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SKYBUCKS – “Strive for Five” the Delta employee incentives program

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strive for five Delta employee rewards delta points blog

One year ago this Friday Delta launched the SkyBucks program to reward Delta FA’s and Field Service Managers for good customer service.

Delta after flight suvey delta points blog

The outsourced program with the focus to “strive for five” is all about the emails we often get after a flight.

SKYBUCKS card delta employee rewards delta points blog

In other words your score can have a CASH impact for the crew. If they get 5’s it can mean a VISA card for them (once they save up enough SkyBucks points).

facts page one Skybucks delta points blog

The idea is to provide incentives for the Delta employees to, as the site says:

“When at least one customer on their flight completes an onboard customer satisfaction survey and provides an ‘excellent’ or ‘5’ ranking in response to each of the flight attendant behavior-related questions, every working flight attendant on that flight will earn one SkyBuck (3 SkyBucks on flights of 5 or more scheduled block hours).”

facts page one Skybucks delta points blog 2

Then, as mentioned, when they have earned enough points they can cash out for a pre-paid VISA debit card.

cost to redeem skymiles for a amex gift card

I think it is very funny that they are NOT getting a DELTA AMEX card but a VISA card? My guess is that even Delta thought it would cost way to much money to redeem Skymiles from AMEX to reward employees this way (as we have to from the Skymiles Marketplace)!

delta skybucks shoot from facebook delta points blog

Anyway, I just though you may find it interesting that your answers to an online survey can have a direct impact on Delta employees. I have not always taken the time to fill them out since I fly so much but from now on I will take the time to make sure I do as 9 of 10 times I am most impressed by the service level I get from Delta crews.

performance pays skybucks delta employee incentive program

Also I was thinking, the next time we are NOT getting the service level we have come to expect from Delta FA’s, why not drop the buzz words “I guess this crew is not in the mood to strive for five today”! 😉 – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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  1. It is good to know about the Skybonus Program. What value if any is providing a Delta employee with a Job Well Done certificate that we get with our medallion credentials? Thanks.

  2. I had no idea what they did with the surveys. I do not do them sometimes because I forgot about the flight. By the time the survey arrives I may have had 2-4 segments completed. I will make sure I fill them out from now on. Most flights they deserve credit!

  3. Bradhattan

    I usually do take the time to fill out the post-flight questionnaire. However, a 5 indicates excellence and that is rare in the air. I do give some 5’s but probably not five 5’s on one questionnaire.

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  8. Jill Dineen

    My iTunes card does not work. Apple says it has not been properly coded. How can I get help.

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  10. Kathleen Walberg

    I cannot sign into my skybucks account. I verified my email address but cannot remember password. Says my email is incorrect

  11. Ney j teate

    I have recieved sky bucks every month since it’ initiation.May, June, July -total of 0. I am a 47 yr. original Delta. Have always been anxious to help in the other cabin when work in one is done. It is just the Delta Way! But sometimes you cannot control what goes on in the opposite end of our very full airplanes. I recently had a great experience with a wonderful team in BE elite coming home fromZurich.No question in my mind that we would have received all fives from the customers that we enjoyed and I have no doubt that we were all 5’s and felt very proud about it. So, possibly, one FA in the economy cabin is the deal breaker ? Please tell me how this is an “enhancement ” to the program ?

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  16. Claudia Fekete

    My SkyBucks account is not updated.
    No option to talk to a person and get correction on my account.
    I was on the phone for one hour try to speak to someone the only information I got is an email address.
    My account ever going to be updated?
    I have a printout of September statement reflecting July 2018
    4200 points.
    I have a printout of December statement reflecting October 2018
    4200 points.

  17. rene

    @Claudia – You realize this is just a blog about Delta – NOT – Delta itself. You will need to contact Delta (maybe via the DeltaNET?)!

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