Delta sent me this e-mail reminder for summer travel! How can I thank them?

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reminders from delta

Delta is sending Skymiles members the above helpful reminders. Are they really helpful? Well, I have a bit of a different take on most of them. Here is what I think and let’s break this down!

1 – I do know about check-in but let’s NOT pay for bag fees, shall we! As I have talked about before even a casual Delta flyer can benefit from having a Delta AMEX card. The fee is just worth it for the perks vs. paying for bags etc.

2 – Oh my do I wish Delta “Size Check” was enforced even just a little by Delta. I mean seriously people can bring a steamer trunk and then check it at the gate free 99.99% of time. Why have a policy like this when it is NEVERenforced (almost never anyway). But thanks for the reminder that these check stations are all around the airport for us to look at and take up space!

3 – Brian, The Points Guy is our resident expert traveling with pets (Hi Miles 😉 ) I will say that I get pets. I mean I get them. An airline may look at them only in dollars and cents, but they are family. You cannot just replace Max or Ben or Miles. Airlines have a bad track record with animals as cargo and I would do what it takes to bring them onboard!

4 – OK I agree with this one. The APP (when it works) is very very nice. Feature packed and useful. +1 Delta this time.

5 – TSA Pre. Oh let me count the ways I love thee. I will not only jump all over this but tell my fellow medallions you had better be smart enough to check all the info is right at your My Delta page and those who are not medallion just get GOES!

6 – OK this is good too. If a loved one needs say a wheel chair, please, before you check-in, make sure you have this noted and it shows up in the record. Delta is VERY good with this if you do the steps you need in advance.

7 – I think this is important, not due to the fact that it helps Delta, but if you have the Reserve card you can go and unwind in the Sky Club for free for you and two more or you and your family count too. If there is a delay or whatever you are already at a place where you can get quick good help. If not, then look to point 8!

8 – Sorry NO! No way go to a help center with a line 100 deep. Just tweet @DeltaAsssit and in no time you are all set. Just that simple and they are that good!

So maybe all the reminders for summer travel are not all bad but I think they could have tweaked them just a little bit to make them better. I think it was very nice of me to improve these for our beloved airline! – René

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  1. You’re complaining about them not enforcing the carry on limits. Great, lets hope they do, so they can start charging fees, and then start shrinking them, to collect even more fees. You’re a real genius.,

  2. You made some great points. I have an off-topic question. I recently received my PM card and at the bottom left on the front of the card it has a 6 digit code. Do you know what that is?

  3. @Nick – I think you will find most would LIKE them to enforce this. It would speed up boarding etc. once word got out you will have to pay anyway so why not take care of it at check-in.
    @Mark – I do not. Any other readers help out?

  4. 1. I would LOVE if they enforced carry-on baggage size!

    2. Mark – That number on the front is the serial number for that particular medallion level. However, no one knows what time of year they reset to the new year’s number so it’s hard to tell how many co-medallions you have at the same level

  5. #2 – I BEG that the Gate Agents verify bags fit in the ‘Size Check’. And would they please enforce the number of carry-ons? If you want to speed the boarding process “… to ensure an on-time departure…” then enforce these two rules, please.
    #3 – the problem that I have with pets on the plane is that I have several allergies and one of them is to pet dander. Never had an extremely bad experience sitting next to a pet, but once it was uncomfortable with a small dog close by.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with #2. I hate it when people bring 3 bags or when they bring a gigantic bag that is clearly way over the size limit. I don’t get why they don’t do this more often given how important on time departures are to their stats.

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