Was your Delta mistake fare ticket canceled due to no ticket number? It is NOT TOO LATE by all reports!

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ft mistake restored

I have some good news. Under most situations, unless you have a ticket number, not just PNR or Passenger Name Record, you do not really have a ticket you just have a reservation.

Due to all the volume of bookings in such a short time many folks had a PNR issued but by the time the booking sites attempted to get the actual ticket number the Delta computers said no and the result was cancel and no charge to your card.

reader comment on restore mistake fare

Well as you can see in the LONG FlyerTalk thread about the “glitch tickets”, and with a big HT to DeltaPoints reader Jordan, Delta is apparently not just honoring those who have tickets, but is REINSTATING those who had a PNR but had that canceled as well.

It looks like you will need to have a lot of patience and take your time and be ready to hang up and call back till you get an agent or supervisor willing to help but most are getting the job done. So hope is not lost if you thought you missed out and only got a PNR. I would spend some time and give Delta a call now! – René

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  1. What about Priceline buyers who received a notice their itinerary would be emailed in 15 minutes but received nothing?

  2. @Jeremy – if you got any kind of confirmation number, preferably a Delta PNR, call right away. If ONLY a priceline one call anyway. If NO numbers at all my guess is out of luck.

  3. Working Priceline to get info on what was sent to and received from Delta. Priceline literally sent no communication after the sale (many in the same boat). I’m not holding out much hope, but interested in the process and conclusion.

    Once I have anything from Priceline, I’ll give DL a call.

    I did have one ticket go through on DL prior to the Priceline attempt, so not trying to be greedy, but if there’s any compensation available for an advertised fare not being honored, I’ll let you know.

  4. I had a ticket reinstated. DL customer service was remarkable, even calling me back to let me know they had figured out how to ticket it. With all of the bad-mouthing that DL gets over SkyPesos, etc., the way they handled this was truly remarkable. They went above and beyond the call.

  5. I was able to get from Priceline the original contract on the flights and sent the information over to Delta via email. Awaiting response now that they have a document to show I did in fact go through the booking process with the prices as advertised, which were then declined by Delta.

    The way Priceline sets up their inquiry site after they say “wait 15 minutes for an emailed itinerary” almost gives the impression of bait and switch. They got me to book at a $66 fare, then when I go to the site to view the itinerary I’m presented with a “we didn’t book your flights but here are some other options” that are 11 times higher in price. I wonder what someone more versed in the legality of such things would argue. Perhaps there’s some other level of law covering the OTAs.

  6. the day that I am spending time with family (san Francisco), I didn’t catch the mistake fare. Glad that they’re honoring but I do believe mileage may be half. Little sister flew on SA (south African) airlines and realized that they only give 1/2 miles credit for international discount economy fares.

  7. I got my Priceline contracted emailed and faxed to Delta in SLC. Called Delta this morning was on hold over 1:38:29 for a supervisor. Got my F class tickets issued to HNL.

  8. @John and Jeremy – How did you go about faxing the priceline contract? Did you give them a call before faxing and address it to a specific person? What number did you fax it to?

    I’m in the same boat as you guys and booked a couple tickets for my groomsmen to come to my wedding. Would love to pay the $40 per ticket instead of $400 now being quoted

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