Delta SKY magazine – go digital or days are numbered due to PEDs gate to gate

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delta air lines faqs - portable electronic devices peds from gate to gate


In the very beginning of November last year Delta became the 1st airline to allow PEDs from gate to gate on most jets and now on all its jets (depending on where they are departing from that is).

delta sky magazine no one reads it anymore due to gate to gate PEDs

But here is the unintended results of this move – who reads SKY magazine anymore? Seriously, since November 2nd who has even pulled the monthly journal out of the seat pocket? Oh sure, there was that time period when CRJ200s were not ready and approved but since then – why bother?

Don’t get me wrong, I like SKY and think they do a good job and for the most part have relevant information but notice in the RED box I have added in the screen shot above how much it would cost to have SKY delivered to your home each month – $75! I have no access to the amount of home / business subscribers but I can’t believe it is all that big.

In the days gone by you could download a PDF of the current issue, but that feature went away years ago. Big mistake in the current PED gate to gate environment. It is time for Delta to allow free PDF or even better EPUB download of SKY via GoGo free or I personally believe the days of SKY are numbered. After all what advertiser would want to pay their hefty fees when no flyers read the magazine anymore?

deltalina jr on new delta 80s safty video over 1 million views on youtube

You always hear FA’s (flight attendants) tell you the magazine is yours too keep and you even see them in all of the Skyclubs but think about the new 80’s themed Delta safety video. As of yesterday it had almost 1.2 million views in just a few days. I mean, people are watching the video we will see over and over again when NOT on a Delta jet. Wow! You maybe see my point, a FREE digital SKY could mean people read it, not just on the plane, but other places but not for $75/year.

I would love reader feedback; do you read SKY anymore since the PED rule changed? Would you read it more if it were a free download via GoGo even if you don’t subscribe to GoGo. Would you download and read it from home? What about a SKY app to read it that way? Shout out and tell me what you think – René

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  1. Rene,

    I still read sky and look forward to my first flight of the month. Currently, I mostly use my iPad only for browsing on GoGo to read the blogs as I make a mileage run. I wouldn’t pay $75/yr to get something that is free on the plane. I like the idea of having it download on the Delta app

  2. I’m the opposite of your theory. I’ll read it on the plane in a paper version but not on my PED. I’ve other things to use that for and I still prefer to read paper versions of things including books.

  3. I read it without fail, if I am on my first flight of the month. I like the CEO column. One thing we don’t have access to is the advertising financials. We can’t know for sure, but I expect Sky is a profitable enterprise based on ad revenue, and for that reason….it will be waiting for us in our seatback pockets for the foreseeable future.

  4. I always flip through Sky magazine, finding it relaxing as I take a break from my electronics.

  5. I have not flown since the change to PEDs but like the magazine and typically read it to give my eyes a break from my Kindle, iPhone, etc (especially on the overseas flights!)….

  6. I suspect that SKY will be around for quite awhile. I recall that Delta had discussions whether to keep the magazine when they were trying to lighten aircraft. Delta said the income overrode the cost of the magazine at every seat.

    Personally, I look through it each month. I like Mr. Anderson’s column and do the puzzles – Sudoku and Crossword.

    I definitely will not subscribe to it at $75/month. You make a good point, Rene’, that a free magazine (EPUB) would generate even more revenue. I would read each month that I didn’t fly it if was free.

  7. I do read Sky almost every time that I fly when there is a new (to me) issue. I’m not about to pay $75 for a subscription, and I do agree that a free electronic version would probably make a lot of sense.

  8. SKY hard copy isn’t going anywhere for at least a few years. I still flip through it at least 1x per month…I enjoy looking at the route map. EVERY flight I still see kettles boarding without anything to keep themselves occupied so they end up reading SKY and the SkyMall catalog.

  9. WHAT!?!?!?! Where did my DELTALINA GO?!??!? I am going to go through withdrawals without seeing her finger wag!

  10. rene,

    i look forward to reading SKY magazine in flight, and generally ignore it the skyclubs and in the monthly sky magazine email (to which i nevertheless subscribe.) there is something luxurious about relaxing with a beverage and a glossy magazine in hand.

    an electronic version is a good idea, but it would never replace the print magazine for me.

  11. I look forward to browsing through SKY each month while onboard and will often work on the crossword puzzle on a long flight. If there were a digital version, I doubt I would access it frequently unless I was looking for a specific article.

  12. I actually read it while in my seat but am with you in loving the idea of having it delivered by email each month. While flying yesterday from ATL to ORD, my seatmate didn’t stop playing poker on his smartphone for the entire journey, not once. He barely even looked up to submit his beverage order. Too many people don’t read the magazine not to offer it in a convenient online-only subscription.

  13. Ever noticed how many direct response advertisers run in SKY and Sky Mall (which is all direct response ads). They wouldn’t be running unless their ads were selling product. Someone is picking up these seat pocket mags, reading them and ordering.

  14. I always read it and I like the puzzles too. It’s nice to put the iPad down for awhile and read a real magazine.

  15. You may not know that Delta Sky is the most widely read in-flight magazine in the world with over 5 million readers per month as measured by Mediamark Research. That happens to be more readers than it had 10 years ago.

  16. @gary – Just because it is in the seatback does not mean it will continue to be looked at. I respect readers feedback but stand by the fact that I have been watching flyers on my last 10 flights and most have PEDs and few read SKY.

  17. Pulling the hard copy Sky Magazine would be a Big Mistake as Arnold would say. I have other things to do on my PED. Power is also an issue as the planes with power have limited outlets and some of them don’t work. Also some planes have no power at all seats. I’d much rather read Sky in my hands (for a variety of reasons) and save my PED power.

  18. Well, I have to respectfully disagree as a certain class of advertisers is quite happy with Delta SKY and they are the ones who finance the magazine. As others have said, it will be around for a long time to come.

    SKY is published by MSP Communications, who had been producing the Northwest inflight magazine. They also publish Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, along with a slew of custom magazines (everything from Macy’s M to the Sons of Norway’s VIKING). In a trade magazine association contest, SKY has won “Best Custom Magazine” twice.

    By the way, they’re also responsible for populating the Fly Delta app with travel info (restaurants, shops, attractions and nightlife) for all the featured cities.

    There already is a free “digital” SKY ( ) and you can subscribe — again for free — to the monthly email summary ( ).

  19. @LarsErikNYC – yeah the link and summary are just not the same at all I hate to say. A PDF or EPUB would be so nice. I HATE to shove a copy into my bag. To me a digital copy would be perfect and I could always print ads I love and want to see again when I am home!

  20. i’d rather read the mag then have to DL it too much hassle and too much stuff in my phone or computer

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