The American Admirals Club ORD Terminal 3 – Delta Points reveiw

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AA Admirals club ORD terminal-3 (1)

There are some amazing points deals right now like the INK 50,000 point cards (you can get bonus again if you have/had the MasterCard ones btw but if you wait they may just send you a new Visa card soon) as well as the CitiBank Executive MasterCard 100,000 points after spending $10,000 (see bottom of list of cards) that gets you access to AA Admirals clubs. Also if you want to have a nice rep’s “code” when you apply use this one 618589 and ORD and she will get some credit.

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There was some confusion as to if I could enjoy a visit when I was NOT flying on AA. I tweeted to AA about it and they seemed to indicate I had to be flying that day on AA to get into the clubs. This was NOT the case and I confirmed with a couple places as well as the Admirals club reps that all you need is the credit card and your ID to get in. Lesson learned, just like calling, do not always trust what reps tell you on twitter as the info could very well be wrong.

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I have spent more than my fair share of time in Delta Skyclubs all over the USA. I know many reps by name and even some by e-mail. I always order the house “cab” in a rocks glass (cuz the $1 IKEA glasses DL uses are too bad to drink from).

wifi speed test from the AA lounge ORD Wifi speed test HT reader George

So my 1st impressions of the AA Admirals club. Reps are nice. Club was overall clean and open feel. Did not see many power ports around (this can be a problem for DL too I know). The free house Cabernet was better than the one Delta pours.

AA Admirals club ORD terminal-3 (7)

There is “real” food for purchase in the club. Many seemed to be enjoying the vittles. I have a real issue with paying for ANYTHING in a club as you already paid a ton to get in – right?

AA Admirals club ORD terminal-3 (3)

The free snacks in the AA club were decidedly under whelming and made the sparse Delta snacks look like a Swedish smorgasbord in comparison. Yeah that bad.

AA Admirals club ORD terminal-3 (5)

Then I see something that could “totally redeem yourself” so to speak. They had 4 massage chairs; not like the live chair massage that Delta is soon to offer but still 15 min in these can make the day better. I was impressed – but not for long

AA Admirals club ORD terminal-3 (8)

Really AA? You have the NERVE to expect me to feed greenbacks into a chair in your PVT club? And this before US Air takes over? Oh man are things going to go very wrong soon at AA – mark my chair, uh, words!

AA Admirals club ORD terminal-3 (6)

This was enough to send me running back to Lisa and to head over to Delta to see about bumps etc. that you cannot do at AA (but other than info, this is under gate control so really @DeltaAssist is almost just as good for this).

More soon on what happened on the Ski trip still under way as well as the suite upgrade I got that is almost as big as my first house! – René

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  1. Historically speaking, I have found the comp snacks in the Admirals Club to be underwhelming vs Sky Clubs as well. However, I appreciate that I can buy something more substantial in just about every Admirals Club. Like you, I think the house wines, at least the reds, are better in the AC. I’ve always felt like the Admirals Club AAngels were looking out for my best interest, and they just seem more empowered to make things happen when you run into issues than the Sky Club lounge attendants. Of course, most of my Admirals Club membership years were in a spoke city, not a hub. In the end – it’s a 6 one way, half dozen the other situation…mostly, but I give the edge to the Admirals Clubs…maybe I’m biased.

  2. Rene’, just curious, did you use the wi-fi while in the Club? The last time I was in the one at DFW about a year ago you had to pay if you were admitted based on credit card instead of having membership. I was fortunate as someone shared their code with me. There were a few computers available for anyone to use.

  3. Wifi in the Admiral’s Clubs has been free for everyone for a while now. At least a year I believe.

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