this aircraft, in Elite, a number of times to London. I have also flown the 777 to Tokyo in Elite. I really like the seat for the 767. I usually fly alone so I pick one of the singles, usually an odd number because I like being closer to the window. For some reason, I did not like the seat that was not as close to the window, just a personnal quirk, and nothing against the seat. I guess if I had any complaints, I wish the screen was bigger, but all in all, I like it. I am always relaxed and ready to go when I hit the ground in London after the flight. I do wish there was a little more storage for my iPad or a book. You are right on that point.


  3. I tried out the Economy Comfort yesterday (on an internationally-configured 767 though from SLC-ATL). I found the seats very comfortable with ample leg room and liked being able to have power at my seat if needed. The only downside I found to these seats was that the viewing angle on the IFE was very uncomfortable if the person in front of you was reclined.

    I doubt I’d pay for these seats, but could select free at check-in as Delta Silver, which is a nice touch.

  4. Was in the middle row 4 with my wife recently and have to echo your sentiments. Some prefer the pods of the B777, but I like these. I think IFE screen is big enough. Time flew by.

  5. I’ve flown several of them during the last couple months. Being bigger I prefer the the even numbered window seats on the 767 in BE. With it in lie flat the evens had more room to maneuver to stand up. The even also allowed me to jam my shoes between my table and the seat in front. The down side was the traffic and window’s distance. Being broad shouldered I did prefer the 777’s over the 767’s. The 767 did have more flat surfaces to work. For real pleasure nothing can beat the 747’s new BE. Large area, large tv, and comfortable seat/bed. Best seats are 77A and K, upper deck, 14 total seats, dark, and two FA.

  6. Thanks for the report on the 767-300 International. We are booked in 21 F&G to Paris. The photographs look like we made the correct seat decision. I do have a concern about the lav being close. I would like to hear a comment if someone has been in those seats for a recent trip.

  7. I have flown this version of 767 in EC and Business and agree with your evaluation 100%. This plane and the revamped 747 are my favorite for business class now, displacing the 777!

  8. No photos of 1 B&C? I have a flight on a 763 tomorrow with my wife and currently have those seats. I can still move to 7 B&C if I want. Are they really that claustrophobic?

  9. If flying solo, I’d try for a right single seat, with the seat itself on the aisle, and the accessory space to the right. That’s just a personal thing and mostly to accommodate rather weak ears. And yes, unless flying with a partner, I’d avoid the center section at all cost: it may be “J” class, but those two-up seats are a bit too intimate for me – without a known flying partner. My two cents!

  10. I have to disagree on row 1, I always seem to end up in 1C and although the bulkhead is close the footwell is larger than the seats further back. It’s a good seat, better than herringbone, which I’ve flow on AC, personal favourite in J is rear facing BA Club World.

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  12. In a couple of days my girlfriend and I are about to experience BE in a 767-300ER on a r/t between FRA and JFK. It’s our first time in business and we are very excited!

  13. Do these really go full flat bed? I swear there was still very slight pitch to the seat unlike the 777 setup.

    Love the workspace next to the seat, especially if by window.

  14. James Ward Reply

    Very interested to read that exit row seats are harder than others. I’d never noticed this before, until my last flight on a refurbished A330 ATL-MAN. I honestly couldn’t sleep due to the hard seat. I’d assumed it was the same for all seats but am now suspecting that it might just be row 29. Any views? I have the same flights coming up in a couple of weeks time.

    • @James – the EC seats (non-exit) are better in that regard and as Mark pointed out (txs Mark) the exit is much colder!

  15. In response to your remark about where to sit on a smaller domestic flight, we always try to get two aisles across from each other, even if the seats are not completely aligned.

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  17. Got an OPS Upgrade to Business Elite on the 767-300 LHR-JFK, on Tuesday from EC. I was originally upgraded to 9C In the middle, however a couple did a 3 way “musical chairs” with me and another flyer. And I moved to 1A. I didn’t mind having my own “corner” of the plane. I agree with the lack of personal storage however, over 1A there was a “mini” overhead bin, which Is where I ended up putting my backpack, and I found it to be just fine.

    I enjoyed the seat very much. I wish the bottom extended up just a little more like a recliner, when you are upright, but at this point I’m nitpicking. I mean can I really complain? I got a free upgrade :p I like the blue glow of the restroom before the light turns on too.

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  19. Thank you for the Review. I have booked the middle row 19 Economy Comfort for three persons. Now I have seen the review Iam wondering, is there enough space to recline the seat?

    • @Summer – According to Seat Guru you should have full recline and no one behind you. But, I can not say for sure. Clearly for leg room 17 either side or exit row (can get cold) are the best on the sides if it is ok to split up the three of you.

  20. Thank you for your quick answer. I hope Seat Guru is right:-). We cannot Switch seats because our child cannot sit in an Exit row or by himself. Still looking forward to that flight!

    • @Summer please report back and if not great report here and at Seat Guru! Enjoy the trip! (one HUGE perk will be NO ONE hitting the back of your seat tinkering with IFE system in seatback!)

  21. I’m flying on a 10+ hour flight on DL 615 (SEA-CDG) on the 767-300ER (76L) aircraft. Delta’s website for seat assignments says that 19A has limited recline.
    However, seatguru (

    says that 19A is a normal Economy Comfort Seat. My questions are:

    1. Has anyone sat on 19A before?
    2. Does it recline and if so, how much? Is the recline the same, more, or less as the regular economy class seats?

    (Row 19 is in front of the emergency exit row)

    3. Does the armrest lift up or is it immovable?


  22. We are back from our flight and I can report back, that row 19 has enough space to recline the seat just as much as the other rows in front!
    And as you said no one was hitting our seat during the flight.
    The toilet wasn’t a problem either, no smell:-)!

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  24. I was upgraded this summer on a JFK-SEA flight, 3PM, 767-300 BE seat and it was great. Does anyone know what schedule this plane runs on for the JFK/SEA routes?

    I’ve been trying to book some flights on this plane in hopes for an upgrade however I never see it on the schedule. Any tips?

  25. How is the recline on 767-300 international flights? Is it enough for a person to sleep comfortably?

  26. I have flown the 767-300 plenty of times no with Delta and I just love it. It has Always from the start been my most favourite airline, the service is great, and I have been diamond since the start of it. I do agree it is sometimes high miles you pay for free flights but for a C class like this I can imagine.

  27. I have flown in BE on this aircraft and it is VERY nice! I am flying to London with my teenage kids from DTW in June. I didn’t have enough miles for a BE seat this time. Sniff sniff. Still hoping a lower fare mileage opens up so I can snag one for myself. Kids and I are booked in EC seats. Question, some reports are that the middle 3 first row in EC has extra legroom for bulkhead. Do you know if this is true? I booked us in row 17 as I worried that the bulkhead would be cramped as it sometimes is. Row 16 is still available. Would that be a better choice for legroom? My 16 year old son is 6’4″ tall and ALL legs! I wonder also if I get enough miles for a BE seat for myself and there are extra BE seats (I am Delta Platinum) if maybe they will upgrade my kids to join me? Probably unlikely but has anyone had experience here? Thanks so much! This is a very useful post

  28. I have flown the new BE seats transcon many times. I prefer the side seats next to the window away fro the aisle. I have two issues with the new lie flat seats: I am 6 foot eight inches tall and the box in which your feet go is too short if I recline the seat all the way to sleep. My size 13 feet are too big for the confined box and it is difficult to position my feet so my toes aren’t scrunched against the sides of the box. Also, people in the seat behind me often fidget with their feet and the bumping and knocks resulting from their fidgeting are annoying. I am sure that I do the same thing trying to fit my feet comfortably as well.
    If I am not in BE, I am in exit row 20 or 21 in economy comfort. These seats seem to have more leg room than the BE seats! I always take the window and more than 50% of the time I have no seat mate which is fantastic. I don’t mind the slightly more limited recline in 20, it is a bit more quiet with respect to the lavatories but I never find lavatory noise that annoying, I’m either asleep outbound or watching movies with my own earbuds inbound. With the free booze and an ambien, I have no trouble sleeping on the outbound. And if a FA brings you a present from BE (like an almost there hamburger), then its almost as good as BE. It’s very comfortable in the exit rows, I sometimes sit on one of the blankets to reduce the hardness of the exit row seat cushions.

  29. I will be flyig SEA-ICN next month and am wondering if it is worth upgrading from row 32F and 32G to row 20EC? My main concern is the IFE, with that much extra legroom is the screen on the seat in front or is it an armrest screen?


    • @Kees – to me leg room is KING. The IFE is still fine IMO. Not like a MILE of room like a full seat like on the 737-900

  30. What about 16CDE seats. These are not covered on photos. Are they as good as 17AB?

  31. @Rene: Thanks. I see. But honesly, it it hard to estimate (looking at this and other available photos) are they standard EC seat or are they better… To the point: I am searching configuration of three seats (two adults + 3 years old child). I think about 16CDE, 17E + 17FG or maybe any other seats. Would you help?

    • @Luke – If leg room is MAX important go 17 & one in middle. The middle row is good but nothing like sides.

  32. Thanks so much for this info, along with the photos. They were very helpful.

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