Happy 2nd anniversary DeltaPoints.com! SWAG Saturday on overload!

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Wow! Tomorrow, November 17th, will mark the 2nd anniversary of DeltaPoints.com. It is hard to find the words to say how humbled I am each day to have so many read my thoughts about all things Delta Air Lines as well as travel in general. I get so many warm and kind e-mails each day that motivate me to keep up this work and I want you to know how much it means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It is also kinda scary to think about how fast the blog is growing. For year number one, DeltaPoints.com had under ¾ of a million page-views for the full year. Now, for year two, that number has grown to 1,300,000+! Not just this but E-mail and RSS has topped 5000 daily now and soon 3000 followers on Twitter.

What are some of the things I am most proud of in the past year? First of all content in the over 1300 posts in the two years. There is a reason you read this blog each day, it is to find out new and fun ways to enjoy your travel on “our” airline. With over a year’s worth of “Rookie Wednesday” posts there is a wealth of information there to help both the frequent and infrequent flyer. Also the “Essentials Tab” has grown to include so many of the topics often asked by readers. Mileage Runs and the “MR Tab“, this is still a work in progress as well as the Text Alerts to your phone, but it is fun to have stuff to work on for 2014.

Speaking of 2014 it will be a “fun” year. I pledge to do all I can to help us navigate what is to come from Delta. From MQDs to what other changes may come to the award program I will stay on top of each adjustment and help us all to get max value from each “enhancement” to come.

How can I say thank you to you all? Well it is SWAG Saturday so why not give away stuff. Not just one of things but TWO of things in honor of year two. This week will be a little different than most weeks. You will have until 22NOV2013 to comment. You may only comment once. All the winners will have a shot at the grand prize next summer of the Silver Medallion status prize. Here are the items up for grabs:

tablet giveaway delta points blog
2 – 7′ android tablets with keyboard & case

50 walmart gift card
2 – $50 Walmart Gift cards from my SW Air points 🙂

solar power brick
2 – Silver color Solar Battery Bricks.

So what would I like from you for a chance to win ONE of the above prizes via Random.org? Just comment anything at all below on the blog (not via email please). Also please, if you know of any other Delta flyers who are not yet reading the blog, find time to share this post with them as well! – René

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  1. Hi. Just finished my first mileage run last week. You inspired me. I really enjoy all the info you provide. Thanks much and here’s to a great 2014!!

  2. Love the blog and as a new gold medallion, I love the perks. Sky Priority especially!! Thanks for all the useful info!

  3. Congratulations on your second Anniversary! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a few months now.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! This is a great blog that I read at least daily!
    If I can choose-I’d like the tablet most, but won’t say no to the other prices either 🙂
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Rene! Delta Points is one of my regular stops for great information and insights. Keep up the great work!

  6. Congrats, Rene! I’ve learned a lot from you. Your blog was instrumental in planning my trip on Skymiles last year to the Canary Islands via Madrid and Paris for 60k RT. It can be done!

  7. Happy Anniversary.
    Read blog regularly. More info on miles redemption, particularly for those of us without status would be great

  8. How bout that the best blog on the world featuring the worlds first 7′ Tablet. If I were to win the 7′ tablet I’m lugging that Mureșan of electronics onto Delta to see if they let me use it during take-off!! But what I love best is having a blogger who’s eager to meet his readers in the real world and not just living behind a keyboard in cyberdiana.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Delta Points is one of the handful of frequent flyer blogs that I consider essential reading each morning while enjoying my coffee.

  10. Still not collecting Delta miles because they are too hard to spend. That means flying your competitors. Listening Delta? (I think not).

  11. Thanks and congratulations! One of my favorite things are your rookie Wednesday and swag Saturday posts! These items are perfect Christmas presents. Here’s wishing you many more years of success!

  12. Congratulations Rene! You do an amazing job keeping up with all the news and sharing all of your ideas and experiences with us. We are so LUCKY!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Love all your tips on building an award itinerary. Plus, especially love that you answer and comment so quickly. Thanks.

  14. Happy Anniversary Rene! I sincerely appreciate all the advice. I have already moved up to silver and I am working hard on making gold thanks to your tips and advice!

  15. Been following for a year now. Great blog, and I appreciate all your insights and work. It has made a big difference to my travel planning. Here’s to Year 3!

  16. With over 1.5 million MQMs on Delta/NWA I still learn new stuff from you all the time. Keep up the good work.

  17. Rene,
    Congratulations on this milestone and thank you for all the amazing information that you provide. Each day you offer us the tools to not only travel more economically but you also inspire us to want to travel on the best airline around. Again, thank you and congrats!

  18. Congratulations, Rene! Over the last year, Delta Points has become one of the sites I visit every morning. Thanks!

  19. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I love reading your posts. Thanks for celebrating your accomplishments by giving stuff away. 🙂

  20. I have been a regular reader for some time now. I am PM now (goal of DM next year) and my wife will be GM this year. Your work is so helpful, and inspires both of us!

  21. I just found your site a few months ago, and I love all the great information you provide. Thanks!

  22. Happy Anniversary. I appreciate your often informative blog … though I’m still dubious about the value of mileage runs.

  23. Happy anniversary! So glad I found your site in my quest to get that elite status with Delta!

  24. Love how you help transverse all the challenges of trying to make flying Delta as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

  25. Don’t always agree with you, but you have done a good job covering which, up until the United blood letting, was clearly the worst airline FF program, which I am sadly elite on….

    Take care! Can’t wait to fly Alitalia Biz

  26. Rene – I am inundated with blogs but yours is one of the few “must reads”. Thanks for all the work you put into this, although I suspect it’s a labor of love!

  27. I really appreciate the knowledge and advice you supply every day. Congratulations on two years and keep up the good work!

  28. I went from Silver to Platinum this year following your advice. Thank you Rene’ for your dedication to helping me get the most from my Delta travel.

  29. Love the blog Rene! Been following since day one! Keep up the good work that you do for all of us!

  30. I am a segment guy, vying for status via segments, as I would never hit the mileage requirements. Multi-segment trips at a low or otherwise reasonable price would benefit some of us more than “mileage runs”. I can use skypesos to get anywhere for positioning……

  31. As a newbie to really paying attention to obtaining Delta points. Your blog has been a wealth of information. Thank you for the time to take to clearly explain everything DELTA!

  32. Thanks for the blog. Perhaps add a post about when is the best time during the week to buy Delta tickets?

  33. Living in a Delta hub city, I find it awesome to read a delta focused blog. Happy anniversary and thank you!

  34. Happy anniversary! I have been reading your blogs everyday since becoming a skymiles member this year. It has been truly helpful and enlightening. I look forward to more great advice and deals!!

  35. happy anniversary! I am a late arriver to the points game and to this blog, but stuck in CVG, so Delta all the way! 🙂

  36. Happy 2nd Birthday, Delta Points. In honor of your birthday, I’m flying over to HNL from PHX (via LAX) on DL to pick up some MQM’s before the end of the year for only $400 r/t.

  37. Happy Anniversary! Thank you, Rene, for all the great stuff you tell us about every day about “our” airline.

  38. Happy Anniversary, Rene!
    Although I don’t participate in mileage runs,
    I appreciate the other tips you share with your readers.
    Keep up the good work!

  39. Congrats on two years and a great body of work! In the past year, I have done my first mileage run ever, and this year I will make something higher than Silver for the first time, thanks to what I learned reading your blog. Keep ’em coming!

  40. Happy Anniversary René! The blog is great but I especially appreciate how you respond to all of my email questions! Trying for Platinum in 2014!!

  41. First year reading the blog, and first year traveling after graduation. I will hit PM in December and owe 110% to Rene and this blog. This first year of travel has not only been easy and fruitful, but inspiring and exciting for that PM chase that will come in the future. Congrats Rene and I look forward to bumping into you on a MR soon.

  42. Happy 2nd Anniversary! Are you celebrating with a mileage run??
    Your blog gives great info, of course. But what impresses me the most is your genuine joy of traveling. It’s infectious. We have every reason to carp about award chart devaluations, but we also have every reason to set aside any annoyances when we get to the airport. There is something magical about travel. Keep up the good work! I hope to cross paths with you in a Delta Skylounge.

  43. Sure was a lot easier to win stuff here nearly 2 years ago! But that’s not a complaint — it’s a compliment that your readership has steadily increased and continues to participate. Congratulations and thank you.

  44. Grattis på er årsdag Rene! Thanks so much for being such a great tutor; I’ve learned so much from you! Cheers to onward and upward in 2014; see you in the first class lounge!

  45. I’ve been following for more than a year and learned so much. It is great to be Diamond! Many thanks!

  46. I loved that with everything you’ve written, I’m much savvier when I book tickets to places on Delta.

  47. Congrats! Thank you for all the great info. Because if your blog I attempted my first true mileage run in Feb. Two back to back BOS->LAS for ~10kmqm!

  48. Congrats! Keep up the good work. Your blog has almost single handedly educated me in how to make the most of having status on Delta.

  49. Congratulations René! Love your posts. I get them through email because I don’t want to miss any. So many things have been helpful to me including how to search segments for low level miles redemptions and Twitter (your tip on how helpful delta is on Twitter is the reason I got a Twitter account and it’s the only thing I do on Twitter!). Thank you!

  50. Happy Birthday! In honor of being 2 years old I just applied for 2 amex cards (spg bus and Delta Reserve Business)and was accepted for both! Thanks for the tips!

  51. cobgrats of course on 2 yrs and growing been with you. for 1 1/2 yrs and looking to many more.

  52. Thank you for all the advise and information. I believe I am a lot more savy now than before I joined the blog.

  53. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been reading, and have enjoyed your blog, for the last 1 1/2 years. Thanks!

  54. Happy Anniversary! Love the Blog. Being stuck in a DL hub it is nice to have a blog dedicated to DL. Keep up the good work.

  55. I am glad I helped raise your reader’s. Whenever I talk with someone flying Delta, I ask them if they know about DeltaPoints blog. If they don’t, they get the address from me!! Thanks for all the info and blogs you have posted.

  56. Words cannot express how MUCH your blog has enriched my life! My children live out West, so SLC is the main airport. Of course it is a Delta hub.

    No one can put a price on family relationships. Because of your site, I can visit my kids more often, and I’m learning ways to earn points to fly them home to North Carolina.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your service.

  57. Happy Anniversary. I stumbled upon your blog last year. The information I’ve found here is invaluable for frequent flyers. Thank you!!

  58. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing what you know, it has definitely helped me. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  59. Rene- Love the continued updates. I especially appreciate the MRs information, so please keep them coming. Thank to you I am taking my first next Monday. ORD-ATL-LAX-OAK-SJC-ORD. Can’t wait. Thanks!

  60. Congrats on 2 years, love the site and have learned a lot about earning miles and status. Thanks for all the help and knowledge.

  61. Happy Anniversary! I’ve learned so much from this blog! It’s fantastic. Thanks Rene, for all your efforts!

  62. I have to say that your blog Renee is the only blog I read on a daily/weekly basis. It has so much useful information for a newbie delta points person, that I make sure never to miss what you have to say. Keep up the great work!

  63. Congratulations Rene!! I love reading your blog and have learned sooooo much from you. Thank you for teaching all of the tricks on redeeming Skymiles. As a result, I’m looking forward to my trip to Japan and Taiwan for my family of 4 in business class ALL in the same flight!!

  64. Rene’, thanks for all the info over the last two years. Because of you and the blog, I know more about what is going on at Delta than FA’s and DL agents working at the Sky Clubs! I tell them to subscribe to Delta Points if they want to know what is happening with “OUR” airline.

  65. Rene,
    Congrats on two years. I just visited the new club in Istanbul on Friday morning. It is nice. I thought of you talking about it.

  66. Hi, Rene’, thanks for all you’ve done for us over the last two years! Because of the blog and you, I know more about what’s happening with Delta than the FAs and Agentss in the Sky Clubs. I tell them to join Delta Points so they know what is happening with OUR airline!

  67. Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary! Thank you for spending the time to inform and entertain your many readers. Here’s to many more anniversaries. Cheers.

  68. U have influenced and changed the way I think about any vaca for ever. Happy 2nd birthday to me from u. Going to hawaii celebrating 30 years married flight delta points and Maui Marriott points. U r the best.

  69. Congrats on the 2 year anniversary. As a Million Miler who has recently become discouraged with Delta, I find your blog helpful to keep me from abandoning DL altogether. Keep up the good work.

  70. Congratulations on DeltaPoints’ 2nd anniversary! As a Delta flyer and a relatively new miles/points enthusiast, DeltaPoints is a regular “must read” for me. Thank you for all your helpful information and kind spirit.

  71. Some of us DO like Delta (most of the time). I’m glad you aren’t ashamed to wear it on your sleeve, and to share the love. Keep the great info coming!

  72. Are you worried that with all the devaluations and Delta points are called sky pesos that you’ll have to change your loyalty and blog name eventually? I am so sad that I got into this game so late and now everyone is devaluing points. Where’s the fun or incentives anymore?

  73. @Anita – you need to read the blog more. To me, Skymiles=Delta GOLD and even 125,000 points for a full flat business class seat to Europe, with a stopover in say Paris or Rome or London or many others, is a STEAL of a deal! Don’t be sad you are late, be happy you can still enjoy some AMAZING travel on the way. Oh an no, I love the blog name and LOVE my Delta Air Lines 🙂

  74. I have learned a lot from you but still have a long way to go to earn max points. Keep up the good work and happy birthday!

  75. Renee,

    Made silver last year and through your blog worked my way to platinum and soon diamond. Your advice and tricks of the trade has been great. Looking forward to year 3!

  76. I read your blog daily. Even as a Diamond I learn a lot from you blogs. Hope to meet you one day in my travels. Keep up the great work!

  77. Happy 2nd anniversary Rene! I love the blog. Great tips, news and deals. Keep up the good work. I know you will have a great 2014!

  78. You should go back to Kings Island to celebrate your anniversery…….oh they may have closed for the year. You should ride the Diamondback

  79. Thanks for all the pointers and for some tips to get to gold after being FO for a couple of years

  80. Rene, I met you for the first time at Chicago Seminars and first heard of your blog there. Previous to that I had read numerous other blogs where they blasted Delta – so it was nice to read something positive about the airline I normally fly on. Since then have learned a lot and read the blog everyday! Thanks for all you do – and Happy Anniversary!

  81. Happy Anniversary my Friend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and breaking it down into simple steps for those of us who need it.

  82. Congratulations! It should say something that I haven’t actually flown Delta for more than 2 years yet I read your blog every day…and have learned a ton! Thanks.

  83. Love the swag days and all your reader pics you post, I hope to be in one of those one day 🙂

  84. Great work on the blog and happy anniversary! Always informative and timely tips and information.

  85. Happy anniversary!. I love the blog for many reasons. I look forward to reading it each day. Hope to win thw Walmart gift card.

  86. Congrats on reaching year 2, you are one of the few bloggers out there who has any love for Delta (and I will be the first to admit that our airline maintains a love/hate relationship).

  87. Congratulation on your anniversary!
    Thank you for always being so quick to answer any questions I have asked you and for being so gracious with your time for all your readers.
    Wishing you many more happy years of blogging and traveling!

  88. I have been reading for a year and have won two luggage tags which I proudly display as I go through the airports. Happy 2 years and here is to many many more!

  89. Happy Anniversary. Keep up with posting the great mileage run opportunities as they become available. West coast originated departure FYI’s are always appreciated!

  90. I already posted but I had to add another after reading some comments…I do not fly Delta for the points… that is just a bonus.

    I fly them because they have the cleanest fleet. The nicest attendant. And…they get me back home to my family on time almost all the time.

  91. Thanks to your advice, my husband figured out how to get 2 RT saver awards for our trip to Italy next year!

  92. My first anniversary (first day!) of reading Delta Points!
    Already took your advice about the best way to do a mileage run (Delta Reserve card)–thank you!

  93. Because of Rene, I now carry a personal Delta Reserve and a Corporate Platinum. Made Gold Medallion recently with the info provided here.

  94. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your blog and it was so helpful to me as a planned this past summer’s trip to Norway!

  95. Congratulations on 2 successful years blogging!! Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading your blog for years to come!

  96. Happy BDAY. I like the fact it’s delta focused with the AA/US merger I’m down to delta, AA, and United. Delta is the best hands down!

  97. Congrats Rene! We appreciate what you do. How cool that you blog about a topic that allows you to meet so many of your readers.

  98. Thanks for all the help over the past year that I discovered this blog and wishing you success over the next few years in your digging into all things Delta.

  99. Congrats on two years! And thanks for all you do. I’m sitting on Delta #16 right now, about to take off from LAX. Hope to meet you someday on a flight!

  100. I said it when you marked your readership milestone and I will say it again now:

    You’ve are an invaluable institution and us Deltafans couldn’t do what we do without you. I don’t know you, but I look forward to meeting you one day because you exude warmth on the page and in pictures. Best of luck and here’s to many more (toasting you from Italia in biz/first and at 5* hotels thanks to you)!

  101. Happy Anniversary!! I’ve been reading for a year and have gained a wealth of knowledge from this blog. Again, Happy Anniversary and many more!! 🙂

  102. Happy Anniversary! Thanks to your very helpful advice, I will reach Silver Medallion status for the first time next month.

  103. Thank you for the site as I have been checking it on a regular basis this past year. Need to do a MR to move from Silver to Gold this year and have been using the site to find the best one from DCA. First year that I don’t roll-over miles because it a lot of people have the same benefits without the travel. I’ll be using your site more as I work to keep GM status.

  104. I don’t know how you do it but safely speaking I hope for all your readers, great job. I keep learning. Congratulations.

  105. Great blog! I love reading it and following on Twitter. Thanks for the contest. I hope I win.

  106. Thanks to you I got the reserve card which helped achieve Diamond Status, which probably caused all my upgrades to clear yesterday and helped me get home an hour earlier (DTW was down because of the storm)! Thanks Rene for everything you, the other bloggers, and the readers who add valuable information to my knowledge! Happy Second Anniversary!!!

  107. Your advice allowed our family to make the most of the Skymiles we had accumulated and take a trip to Europe in business class this past summer. I appreciated that you took the time to personally answer a question I had which helped make that trip a possibility. I have found the content on your blog very informative. Congrats on your 2 nd anniversary.

  108. I have found your blog to be helpful to everyone from rookies to us seasoned travelers. Keep on doing what you do and congratulations.

  109. With my home airport being ATL, Delta continues to be an important player in my life. I appreciate your focus on SkyMiles. You’re a brave man for your devotion to a much-maligned airline. Here’s to another year of education the public.

  110. Rene I really enjoy reading your blog. Its given me great insight into travel. Over the last year I have been traveling more and more, and I have learned alot of great tips. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  111. I will make Gold Medallion by the end of the year… which never would have happened (not even Silver) had I not started to read your blog every day. Tack så mycket!

  112. Enjoy the blog and am a loyal Delta flyer…have limited choices from my airport and luckily Delta is one.

  113. Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for helping us all out! Your blog has definitely taught me a lot!

  114. Congratulations on two years of posting and enabling many more than two years of travel for your readers. We really appreciate it.

  115. Congratulations Rene! I’m from Atlanta, so I’m so happy to have found a spot for all things Delta! Love to read you every day!!

  116. Thanks for everything. I’ve learned so much from you and appreciate all the time you put into this.

  117. Congrats on the successful blog. ive def learned a lot and used the info to go on my first milage run last week!!

    Keep it coming.

  118. Happy anniversary Rene! Love Delta, love Skymiles, really love the blog! Keep up the great work, and remember, YOU make us all better points and miles collectors!

  119. I admire that you still fly Delta. I wish I could redeem any points I have with them. Happy anniversary

  120. Great information here. Delta is my secondary program so I love this one-stop shopping. Happy anniversary!

  121. Happy anniversary! Been following your site in one way, shape, or form since (almost) it’s inception. You’ve helped me in a lot of ways. Keep up the great work, Rene.

  122. Congrats and thanks for two years of travel insights! For next year, would love to see more MR routes/tips that don’t involve MKE 🙂

  123. Congratulations and Best wishes for many more successful years of blogging ahead. A wonderful blog, look forward to reading every day.

  124. Congrats on year 2! If you pick my comment, can you finagle me one last-minute crazy mileage run?? I’m starting to freak out about not requalifying for Diamond next year!!!!

  125. I have a Delta flight planned for spring of next year, so I’m grateful for your site to learn as much as possible about flying before I take my first flight in 10 years. 🙂

  126. Somehow, Rene, against all odds and against Delta’s concerted efforts, you are single-handedly keeping me from status-matching elsewhere. If only the 100k butt-in-seat miles I paid for and flew with DL this past year could have been 1/10th as enjoyable as reading your blog! Thanks for all your efforts!

  127. Rene, love the site. Just got back from my second MR to NRK and PEK! First was a few weeks ago around the US….both inspired by you and this site! Keep up the great site!!

  128. Happy Anniversary. I am planning to move to one of DL hub city.
    What can i do. I should start loving DL.

  129. I just finished a MR from YYZ-JFK-MXP over the weekend!!! It’s because of your posts I was able to do a great mileage run.

    Thank you for all the tips and I always enjoy reading all your posts!

    Happy 2nd anniversary!!!

  130. I love dipping in from time to time and always appreciate your frankness and real-person responsiveness. Keep up the good work and congratulations.

  131. Congrats on the anniversary! wonderful blog! please keep doing what you’ve been doing. thanks ever so much!

  132. Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary. Know you enjoy it, and so do I.

    Wishing you continued success and many happy miles.

  133. First got involved with October seminars in Chicago and enjoyed the breakaway session with you and your comments on Delta.

    Congratulations on the anniversary.

  134. Deltapoints has helped me a lot in learning many of the finer details that allow one to work the skymiles and medallion system properly.


  135. Thanks for all that you do and the time you spend on your posts. A must read every morning. Congrats on your anniversary!

  136. Congratulations on your two year anniversary! I look forward to your email each day as I learn something new all the time. Keep up the great work and I look forward to meeting you in a Sky Club someday!

  137. Thanks for all the great info…just got my Reserve card. Looking forward to the MQMs!

  138. congrats on the 2nd year anniversary! looking forward to reading more blog entries! keep up the great work!

  139. Happy travels Rene!
    Wow I want to do a new year mile run
    Your blog is SO informative
    I wish wish wish to win a prize in your anniversary blog 🙂
    They say three is a charm
    Hoping hopin hoping to
    Win win win !!!

  140. Great Blog Rene! You were the first one I stared reading on a regular basis. I really appreciate the ‘essentials’ tab at the top. I’ve referred to it many, many times.

  141. What a great blog to learn all things about Delta FF tips! Also has just the right amount of related content from other writers and about Delta news. Keep it up!!!

  142. Congrats !!!
    And may you have 2 more, no 20, more good blogging years left. (200 is probably 2 many) !

  143. Happy Anniversary, Rene! You have given me so much good advice over the past 2 years, I feel like you are a personal friend! You always answer my questions – where do you find the time? Keep on flying! BTW, I canceled my Delta Gold 3 months ago and were just given another thru an email offer. Go figure!

  144. Thanks! I discovered your blog this year and now check it every day! Hubs and I are doing a mileage run next month to get him to Platinum!

  145. Love your website and have referred many friends to your blog so that they can learn from the expert how to maximize use of their frequent flier miles. Great work!

  146. Happy Anniversary. I’ve learned a lot from reading your blog and I check it out daily. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.

  147. Congrats, Rene! Love the blog. How about an entry on how to psychologically/philosophically handle a mileage run and come out of it without a sour view (at best) of “traveling America”? Either way, keep up the good work, it is much appreciated! -EL

  148. Congrats Rene. I love that you offer so much insight for the novice as well as the expert flyer. Hopefully one of these days I’ll find myself sitting next to you on a plane. In the meantime, keep up the great work!

  149. It is amazing how travel blogs, including this one, have allowed so many people to travel so much more and so reasonably! I could not have traveled like I have except for the tips and hints and links with ideas that saved so much time and effort. Thank you!!

  150. Congrats! Been following you since I became an “air warrior” for work last year. Your tips are great, and I hope to run into you someday in the lounge!

  151. Really, Rene, you are the best! If I live through the last 2 MRs I will be Gold for the first time ever.

  152. I just took my first one-day trip this week (CLT-ATL-BOS-CVG, back to CLT) to retain silver status. I know silver does not sound like much, but being able to pick seats on the exit row (or wherever in economy) after booking is a great benefit to me.

    And despite that status, I usually score one upgrade a year.

    I hope to perform more “mileage/MQM runs” soon.

  153. Thanks for all you do! I give YOU the credit (but not the points -haha!) for helping me reach GOLD for the first time EVER! $60,000 spend on Amex Reserve Business, 13,000 carryover points, and 5 actual round-trips were enough to do it. Keep up the good work!!

  154. Congrats on year two, Rene! This is my first year learning from you and I’m grateful for your shared wisdom. Thanks to the AmEx Reserve card I’ll hit Platinum in a few weeks. Looking forward to more upgrades (and the WalMart gift card)! 🙂

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