Milwaukee MKE Staybridge Delta Points review

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Wow! Wow what a difference. As you read this I have just finished my 2 day mileage run out to LAX and back from MKE. Not too long ago I had a morning flight so I stayed at the SPG Sheraton MKE (about 20+ min drive away) and will never be back there ever again. I had planned to stay at the ALOFT MKE but when the Staybridge appeared on this round of IHG PointBreaks for just 5000 points I changed my plans and am so happy I did.

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The hotel is very near MKE. I have reviewed stays at Staybridges before and have been impressed. This time I got a King room with a hot tub (did not try it).

staybridge hotel mke airport delta points blog 2

Not only do you get 2 rooms, but a kitchen and a really big bathroom with a separate shower and “getting ready” area that most of the feminine persuasion will appreciate as having the”hair” all steamy just does not work (am I right or am I right). Clearly I don’t have that issue, but I make my point.

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Then on to breakfast. The area is spacious and the food was very good. Hot food, ridiculously good service from all the staff just makes a stay so much better.

If you think I am impressed just wait. When I went to check in, as an IHG Platinum, they have, as you can see by the spinning wheel above, a pot luck of your award. Kinda fun but I said: “You need more beer tabs” and the rep says, “you missed happy hour, do you want a beer“? Now anytime anyone greets me with “you want a beer” I know it is going to be a good day. Due to my experience with #Delta I was afraid of #SkunkyGate but then she says, “You want a Leinenkugel” and my fears melted away.

Oh, and wait this just keeps getting better. MKE has a great $6/day discount lot. But, you can stay, just about as long as you want, FREE at the hotel parked away from the main front area. You just fill out a log sheet and they take you to the airport free and pick you up when you call on your return. Seriously, I am in love (and SPG needs to take notes)!

Wifi was free, but if I had to nit-pic at all it would be the restricted speed. I get why hotels do this, so no one uses too much bandwidth, but I still dislike it.

staybridge mke wifi speed

So, if you have any trips to MKE please consider the Staybridge. You will be impressed – I was! – René

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  1. We had a similar experience with the Holiday Inn Express near MKE. Free parking for the week with free shuttle is a great benefit. One free beer = a loyal hotel fan for life. Being a gracious host is not rocket science, is it?

  2. Glad to see those places working out…but man, even for a few extra bucks, staying downtown in any city is always superior in my book to staying out in the strip mall zone. I would have picked the Aloft any day!

  3. Sounds like you had a good trip. I am starting my next MR today…MiA to ATL to SAN and back tomorrow. Too bad my MRs are a little off from yours but I have to make mine around weekends, not so much during the week. Anyway, I will be at the Chicago Seminars. Hope to run into you there. Cheers!

  4. @Tyrell – I value 7000 SPG SO much more than 4500 IHG (5000-500 as a IHC card holder). I was trying to do this one as cheap as possible and even avoided toll roads as much as possible. My CPM on this one will be low.

  5. Rene, good timing as I will be doing the same run twice. Once at the end of Oct and the middle of Nov. I went to the Staybridge site but it looks that hotel is no longer on the 5000 pt list. I guest I will stick with my original plan. See you in Chicago.

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