Today we get an ALL DAY SWAG Saturday!

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This is a special weekend each year that is the weekend of the Chicago Seminars. It is so great to get to meet so many who read DeltaPoints each day and even take a Segway ride along the Chicago Lake shore with a few.

chicago skyline at night via segway tour delta points blog

I love being so close to Chicago. I love that Delta has a strong presence in both MDW and ORD. I wish MDW had a Skyclub but at least TSA Pre check is coming there soon.


But that brings us to today’s SWAG Saturday. The rules do not change each week and you can find them HERE so do check them out.

To win this week, we are going all Delta. Delta AMEX to be specific that is. As touched on yesterday, I have two Delta AMEX Reserve cards. Since I do not spend enough MQD money each year on Delta tickets to keep my Diamond Medallion status I will shoot for exemption via spend ($25,000 from 01JAN-31DEC in qualifying gets you that).

solar power brick


50 walmart gift card

My question for you, to have a shot at winning a solar power brick AND a $50 Walmart gift card (from more SW Air points), is what is your favorite perk of ANY of the Delta AMEX cards. – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
Click here for more information




Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I have the Delta Platinum Amex…so for me it is the companion ticket.

  2. The most simple … But the best. The 9 first bags free – super helpful when traveling with friends (aka convincing them to fly with me)

  3. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I love the fact the Delta AMEX Skymiles Gold card helps me earn miles toward Medallion status. That status is great.

  4. The free baggage for you and family is my favorite on the Gold Amex.

  5. Amex DELTA card gives you a discount for onboard Delta purchases…that is nice!

  6. Right now, it is the ability to get exemption from the MQD criteria for elite qualification.

  7. Don’t travel much so free bags help. Also, interesting typo….

  8. My favorite perk of the Delta AMEX card has to be free checked bag. Simple, I know, but valuable over the course of a year’s travel.

  9. I think the Platinum has the right mix of benefits to annual fee ratio.

  10. Companion cert is best for the time being. Starting next year it will be MDD exemption when spending 25k.

  11. The companion ticket with the personal platinum card. I am flying to PHX for work and taking my wife with me: $654 dollar value on the companion ticket

  12. I like the fact that you not only earn miles but MQMs with some cards.

  13. There are several things I like about the amex but having the ability to use partical miles for purchasing a ticket is nice if you ever want to go that route.

  14. Def has to be the free bags that we get.. comes in handy every time.

  15. Aside from the the sign-up bonus, which I’m not sure counts as a perk, I’d have to say mqd exemption. I prefer the unbranded plat Amex because of MR redemption getting SkyMiles but it will take a bit of spending to see if dl amex becomes my fav.

    Grabbed the plat due to mqd and offer but wanted the reserve may apply for biz reserve if a good offer comes otherwise I’ll never dump the unbranded plat Amex!

  16. The companion ticket, for sure!!! Thanks for the opportunity as I could definitely use the prick over in Afghanistan (just got mobilized!)..

  17. Since I hate lines, priority check in and boarding. And of course the sign up bonus is nice too!

  18. It used to be the companion ticket, now with MQDs it is definitely the exemption.

  19. The MQM bonus will get me to gold medallion for the first time this year plus the skyclub access from the Delta Reserve card to escape the insanity of the terminal is priceless.

  20. Definitely the free checked bag! That perk goes a long way for those of us who have no elite status with Delta!

  21. Free checked bags for all members of the family (Delta Gold AMEX).

  22. It’s got to be the free checked bags. A great perk on those long business and vacation trips!

  23. I have the platinum card and got 15k MQM and 50k miles, that was a great benefit

  24. The companion pass and the ability to “spend” one’s way toward status.

  25. 10,000 MQMs for 25k spend benefits two ways–faster Medallion status and MQD exemption

  26. Msp is a hub for Delta…so i have a little easier time finding flights.

  27. The spend threshold MQM bonuses, and soon to be “exemption” from the MQD requirement.

  28. Overall it has to be the Bonus MQM’s, but this year the signup bonus for Business Platinum was crazy good.

  29. Whoop De Doo! I finally won DeltaPoints Saturday Swag 😉 Yep… still practicing for the big win. And the Swagtastic answer to today’s question is; My favorite Delta Amex perk is the annual Companion Certificate. Such a deal!

  30. I love the discounts on in flight entertainment and food/drink with my Delta Amex Card! Also using the companion fare to fly my fiance and I to the west coast next spring for our wedding!

  31. My favorite since I don’t fly much is the free companion ticket ! If you play it right it can be worth
    hundreds. I am now turtling toward milliom miler.

  32. Definitely the MQM bonus! It will be a bit easier for me to make PM for the first time! Woo hoo!!

  33. GetToThePoints Reply

    Free bags, comes in very handy when traveling with family on vacation.

  34. Bruce Lanser Reply

    Never use the companion cert, never need more than 1 bag (get 1 as silver), like to be the last on the plane (better plane spotting from the terminal)…so I’ll go with the discount for onboard purchases 🙂

  35. You’re all wrong (I’ve read the comments) While the priority boarding, free bags, and of course, the spending levels that make the MQM’s go over the top are all good to excellent, it’s the 5-day out upgrade that makes it so valuable for me.

    I stumbled on knowing about the Reserve benefit by accident after I noticed that I was getting consistently upgraded almost a week before my flight. Huh? Particularly since I noticed that Diamonds were sometimes getting their upgrades the last minute. So, I asked a Delta phone rep about this (never thinking about the Delta AMEX Reserve) and she said that this is one of the factors used in upgrades. Since I can’t compete in the Diamond level, and even with some Platinum members, I realized that the Reserve card made the difference.

  36. BOGOF would be the best since I have to pay for me and my travel mate – she is gold and I am platinum, trying to decide if it is worth getting diamond or rolling over 35k to 49K mile for next year.

  37. Delta Reserve -Lounge Access, Companion ticket , both are Great !

  38. I have both the personal reserve and the business for the the ease of earning MQM’s and for the MQD exemption.

  39. Greg Gredvig Reply

    Brand new to looking into the game/hobby/sport of obtaining miles & status. I love the perk of free bags. I travel for work and not having to claim bags on my expense report is nice.

  40. Bonus miles for applying! And I got status for the first time with bonus mqms!

  41. My favorite benefit with the platinum card is the free companion ticket.

  42. Best is the 10K MQM I got last month and the 15K MQM I will earn in November from Spend on the platinum and reserve cards.

  43. free checked bags (esp. for others also travelling on your res.)

  44. Don in ATL Reply

    My favorite perk with the DL Amex Platinum card is the two rounds of 10K MQM’s I get each year after I spend $25K and $50K respectively.

  45. Christine Pincince Reply

    the free checked bags for sure and MQM as I don’t fly enough to reach even silver with out that boost each year

  46. I only started earning miles in September, so the signup MQM bonus from the platinum amex was important to help get me to FO before the end of the year. Next year, the favorite perk will be the companion fare to bring my wife along!

  47. My favorite features of my Platinum Amex are the companion cert and 10K MQM boost.

  48. Delta MQMs on the Reserve card. (And soon to be Delta MQDs as well!)

  49. DeltaGoldLass Reply

    Hi Rene
    Great seeing you in Chicago !
    Re Amex advantage

    There seems to be preferential. Treatment by delta
    Which is always nice :)!!!!

  50. Andrew Gambino Reply

    The miles, then the mqm, looking at GM without any flying this year. The miles have allowed us to do some flying with points instead of cash.

  51. platinum card for MQMs and the sky club for sure
    bogo tickets is nice also

  52. I like the bump in priority with the reserve card. I still don’t believe that there are more low level awards available because of the reserve card.

  53. Gold card for cheap SkyClub access, hoping to upgrade to the platinum for the bogo/companion tickets. Sad to see them do away with it for the gold card holders.

  54. Initially, I got the Platinum card for the mileage bonus. I keep it because of the free bags and annual companion pass.

  55. The sign-up bonuses (including MQMS on Platinum / Reserve cards)….

  56. For my platnum it’s the pass, for the reserve its the lounge access.

  57. Gregg Goldstein Reply

    I have the Delta Platinum Amex. I like that it gives me a free companion ticket each year and maybe I will actually remember to use it. I also love the fact that it may unofficially help my chances of upgrading as it may give me more weight.

    I also used the 20 percent off our delta “meals” while in coach on our way to vegas (with my wife).

    having up to 4 or 5 bags per person in my party doesn’t hurt either.

  58. The free bags is definitely my favorite perk … besides the Sign up bonus of course!!! 😀

  59. the lounge access
    I’ve never been to a lounge. I have always flown coach and have been saving to fly business class for our upcoming honeymoon. So excited

  60. Have used the free first class companion ticket 3 times. 2nd would be access to Sky Club.

  61. I have the Delta Platinum Am Ex. For me the biggest perk is the free checked bags.

  62. Mercedes card-free lounge access. But after reading so mant comments in favor of the Reserve card, I will be checking it out further.

  63. Free baggage is actually the most helpful for me. Traveling with lots of luggage since I move a lot can be a pain

  64. I don’t have any Delta cards (yet), but I will definitely seek out something with free bags for my first one.

  65. I have the Delta Platinum AmEx card. Companion ticket is best perk.

  66. My husband and I both have the Delta Platinum. We love the free companion certificate. It is the best perk and makes the card very worth keeping.

  67. I love the companion certificate with the Delta Gold. Sadly, this is the last year the gold card is offering it as a benefit.

  68. The bonus MQMs on spend for the Delta Reserve… and SkyClub access.

  69. fishing4Deals Reply

    My daughter got a free round trip ticket with the bonus points. Great Deal!

  70. TexasYankee Reply

    I like the chance for 10,000 mqms with the extra spending.

  71. Getting the 10,000 MQM’s each year when I reach the spend limit.

  72. Corp Plat – 10 Free Go Go and Free Global Entry. While these are not Delta cards, this is a key for any Delta traveler

  73. Earning mqm miles is helpful for when you’re just under the threshold.

  74. I have the AMEX plat and I’d say my favorite benefit is the MQMs (though soon I think it will be the MQD exemption)

  75. MQMs! Got me GM just before a trip that will itself bump me to PM. The 100% skymile bonus @GM vs 25% @SM from getting that bump will net me an extra 12,000 skymiles.

  76. Well since I don’t have an AMEX I can’t speak for the benefits. What I do like is traveling with my boss who gets us into many clubs with his Reserve card. Usually he’s above me on the UG list too. Ugh. Maybe I should give in & get Amex. Ugh.

  77. I love my Reserve card for the Skyclub access. Now that I am Diamond, and get that anyways, the MQM bonuses are awesome.

  78. I like the priority boarding on these AMEX Delta cards. Sometimes, when a flight is completely full and the gate agent would force Zone 3 passengers to check their carry-on luggage at the gate. With the AMEX Delta, we can avoid this.

  79. Nothing beats a free flight to wonderful Paris in Business Class! Almost as good as the city itself!

  80. My favorite perk is the free checked bag! I have the Delta Platinum and I also really like the companion pass!

  81. love the perk of the companion ticket with the delta platinum delta amex.

  82. Ken Gladstone Reply

    Hmm, I think the MQMs for my $25K spend. And starting next year, the MQD exemption for that spend!

    Note that I’m typing this using GoGo on my 1st class upgrade seat on DL1061 from MCO to LAX.

  83. All the bonus MQMs and soon the added bonus of the MQD exemption (with $25K spend) on the Delta Platinum.

  84. Hard to decide between bonus MQMs and Skyclub access with my Reserve card!

  85. charles alan satterwhite Reply

    Better treatment and really just the miles and the trips!

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